WWE Monday Night Raw Supershow
Minneapolis, Minnesota
February 20, 2012
Commentators: Jerry Lawler & Michael Cole
Reported by: David Stephens of Wrestleview.com

Are you ready? There are only 41 days until WrestleMania, so stop questioning your heart and join me because it’s time for Monday Night RAW!!!

Backstage, Eve Torres is with the Bella Twins. One of the Bellas says that Zack Ryder is a great guy, and hopes that he is okay after the attack from Kane last week. Eve laughs and says that Ryder is a child. He wouldn’t know what to do with a woman like herself. They weren’t even friends, Eve was just using Zack. Now, Eve plans to use the big fish, John Cena! Cena walks up, and shakes his head.

The intro video hits and Michael Cole welcomes us to the RAW Supershow.

John Cena’s music blasts through the arena, and he makes his way down to the ring. Eve Torres walks out with a mic and begs Cena to listen to her. Cena says that she has been sipping the skank juice. Eve cost him a damn good friend. Cena says that he lost a “broski” for a “ho-ski”. The crowd begins a loud, “Hoski” chant. Eve cries out that she can explain. She claims that she was just joking around, just having fun. Cena says that Eve shouldn’t be wasting her time with John, she should hold out for a bigger fish – The Rock. He says that they are perfect for each other, they are both scandalous bitches.

Eve falls to the mat and begins to cry. John says that for Eve’s information, he is disease free – and he’d like to keep it that way! Referees have come down to the ring to assist the distraught Eve. Cena walks to the back.

Video Package: HHH/Undertaker


Sheamus v. Mark Henry

They lock up and Sheamus is backed into the corner. Henry unloads with a punch, head-butt, and kick combo. Henry pushes him towards another corner and then whips him into the ropes. Sheamus is caught with a clothesline and falls to the mat. Henry tries for another clothesline, but Sheamus ducks. Henry charges but gets caught with a boot. Sheamus heads to the top rope and leaps for the battering ram. Cover, but Henry kicks out.

Henry is on the apron. Sheamus pulls back on his opponent’s arms and connects with a series of clubbing blows. Henry fights free and makes his way back into the ring. Sheamus is whipped into the corner and then gets caught with a splash. Henry connects with a shoulder to the gut. Sheamus dodges two clotheslines and begins to pound on Henry. Mark gradually gets back to his feet and catches hold of Sheamus. Henry lifts him into the air for a World’s Strongest Slam, but Sheamus scurries free. Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick, and this match is over!

Winner via Brogue Kick: Sheamus

–John Laurinaitis is in his office with David Otunga. John says that people are talking about his big announcement from the PPV last night. Teddy Long walks into his office. Long says that he is here for business. Laurinaitis says that the idea to be GM of both shows came from David Otunga. He also claims that he had no idea Christian, Henry and Del Rio were going to return last night and support his quest. Teddy says that one man should be running both shows, but that man should be him. Long says that the fans should decide who will be the GM. Laurinaitis says that it only depends on who the Board of Directors supports. Long takes a shot at Otunga and says that every single person on the Smackdown roster is better than David. Laurinaitis responds by saying that Otunga will face anyone that Long picks from his roster tonight!


R-Truth & Kofi Kingston v. Primo & Epico w/ Rosa Mendes

Truth and Epico start the match. Truth drops him and runs the ropes. Epico tries to dodge but gets caught with a clothesline on the return. Cover, but Epico kicks out. Truth hits a spinning leg kick, but Epico sneaks in a tag. Primo runs into the ring and stomps on Truth. He sets him up on the second rope and hits a flying splash to the back of the head. Primo and Truth exchange blows. Primo knocks Kofi off the apron. Truth hits a back body drop, and tags in Kofi. Kingston flies into the ring and connects with a couple of flying attacks. Kofi hits the Boom Drop. Rosa jumps up on the apron for a distraction. Epico runs in and pulls Kofi hard into the ropes. Truth knocks Epico to the outside. Kofi hits the Trouble in Paradise, and this match is over!

Winners: R-Truth & Kofi Kingston


Ron Simmons is announced as the latest WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2012 inductee

–Josh Mathews is in the back with Chris Jericho. Jericho says that what happened last night in the Elimination Chamber was a travesty of justice. Jericho was neither pinned nor submitted, he was deemed unable to continue. Jericho says that it is simply unfair. Jericho says that Punk has no conviction, no heart, and doesn’t believe in what he says. Jericho claims to be the best in the world. He says that tonight is the end of the world as we know it. Tonight, there is a battle royal to determine Punk’s challenger for WrestleMania. Jericho boasts that he will win the match.


David Otunga w/ John Laurinaitis v. Ezekiel Jackson w/ Teddy Long

Jackson starts off strong and backs David into the corner. Otunga charges out with a clothesline and tries for a cover. Jackson kicks out. Otunga hits a couple of punches and cinches on a headlock. Jackson escapes and hits a hard clothesline. Otunga is backed into the corner and destroyed with a couple of clotheslines. Otunga dodges a third, and hits a strong right arm slam. This match is over!

Winner via The Grace of God: David Otunga

Video Recap: Shawn Michaels on RAW (2/13)


The Undertaker’s music hits, and he slowly makes his way down to the ring. He says that every day for the last year he has replayed his match against HHH. He says it has been a living hell of uncertainty. That’s why he challenged HHH, to end the uncertainty. Never did he expect HHH to decline. Taker says that the decision isn’t Hunter’s to make. Taker says that they are the last of their kind. HHH’s corporate persona is just a layer to hide who he really is underneath. Taker calls out HHH to confront him.

HHH’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. HHH starts to talk, but Taker tells him to shut up. Taker tells him to save his pity, he doesn’t need it. What is really pitiful are the excuses that Hunter keeps coming up with not to have the match. HHH says that he understands that they are the last two of their kind. Hunter says that their job isn’t to end that era, but to see that the company continues. Hunter says that Taker’s fate is to be leader, to carry a torch for the next generation. HHH refuses to be the one to extinguish that flame. He calls it bad for business.

Taker asks if it is bad for business if he is gone, or if it’s bad for business that HHH will be gone? Hunter steps back for a moment and pauses. He says that it’s just plain bad for business. While Taker may have been living in uncertainty, HHH has never been so certain of anything in his life. Hunter says that Taker isn’t asking him for redemption, salvation or even vengeance. Taker is asking him for an end. HHH knows what he has to do to end Taker. HHH again refuses to do it. He will not be the one to finish Taker. HHH goes to leave the ring.

Taker says that HHH can put whatever spin he wants on the situation, but every day when he looks in the mirror all that he is going to see is a coward. Hunter walks back towards Taker and says that he sees what Taker is trying to do – it’s not going to work. Hunter says sorry, but the answer is no. HHH begins to walk up the entrance ramp. Taker says that he has just figured it out; Hunter knows that he can’t do what HBK couldn’t do. Hunter knows that Shawn was always better than him. Hunter is at the top of the entrance ramp and begins to undress.

Hunter walks back down to the ring with his shirt unbuttoned. Hunter says that this has nothing to do with Shawn, or who is better. Shawn couldn’t get the job done, but Hunter knows that he can. Hunter can do what Shawn couldn’t – finish Taker. The crowd chants, “Prove It”. HHH says that if the suit and tie cover up the layer of who he is, they are gone. HHH says that if Taker wants the match, if he wants everything to come to a head, to come to an end, then he’s got it! Hunter will face Taker at WrestleMania! HHH says if they do this, they go all the way. No return, no uncertainty, no excuses. The streak ends, the era ends, Taker gets his end. Hunter says that he will do this under one condition – Hell in a Cell! The Undertaker pats him on the back, and heads to the back.


Daniel Bryan’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. He says that because of his accomplishments, people look to him as a role model. Bryan defeated five men in the Elimination Chamber, and he is still the World Heavyweight Champion!

Daniel Bryan v. Santino

Santino ducks and connects with a couple of punches. Bryan kicks him in the gut and hits an uppercut. The crowd roars for Santino. Bryan charges, but Santino splits and reaches for the cobra. Bryan attacks him from behind. Santino goes for a quick roll up, but Bryan kicks out and counters into the LeBelle Lock. This match is over.

Winner via LeBelle Lock: Daniel Bryan

After the match, Bryan celebrates his victory.


Kelly Kelly & Aksana v. The Bella Twins

Kelly starts off the match by dropping Bella and tagging in her partner. Oksana gets in a couple of punches and kicks. Bella rolls out of the ring, and her sister sneaks in for behind. This match is over.

Winners: The Bella Twins


Back from the break, John Cena is in the ring. He says it is about to get hot in here. Before he was interrupted by Eve, he was out here to talk about The Rock, The guy who isn’t here this week. But, he’ll be on RAW next week to address Cena. He says that he used to love The Rock, but he morphed into “Dwayne”. He is no longer the People’s Champion. Cena says that this is the part where he is supposed to respect The Rock. But, he doesn’t. He will congratulate Dwayne on his box office success, but he has a legitimate beef with Dwayne. It’s the same problem that Cena has had with him for the past 7 years. Rock will come to RAW, cut a promo, and then head back to Hollywood. Cena says the only reason Rock came back in the first place was to promote Fast Five and launch a Twitter account. Cena says that he is fighting for every person behind the curtain who is a WWE Superstar, and wants to remain a WWE Superstar – unlike The Rock. Cena says that he fights for everyone who is proud to say that they are a professional wrestler. Cena promises that the ride to WrestleMania is going to be an entertaining one. Cena promises that he will defeat The Rock at WrestleMania!


No. 1 Contendership Battle Royal
The Great Khali v. The Big Show v. Kofi Kingston v. Santino v. Dolph Ziggler v. Cody Rhodes v. The Miz v. Wade Barrett v. Chris Jericho v. R-Truth

CM Punk is on commentary for this match.

Everyone gangs up to eliminate Khali first.


Truth & Kofi hit a stereo dropkick to eliminate The Miz.

We have a finisher fest in the middle of the ring which ends with Santino eliminating Wade on a Wasteland counter. Truth tries to throw out Santino, but the Milan Miracle continues and Truth is eliminated!

Ziggler hits a cheap shot, but Show responds by throwing Dolph to the outside!

Kofi tries to leap from the top rope, but Jericho pushes him to the outside for elimination.

A stretcher is brought down to ringside to assist Wade.

Santino, Rhodes and Jericho try and team up to eliminate Big Show. Rhodes hits a dropkick, Jericho hits a lionsault, and Santino hits a headbutt. Jericho tries to throw out Santino, but Santino skins the cat. Santino reaches for the cobra, and hits it on Jericho! Rhodes runs up from behind and eliminates Santino.

Jericho and Santino are suplexed by Big Show. Rhodes is thrown to the outside and eliminated.

Show pushes Jericho down to the mat. Cody is on the outside and grabs the leg of Big Show. Jericho dodges a chokeslam and puts on a modified Dragon Sleeper. Show is brought over to the ropes. With one leg hanging out, Cody pulls Show from the outside! Big Show is eliminated!

Winner: Chris Jericho

After the match, Big Show heads up the ramp to find Cody Rhodes.

CM Punk gets into the ring with his Title to confront his WrestleMania opponent. Punk extends his hand. Jericho coyly backs away and heads out of the ring.

David’s Thoughts

The opening segment is going to be love/hate depending on whether you like the soap opera elements of professional wrestling. We saw a very non-PG John Cena tear Eve a new one in the center of the ring. The blubbering mess on the mat being helped away by referees may have been a bit much, but I suppose it works. The segment was a little hokey for me, but I did enjoy the “hoeski” chant.

Sheamus rolled through Henry on his return to RAW. I don’t think I’ve ever seen two complete opposite ends of the color spectrum in a wrestling ring quite like what I see when Sheamus and Henry battle.

Looks like we’ll be getting a Laurinaitis/Long match at WrestleMania. Not in singles competition (thank God), but with a five on five match to determine brand supremacy with the winner becoming GM of both shows. At least, that’s where this storyline seems to be going.

Looks like Truth is Kofi’s latest partner. They picked up a win over the Champions, so a feud should be coming our way. I’d be lying if I said I cared.

Ezekiel Jackson lost a match to David Otunga. Well, that’s hilarious.

I’d like to point out that HHH undressed and then told Taker that they were going all the way. Hehe. (You’d think that in my mid-twenties I wouldn’t be such a child with my humor, but I mean – c’mon)

The Taker/HHH segment was strong on TV. The crowd ate up the interaction, especially HHH’s response. The WWE seems to really want this rematch, and so does the WWE Universe. Balls.

With Ryder out of action, Santino is really soaking up that fan base. They are eating him up, it’s crazy. His match against the World Heavyweight Champion was short, but the way the crowd reacts to him was a perfect catalyst for Bryan’s victory.

It was a really strong promo from John Cena tonight. It was emotional, gutsy, and showcased a side of Cena that has been absent for most of the past several years. When Cena is fired up, he cuts some of the best promos around. Unless you are a Cena hater, in which case he sucks and should be fired.

I’m totally appealing to the broader audience base of the site. (You’re welcome WrestleView Editor in Chief, Adam Martin)

No big surprise with Chris Jericho winning the Battle Royal. They didn’t really sell his pseudo-elimination from the Chamber on a physical level. But, they more than addressed it with Jericho’s backstage promo with Mathews. I’ll take it. Their feud should be one of the highlights of this WrestleMania season. I am eagerly anticipating their first one on one microphone duel. It should make for some strong television.

David Stephens
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