Rock clears the Spanish announce table and then sends Punk face first into it.  Rock with right hands to Punk sending on top of the table.  Punk with a kick to the head of Rock dazing him.  Punk pulls Rock up on top of the table.  Punk calls for the GTS smiling.  Rock attempts a Rock Bottom, but the table gives and breaks.  Rock favors his right knee.  Rock rolls in the ring to break the count by the referee.  Rock with a Rock Bottom to Punk on the floor.  Both men are down and the referee starts a new count.  Rock rolls Punk in the ring, hooks the leg and Punk kicks out.  Punk with a huge kick to the head of Rock.  The referee starts the count.  Punk and Rock are both up at 9.  Punk with kicks to the legs of Rock.  Rock with right hands responding.  Rock and Punk are exchanging shots.  Rock with a flying clothesline and spinebuster on Punk.  Rock calls for The People’s Elbow.  Rock tosses the elbow pad, hits the ropes and just as he is about to connect, the lights go out.  We hear brawling sounds.  Cole is yelling it is The Shield.  Cole is saying Rock has been powerbombed through the announce table.  The lights come back on and Rock is out through the announce table.  We see a shot of Punk sitting up and smiling.  Cole is yelling, “It was The Shield!”  Punk is asking Cole who did it.  Cole tells him it was The Shield.  Punk says he has nothing to do with them.

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