WWE RAW Results 8/19/13

WWE Monday Night RAW Results
Anaheim, California
August 19, 2013
Commentators: Jerry Lawler, JBL & Michael Cole
Report by: David Stephens of Wrestleview.com

John Cena’s music hits and the arena fills with boos. Cena salutes the crowd and charges down to the ring. Once inside, Cena takes a moment to soak up the all too familiar mixed reaction. He is not pleased with last night’s results. Bryan earned the Title but Randy Orton swooped in and jacked it. Cena believes that WWE Superstars should be judged on their performance in the ring. They should not be judged based on their race, religion or creed.

John Cena holds up his arm to show the buildup of fluid on his elbow. Cena informs the crowd that he was told to go home and have surgery. The WWE Championship match would have been cancelled for Summerslam. Cena isn’t sharing this information for sympathy or as an excuse. He was cleanly defeated by Bryan last night. It was downright ridiculous that HHH handed the belt to Randy Orton.

Cena cannot put his elbow surgery off any longer. John is having surgery and will be gone for the next 4-6 months. Cena wants to bring out a man who has earned his respect and earned the right to be called Champion.

Daniel Bryan’s music hits and the crowd cheers as he makes his way down to the ring. Cena nods to Bryan and heads out of the ring to embark on his leave of absence. Before Bryan gets a chance to speak another theme comes across the speakers.

Stephanie McMahon struts her way down to the ring to address Daniel Bryan. Stephanie understands that Bryan went through quite an ordeal last night. That being said her husband made the right decision for business.

Bryan says that HHH used to be a rebel and the leader of Degeneration X. Now he has a corporate haircut and is a shell of his former self. Bryan would expect a screw job by Stephanie or Vince, but not HHH. Bryan looks to Stephanie and says that if you lay down with trash you will start to smell. Stephanie says that she will let the insult slide.

Bryan does not care and says that if she wants to fire him then go ahead and do it. Bryan threatens to go back to wrestling in small arenas and sell shirts out of car. Stephanie says that no one wants to fire Bryan. She says that not everyone can be the face of the company. Bryan might not be an ‘A’ but he is definitely a ‘B+’. Bryan is fired up and says that he is not content at the middle of the card. Stephanie believes Bryan might need some more anger management classes. Stephanie continues to talk but Bryan slaps the mic out of her hand. She walks over and is handed another one. Stephanie says that Bryan is out of control and needs to be removed. Stephanie calls for security to escort the star out.

Bryan slides out of the ring as security walks him towards the back. Bryan turns around and pumps the crowd up to shout ‘no’.


Damien Sandow v. Cody Rhodes

Both men are still banged up from their match last night. Cody tries to capitalize with a missile dropkick but Sandow kicks out of the cover. Sandow tries to take control of the match and clotheslines Cody to the outside. The referee begins to count. Sandow goes out after Cody and rolls him back into the ring. Sandow hits a vertical suplex and drops an elbow. Cover, but Rhodes kicks out. Rhodes makes his way onto the apron and then up the turnbuckle. Sandow grabs him and tosses him to the middle of the ring. Cover, but Rhodes kicks out.


Back from the break Sandow drops an elbow of disdain. Cover, but Rhodes kicks out. Rhodes is pushed up the turnbuckle with his back to the ring. Sandow follows to try and back drop him. Rhodes pushes him away and then flies at his standing opponent with a moonsault.

Rhodes tries to keep control but can’t get Damien to stay down for a pin. Rhodes follows up with a disaster kick. Cover, but Sandow kicks out. Rhodes is kicked in the gut as Sandow gets to his feet. Cody counters a whip into a sunset flip cover to win the match.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Brad Maddox is in the back and begins to read Ziggler’s comments about last night’s PPV. Dolph is not pleased with the work of Maddox. As a result Maddox announces that Ziggler will have to compete in a handicap match later tonight.


The lights are out in the arena as the show returns. Justin Roberts introduces Paul Heyman and the lights come up. Heyman says that Punk gave Lesnar all that he could handle. Lesnar defeated CM Punk last night. Heyman says that the question now is – where does he go from here? He wants to put the family feud with CM Punk behind him. Heyman claims to forgive CM Punk. Heyman says that Punk is far better with than without him. Together they can achieve even greater things than they have in the past. Paul claims to still love Punk. Reunited they would be the best in the world. Heyman’s arm is in a sling from last night’s attack. If Punk apologizes they can get back together. He lays his microphone down in the middle of the ring and walks out.

BACKSTAGE – The Bella Twins are in the back with the Funkadactyls. They wish them luck for their match tonight since they are representing Total Divas. The Bella Twins are sporting new shirts that read ‘You Can’t Sit with us”.

Given the nation’s segregation past I’m not sure if unveiling those T-shirts in a segment with two African American Divas really sends the right message.


The Funkadactyls v. Layla & AJ Lee

Before the match can get started AJ and Layla attack the Funkadactyls. AJ kicks Naomi in the gut and they will start the match. AJ hits a neckbreaker and then applies a headlock. Naomi tries to fight back but gets taken down with a spin kick. Cover, but Naomi kicks out. AJ climbs on her opponent’s back. Naomi is set up against the second rope and AJ puts pressure on her back. Layla gets the tag. Naomi can’t get to the corner to make a cover. A surprise roll up catches Layla up.

Winners: The Funkadactyls


Handicap Match
Dolph Ziggler v. The Shield

Ambrose starts the match for his team. Ziggler takes him down and throws a few elbows. They tie up so Ambrose moves back towards the corner. Rollins gets the tag. Ziggler gets in a few punches and a back body drop. Rollins is backed into the corner but kicks Ziggler in the gut. Roman Reigns gets the tag. He punches Ziggler in the head and then stands atop his foe. Ziggler’s neck is placed on the bottom rope for a choke. Ziggler is tossed towards the corner and Ambrose becomes the legal man. Ambrose stomps on Ziggler and then goes for a cover. A clothesline sends Ziggler to the mat as Rollins gets the tag.

Seth stalks his opponent. Ziggler is kicked in the gut. Rollins holds back Ziggler’s arms as Ambrose gets the tag and continues the attack. Ambrose stretches Ziggler’s legs and then applies a chin lock as he tangles the legs of Ziggler. Dolph gets to his feet and jumps on Dean’s back. Ambrose is fought off but the reprieve is short lived for Dolph.

Reigns strolls into the ring and gets caught by a neckbreaker. Ziggler kicks Rollins off the apron. Reigns is knocked away. The Shield pours into the ring. Ziggler knocks Ambrose out and turns his attention to Rollins. Ziggler hits a vertical suplex that sends Rollins outside of the ring. Seth lands hard on his shin. Reigns catches Dolph with a vicious spear to end the match.

Winners: The Shield

After the match The Shield hits a three way Powerbomb on Ziggler. Seth is hobbling on his leg and appears to be injured.


Alberto Del Rio v. Sin Cara

There are small Mexican flags on the ring posts per the request of The World Champion. Sin Cara hits an arm drag that sends Rio out of the ring. Cara flies out of the ring with a suicide dive. Sin Cara clutches his hand and waves for the referee. A medic follows after. Del Rio rolls Cara back into the ring. The referee yells and pushes Rio back into the corner. Cara cannot compete and is helped to the back.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

After the match Alberto Del Rio says that he wants to represent and be a hero for all Mexicans. He says something in Spanish and the crowd cheers.

Ricardo Rodriguez appears on the entrance ramp. He says that Rio is not a hero to the crowd or the Latino community. Ricardo says that he is pleased to not have to represent Alberto Del Rio anymore. Rodriguez claims to have a new client. Del Rio’s former announcer brings out Rob Van Dam.

RVD hits the entrance ramp and makes his way down to the ring. Rio starts to fight him off but Rob gets his wits about him. Del Rio is sent to the mat with a roundhouse kick. RVD climbs to the top rope for a frog Splash. Rio rolls out of the ring and heads up the ramp. Ricardo joins RVD in the ring and celebrates the beating.


Zeb Colter is in the ring with Antonio Cesaro & Jack Swagger. Zeb begins to speak and put over his clients. Swagger appears exhausted. Zeb believes that his team should be celebrated for their purity. Zeb is embarrassed by the state of the country. He is upset that illegal immigrants were standing in front of him at Disneyland making purchases with money that his tax money provides. Zeb puts his hand over his heart and leads the audience in the pledge.

Antonio Cesaro & Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter v. The Prime Time Players

Young and Swagger start the match. Darren gains control for his team and tags in his partner. Cesaro and Titus become the legal man. Cesaro hits a gutwrench. Titus is backed towards the corner, which allows Swagger to get the tag. Cesaro hits a few cheap shots from the outside. Swagger stomps on Titus and then starts to work the ankle. Swagger slams Titus down and hits a Swagger bomb. Cesaro tags himself in and hits a leapfrog stomp. Cesaro grabs the chin of Titus as Swagger is brought back in as the legal man. Swagger ships Titus into the ropes but is reversed and gets caught with a spinebuster.

Young gets the hot tag, as does Cesaro. Young tosses Cesaro overhead and knocks Swagger off the apron. Cesaro is backed into the corner and then gets hit with a Northern Lights Suplex. Young bridges for the pin. Swagger is able to break the cover. Swagger is knocked back out of the ring. Young finishes Cesaro off with a Gut Check.

Winners: The Prime Time Players

Renee Young is in the back interviewing The Big Show. Brad Maddox walks into the shot and is looking to stir up trouble. He informs Big Show that he will have to face The Shield tonight. Unlike the match with Ziggler this time tornado rules will be in effect.


Zack Ryder and Justin Gabriel are in a locker room with a Foot Locker representative. They talk about the products. Fandango’s music hits and he dances his way into the shot with Summer Rae. He asks if he can dance in those shoes. The representative affirms their boogie potential.


Ryback is in a locker room and is very upset that a young wrestler is also present. Ryback begins to bully him and tells him that this is Ryback’s locker-room. He continues to torment the young talent and tosses his bag into the shower. He tells him to pick it up but stands on it. Ryback finally lets him pick the bag up and tells him to open up the bag. Ryback pushes him into the showers and this scene just became very prison-y. Ryback makes him open the bag and soak the contents with the shower. Ryback kicks him out and laughs.

Big Show’s music hits and smiles as he makes his way down for his handicap match.


Handicap Tornado Tag Match
Big Show v. The Shield

All Shield members are allowed to be in the match at the same time. Show tosses everyone out. Reigns tries to reenter but is hit with a brutal spear. Ambrose pulls Reigns out of the ring. Ambrose and Rollins circle the ring. They goad Show to the side. Ambrose jumps on the back of Show and applies a Sleeper. Show counters with a side slam. Show head-butts Rollins before stepping on his back. Ambrose is in the ring and gets sent towards the corner. Show hits a shoulder block. Big Show grabs Ambrose and looks for the chokeslam. Rollins makes a save. Ambrose kicks Show and Rollins flies from the top rope to send Show to the mat. Ambrose and Rollins look for a double team suplex. Show blocks and then reverses to suplex both men. Reigns flies through the air to hit a spear.

All three members of The Shield are in the ring and hold a quick strategy powwow. Show is lifted to his feet and then up into the air. Using all of their strength The Shield is able to drop Show down for their signature Powerbomb.

Winners: The Shield


CM Punk’s music hits and he hobbles down to the ring. Punk reveals that he is having a difficult time putting his thoughts together. Punk says that Heyman said a lot of things and he needs to collect his thoughts. Punk calls out a fan that is booing. He tells the fan that they can boo but he dares them to get into the ring. Punk is fired up as the crowd roars their approval. Punk calls the fan ‘fatso’. Punk tells him if he has the balls then he should get in the ring otherwise he should stay in his seat like a bitch. Punk is fired up. Punk is considering making the apology that Heyman requested if it really will get things back to the way that they are.

Heyman comes out on the ramp with Curtis Axel. Punk says that he is sorry that he only hurt Heyman’s arm and didn’t rip it off. Punk is sorry that he didn’t punch Heyman’s face off. Punk doesn’t care what Heyman throws his way. Punk will in the end get to Heyman no matter what obstacles are in his way. Punk calls Heyman down to the ring right now to fight. Punk throws down the mic.

Heyman responds by saying that he is the one who should apologize to Punk. Heyman says that he is sorry. He is sorry for what is about to happen Punk. Heyman tells Curtis Axel to tape up. Heyman says that if Punk is still in the ring when the show comes back from commercial than Axel will finish the job that Lesnar started last night.


Curtis Axel makes his way down to the ring to face CM Punk. Punk has a steel chair in the ring and uses it against Axe. Curtis rolls out of the ring. Punk follows after but is tossed into the barricade. Axel pushes him into the apron and then reverses and Irish whip to send Punk into another barricade. Axel stays on the attack as he works Punk on the outside. Punk grabs Axel and tosses him into the timekeeper’s area. Punk turns his attention to Heyman. Paul backs away. Punk looks back to Axel and flies over the barricade at his foe. Punk grabs a ring bell and smashes it into the gut of Axel. Punk slides Axel back into the ring. Punk is looking to finish Curtis off as he calls for the GTS. Punk lifts Axel up but Axel scurries off.

Curtis attacks the bad leg of Punk. Axel grabs the ankle and stomps on Punk’s thigh. Punk becomes victim to the very steel chair that he had introduced earlier. Axel bashes Punk a couple times as Heyman looks on. Curtis hits his finisher. The body of Punk appears lifeless. Curtis opens the steel chair and places Punk’s ankle in between. Heyman shouts that Punk broke his heart. Axel climbs to the second rope and jumps. Punk moves out of the way and hits Axel with the chair. Punk falls down but gets back up and hits Axel across the back. Heyman again backs away now that Punk is in control. Punk continues the beating on Axel as he takes him to the outside and tosses him into the steel steps. Punk lifts Axel up on the outside and uses the steel steps for a modified GTS. The crowd cheers as Punk again looks to Heyman. Knowing that his client is down, Heyman heads to the back to escape the wrath of Punk.


Bray Wyatt w/ Family v. R-Truth

Truth dances his way to success with the first couple of moves. Wyatt is angry and hits Truth with a running crossbody. Wyatt leans back in the corner and shouts for Truth to get up. He charges and splashes Truth in the corner. Wyatt looks for the finish but Truth tries to fight him off. Wyatt gives his opponent as sweet tender kiss and hits his finisher.

Winner: Bray Wyatt


The Usos v. Heath Slater & Jinder Mahal w/ Drew McIntyre

Slater starts the match off against an Uso. Slater is knocked down and then caught with a double team slam. The other Uso is now legal and hits a few shoulder blocks. Alter is able to slide out of the ring, which distracts Uso, just enough to allow a cheap shot from Drew. Jinder gets the tag and drops a few knees. Cover but Uso kicks out. Mahal applies a rear headlock. Slater gets the tag and looks for a pin. Uso kicks out. Slater applies a rear headlock. Slater is caught with a jawbreaker. Uso makes his way to the corner. Jinder also gets the tag. Uso remains in control with a few punches. Uso is whipped into the ropes but leaps up high for a shoulder block. Mahal is seated in the corner, which allows a stink face splash. Cover, but Jinder kicks out. Drew looks for a distraction but instead finds himself kicks away. Uso tags his partner as he leaps out of the ring to hit Heath and Drew. The other Uso leaps from the top rope for a high splash.

Winners: The Usos


Wade Barrett v. The Miz

Wade grabs Miz with a side headlock. Wade is pushed into the ropes but comes back with a shoulder block. Miz dodges a splash and hits a drop toehold. Wade is in the corner and Miz charges after for a splash. Wade responds with a big boot. Cover, but Wade kicks out. Miz is tossed to the outside. Wade follows after and rolls him back in for a cover. Miz kicks out. Wade tosses Miz to the apron. Miz slides back in the ring under the legs of Wade. Despite the clever slide Wade is able to regain control with a headlock. Miz fights him off and whips him towards the ropes. Wade reverses but Miz hits a high running knee and a clothesline. Wade is in the corner and Miz charges for another splash. Wade blocks but Miz kicks at his thigh. Miz looks for a Figure 4 but Wade avoids the hold. Miz climbs to the second rope. Miz hits a sunset flip and sloppily rolls through for a Figure 4.

Out of nowhere Fandango is seen leaping from the top rope to drop a leg.

Winner via DQ: The Miz

After the match Fandango and Summer Rae dance over the fallen body of The Miz.

BACKSTAGE – Brad Maddox informs Stephanie McMahon that Daniel Bryan has managed to make his way back into the ring. Stephanie walks into Vince McMahon’s office.


Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H all make their way down to the ring. Vince says that Summerslam was a magnificent evening. The company finally has a Champion that they can be proud of. Vince is very pleased with the actions of his son-in-law HHH. They embrace. The WWE roster is present on the top of the ramp presumably to act as a buffer in case Bryan tries to run in.

Triple H has a microphone and says that he thinks it is funny how short sighted the fans can be at times. HHH says that what he did last night was for the greater good. Triple H did it for the fans. Trips claims that he did it for the fans’ children and their children’s children. Triple H continues to say that he did it for all the boys in the back and for the McMahon dynasty. Triple H says that because of his actions the WWE will continue to exist in the future.

Triple H says that he likes Daniel Bryan and considers him a friend. He is a big fan of Bryan’s work. Daniel is a very good little technician. He put up a hell of a fight last night and deserved to win. But, Bryan cannot be the face of the company. The fans deserve better than that. Triple H says he was personally hurt when he had to take the belt from Bryan. Triple H says he buried his personal feelings to do what was right. Trips doesn’t even like Randy Orton all that much, they have a history of bad blood. Triple H continues to harp on the fact that he did what was right for the fans and business. The crowd chants for Bryan. Triple H says that he is going to do what needs to be done and put aside his personal feelings one more time. HHH welcomes out the new face of the WWE and the new WWE Champion – Randy Orton.

Randy Orton’s music hits and he hits the entrance ramp. Orton makes his way down to the ring with his WWE Championship. Once inside Randy takes turn hugging the members of the McMahon family. Orton has a mic and begins to speak. Orton says that he told the audience he would cash in when they didn’t see it coming and that’s exactly what he did. Orton isn’t one for gratitude but makes an exception to thank Triple H for his help last night. Randy says that he owes his success to HHH. Orton tells the fans to get on their feet and show Triple H the respect that he deserves. Triple H says that he knows Bryan is in the building so he calls him out.

Triple H doesn’t want anyone to touch Daniel Bryan so he tells the Shield to move out of the way so that Bryan does not feel threatened. Triple H leads the fans in a chant of ‘yes’ and calls for his music to play. Triple H wants to make Bryan feel at home.

Daniel Bryan appears from the side of the stage. He makes his way down to the ring. The members of The Shield attack Bryan before he can slide into the ring. Bryan starts to fight them off but the numbers game starts to overwhelm him. Bryan kicks and fights his way through The Shield. Bryan makes his way back towards the ring but Roman Reigns flies out of nowhere for a spear. Ambrose and Rollins join in for the attack. Before they can hit Bryan with a Powerbomb, Triple H tells them to stop. He wants to hear what Bryan has to say.

Bryan slowly makes his way to his feet as Triple H goads him on. Bryan climbs up and makes his way into the ring. Just as Bryan makes it to the inside Orton hits him with an RKO. The McMahons and Randy Orton stand over the fallen body of Bryan. They raise their hands in victory as RAW goes off the air.

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