WWE Championship
If The Shield interferes, CM Punk will be stripped of his title
CM Punk (c) w/ Paul Heyman vs. The Rock

Justin Roberts did ring introductions for the challenger The Rock and champion CM Punk. Punk got in Rock’s face holding up the WWE Championship as Roberts introduced him. Rock is fired up. Punk jumped up on the turnbuckle and showed off the title some more.

The bell rings and here we go. Rock and Punk immediately start throwing fists. Punk breaks it up with kicks. Rock with a quick clothesline, Punk avoids an early Rock Bottom and Rock clotheslines Punk over the top rope to the outside. Rock with a right to Punk and then tosses his head off the announce table. Punk eats a big right from Rock. Punk quickly tosses Rock back in the ring. Rock with right hands when Punk returns. Punk rolls out and then kicks Rock in the gut when he comes out. Rock sends Punk into the barricade, but Punk catches him with a boot. Heyman with a cheap shot to Rock. Punk with a jumping clothesline to Rock. Punk drops Rock off the barricade. Punk tosses Rock back in the ring as a loud “ROCKY” chant starts up. Punk with knees to Rock. Punk with a big kick to the back of Rock. Punk wraps up Rock on the mat and Rock breaks it up with elbows to the head. Punk with a knee to the gut that cuts off Rock when he hits the ropes. Punk keeps Rock grounded applying a modified triangle choke. Rock fights out, connects with big rights, an inverted atomic drop and Punk with a big heel kick that cuts off a Rock comeback. Punk stands over Rock and smiles as the fans boo. Punk with forearm shots to the chest of Rock against the bottom rope. Punk picks up Rock and drops him over the top rope, cover and Rock kicks out.

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