WWE RAW Results – 4/7/14 (Night after Wrestlemania 30)

WWE RAW Results 4/7/14

WWE Monday Night RAW Results
April 7, 2014
New Orleans, Louisiana
Results by: David Stephens of Wrestleview.com

A video package highlights the journey of Daniel Bryan that culminated as he successfully won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship last night at Wrestlemania.

Daniel Bryan’s music hits. The Champion makes his way to the ring. The crowd absolutely roars. Bryan soaks it up and leads the crowd as they chant. Bryan recaps that he finally overcame the odds to win the Championship. The crowd chants that Bryan deserved it. Bryan turns it around on the crowd and thanks them for their ability to make change and allow him the opportunity to compete for the Title.

The King of Kings. Triple H makes his way towards the ring with Stephanie McMahon. Hunter stands on the ring apron. He says that he is not going to get in the ring. Bryan responds by leading the crowd in a Yes chant. HHH tells Bryan to enjoy this moment because it’s not going to last. Triple H says that this moment is not even going to make it through the night. It is announced that tonight Daniel Bryan has to defend his Championship – against Triple H! HHH vows that this is his show and there is not a damn thing that Bryan can do about it. Bryan leads the crowd as the show heads to commercial.


Triple H and Stephanie are in an office. Stephanie says that they will end this tonight. Batista comes into the office and says that he doesn’t understand what is going on right now. This isn’t what he signed up for. Randy Orton comes in demanding his rematch clause be honored. Triple H says Orton will have his match soon, however tonight he will be taking care of business. Stephanie wants Orton and Batista to work together so she announces that they will wrestle the Usos  for the Tag Team Championship tonight. Orton says that he doesn’t care about the Tag Team Division, he wants his Titles back. Triple H reminds Batista and Orton that when the three of them work together, nothing can stop them.

Up Next: The Wyatt Family v. John Cena, Sheamus & Big E


The Wyatt Family v. John Cena, Sheamus & Big E

Cena, Sheamus and Big E charge into the ring as a group and fight back the Wyatt Family. The match starts with Bray and Cena. Wyatt hits a shoulder block and follows with a headlock. Cena whips Bray into the ropes and hits him with a bulldog. Sheamus receives the tag and slides into the ring with a battering ram. Bray is backed into the corner and stomped. The crowd is booing for anyone not a member of the Wyatt Family at the moment.

Rowan gets the tag and slugs back and forth with Sheamus. Sheamus hits him with a shoulder tackle. Sheamus mounts up in the corner for a ten count punch. Rowan stops him after the count of four by chucking him into the middle of the ring. Sheamus punches Rowan back into the corner. Sheamus tags in Big E and then whips him towards Rowan. Big E grabs Rowan and hits a triple backbreaker that gains the approval of the crowd. Cover, but Rowan kicks out.

John Cena and Luke Harper are now the legal men. Cena slams Harper in an effort to make a statement to Bray. Cena attempts an Attitude Adjustment but Harper counters into a face plant. Cover but Cena kicks out.


Back from the break and Harper has Cena isolated in a headlock. Cena breaks free and again tries to lift Harper into the air. Luke reverses into a DDT. Rowan gets the tag. Rowan slams Cena and the fans being to sing, “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”. Leg Drop from Rowan and cover. Cena kicks out. Bray gets the tag and continues to work on Cena. John springs to his feet with a clothesline that knocks down Wyatt. Bray lifts Cena up and hits him with a scoop slam. Wyatt grabs John’s head and headbutts him repeatedly. Harper gets the tag. Cena tosses him overhead for a back body drop.

Sheamus and Rowan get the tags. Sheamus hits a high knee and then an overhead slam. Harper comes into the ring and receives a Rolling Samoan Drop right onto Rowan. Sheamus climbs up in the corner and flies at Rowan with a battering ram. Rowan responds with a clothesline. Big E and Bray receive the tags. E slams Wyatt and then hits a splash. Big E lifts Wyatt up but Harper comes in on the attack. Cena tries to help but gets tossed out of the ring. Harper flies to the outside with a suicide dive. Bray turns into a crab back inside the ring. Bray grabs Big E and hits Sister Abigail for the win as the crowd explodes.

Winners: The Wyatt Family


Fandango & Summer Rae v. Santino & Emma

Both men dance for a moment at the start. Santino hits a hip toss and pulls out the cobra. Summer gets the tag which brings in Emma. Emma traps Summer in the DilEMMA. She follows with the EMMA Sandwich. Summer is dragged to the middle of the ring and placed in the EMMAlock. Fandango attempts to run in for a save but Santino scares him off. Summer is forced to tap.

Winners: Santino & Emma

Up Next: Brock Lesnar, the Conqueror of the Streak


Brock Lesnar’s music hits. Paul Heyman accompanies his client to the ring. Heyman says that he understands that the crowd is in shock, because it shows their lack of intelligence. Heyman points to Lesnar’s shirt and says that they everyone so. Brock Lesnar is one of the most accomplished athletes in history and he proved that last night. Lesnar is not here to make people smile, he is here to put tears in the eyes of children. Heyman warns that he is going to get real for a moment. Undertaker collapsed after walking through the curtain last night. Vince McMahon left Wrestlemania to ride with Taker to the hospital. Taker almost had a broken neck. The Undertaker should be thankful that he did not kick out of the last F-5 because then Lesnar really would have broken his neck. Lesnar was not going to stop until the streak was dead. Last night Taker was a loser. Heyman says that everyone in the audience is just like everyone in the locker room. They are all a bunch of wannabes. Brock Lesnar is the one. The one and only. No one has ever matched Lesnar’s accolades because everyone is wannabes. Brock Lesnar is the ‘one’ in 21 – 1. There’s only one Brock Lesnar.


Batista & Randy Orton v. The Usos

Batista starts the match but quickly tags in Orton. Randy sinks a blow but Uso makes a tag. Orton hits an uppercut and then brings Batista back into the ring. Together they beat down Uso. The other brother charges in to help but both men thrown out of the ring. Orton and Batista toss The Usos into the barricades and the steel steps. Orton sets one up with his feet on the barricade for a suspended DDT.

Winners via Count Out: The Usos

Batista hits one of The Usos with a Batista Bomb onto the steel steps. Orton and Batista roll back into the ring and then raise their arms in victory.


Rob Van Dam v. Damien Sandow

Before the match, Justin Roberts introduces the returning Rob Van Dam. Rob hits a kick at the start the sends Sandow out of the ring. RVD poses for the crowd. Sandow gets back inside and hits a Russian Leg Sweep. Sandow drops a couple of elbows. RVD knocks Sandow back out of the ring with a couple spin kicks. RVD sets Sandow up on the barricade and then spins off the apron with a kick. Back in the ring, Sandow is caught with another kick. RVD charges and connects with Rolling Thunder. RVD climbs up to the turnbuckle and leaps for a big Five Star Frogsplash.

Winner: Rob Van Dam


Rey Mysterio v. Bad News Barrett

Wade tries to share some bad news before the match but is attacked by Rey. Mysterio hits a headscissor that sends Wade out of the ring. Rey slides out on his stomach and onto Wade. Rey rolls Wade back inside the ring but gets kicked in the gut. Wade punches Rey a few times before posing for the crowd. The fans are strongly behind Barrett in this match. Wade hits a modified Black Hole Slam. Cover, but Rey kicks out. Wade sets Rey up over the top turnbuckle. Wade charges and knees Rey in the gut.

Wade attempts a Superplex but Rey fights him off. Rey flies off the top with a seated senton. Wade catches Rey on a headscissor but still gets caught with a DDT. Cover, but Wade kicks out. Rey trips Wade up into the 619 position. The move connects. Rey climbs to the top rope. Wade stops him in his tracks. Wade pulls down his elbow pad and connects with a Bull Hammer.

Winner: Bad News Barrett

Up Next: The RAW in-ring debut of Alexander Rusev


Adam Rose: Coming Soon

Alexander Rusev w/ Lana v. Zack Ryder

Rusev immediately backs Ryder into the corner and stomps away. Ryder fights back with a couple of punches but gets kicked in the jaw. Rusev lifts Ryder up and sets him up against the ropes to knee him and then immediately tosses him overhead. Rusev gets behind Ryder and locks on the Accolade for the win.

Winner: Alexander Rusev


The Ultimate Warrior’s music hits. Warrior takes a moment to shake the ropes on his way into the ring. As Warrior begins to talk he takes a mask of his face paint and puts it on. He continues in Ultimate Warrior mode. No man becomes a legend on his own. If a man can make the blood flow in another’s veins they will live on. It is the fans who made Warrior a legend. There are potential Warriors in the back and it is up to the fans to take them to the next level. The Ultimate Warrior will live on forever.


AJ Lee makes her entrance with Tamina. They make their way down to the ring. AJ states that she has now been Champion for 295 days. She is the longest reigning Divas Champion in history. Last night at Wrestlemania it was AJ versus the world but she overcame the odds. AJ says that she is the best Diva in the world.

Paige’s music hits. The NXT Divas Champion makes her way down to the ring. The crowd cheers their support. Paige says that she is here to do what no one else would – congratulate AJ on her win last night. AJ says that she appreciates it, but doesn’t need it and tells Paige to go back to NXT. Paige says that all she wanted to do was thank AJ. Lee mocks Paige, and then challenges her to a match. Paige says she isn’t ready, so AJ smacks her across the face. AJ adds to the incentive and says that she is putting her Title up for grabs.

Divas Championship Match
AJ Lee w/ Tamina v. Paige

AJ charges straight at Paige and beats her down to the mat. AJ prances around the ring. AJ uses her tilt-a-whirl to work into her Submission. Paige breaks free and hits the Paige Turner for the win.

Winner & NEW Divas Champion: Paige


Hulk Hogan comes down to the ring and poses for the crowd. He says that last night was full of Wrestlemania moments but his favorite one took place in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. This is when Big Show was tossed over the top rope. Hogan brings out the man who won it all – Cesaro. Hogan congratulates Cesaro and then heads to the back.

Zeb Colter talks for Cesaro first. He explains that he brought him into the fold even though he isn’t a real American. He is proud to call Cesaro a Zeb Colter guy.

Cesaro has a microphone and politely interrupts. He says that he is not a Zeb Colter guy – he is a PAUL HEYMAN GUY!!

Paul Heyman appears on the entrance ramp and then makes his way into the ring. Zeb is furious, but the fans are absolutely on their feet. Heyman says that he is going to head over to the commentators and instruct them how to introduce Cesaro from now on. Heyman slides out of the ring.

Jack Swagger charges in and hits a sneak attack that sends Cesaro out of the ring. Swagger takes aim at the Andre the Giant trophy and breaks it in half. Cesaro gets back into the ring and beats Swagger to the outside to the pleasure of Paul Heyman.


Cesaro w/ Paul Heyman v. Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter

They brawl outside of the ring and then back inside. Cesaro is on the apron and hits Swagger with an elbow. Swagger sets Cesaro up and tries to toss him out of the ring. Cesaro fights it off with a series of Uppercuts. Swagger slams him down. Swagger leaps for a Swagger Bomb but Cesaro gets his knee up. Cesaro suplexes Swagger in from the apron in an amazing feat of strength. Cover, but Swagger kicks out. Jack Swagger rolls out of the ring. Zeb Colter convinces him to head towards to the back.

Winner via Count Out: Cesaro


Stephanie McMahon is in the office with Kane and The Shield. She tells them that they must make sure that Triple H wins his match with Bryan. They make a crack about the New Age Outlaws that angers Kane. Kane says that Triple H sees them for the replaceable and faceless men that they are. Stephanie cuts them off, and says that they must all be on the same page tonight. Triple H is the boss. What he wants, he gets.


Daniel Bryan makes his entrance for the main event. Before Triple H makes his entrance, Batista and Randy Orton come into the ring and attack Bryan. After the initial attack Orton hits an RKO. Batista follows with a Batista Bomb.

Kane’s music hits and he comes down to the ring. Kane stands over the fallen body of Bryan. He grabs Bryan by the neck and delivers a choke slam.

Triple H finally makes his entrance with Stephanie.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match
Daniel Bryan v. Triple H w/ Stephanie

Bryan is flat on his back as the bell is rung. The referee tries to get a medic but Triple H tells him that if he wants his job then he better ring the bell. Triple H mocks the Yes chant and then turns his attention to Bryan.

Sierra. Hotel. India. Echo. Lima. Delta.

The Shield come down to the side of the ring. They climb up on the apron and stand opposite Kane, Batista and Orton. Triple H stands in the middle and tells them that this is not going to happen. All six men enter the ring. Just when it looks like Triple H has convinced them to back down – Reigns hits him with a spear! Rollins and Ambrose send Batista and Orton out of the ring and then them out with a suicide dive. They rejoin Reigns in the ring and fight off Kane. Bryan has just enough strength to get to his feet and hit Triple H with Knee Plus! HHH rolls out of the ring to try and regroup. Bryan celebrates with The Shield as RAW goes off the air.

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