WWE Smackdown
July 2, 2010
Wilkes-Barre, PA
Report by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

Smackdown begins with a video recapping last week’s main event. Kane vowed vengeance by eviscerating CM Punk and beheading the S.E.S. CM Punk claimed his innocence but Kane didn’t believe him. They fought in a No DQ match that was absolutely awesome. They fought all over ringside and eventually out of the arena. The masked man got Chokeslammed on the floor and Gallows got Chokeslammed through the announcer’s table. Kane slammed Punk through some merchandise tables until Punk eventually escaped and ran down the street. It was simply awesome and a lot of fun to watch.

The Smackdown video plays and we’re brought into the arena with some pyro. Todd Grisham and Matt Striker welcome us to the show. Tonight Kane will face Luke Gallows of the S.E.S. His quest against the S.E.S. continues.

Jack Swagger’s music hits and the former World Heavyweight Champion makes his way to the ring looking none too pleased. Swagger says he told us he was going to make people suffer last week. He wanted to take all the agony and suffering inside him and make others suffer. It’s time for other people to feel the pain he felt after being cheated out of his World Title. If he can do that to the world’s largest athlete then he can do that to anyone. We then see footage from last week when Swagger got disqualified for refusing to break the ankle lock submission. Big Show could barely stand afterwards. No one sells quite like the Big Show.

Swagger asks if we see what he’s capable of. That’s what people should be talking about and not the Smackdown Money in the Bank match. That’s where his journey started. He won the last MITB match and was the biggest star at WrestleMania 26. Five days later he cashed it in and became everyone’s World Heavyweight Champion. Swagger looks like he’s going to cry. Then two weeks ago it all came crashing down because he was cheated out of the title in a Fatal Four Way Match. This is like Kurt Angle in 2000. The worst part was his father was devastated and no one cares.

Big Show’s music hits and he hobbles out to the stage. Big Show makes a sarcastic crying noise and asks if he should call the “Waa-mbulance”. Being stuck in the elevator with him while he has gas is a problem. Swagger losing the title isn’t. Swagger started something he should’ve finished. Swagger hurt him but he didn’t finish the job. Because he’s still standing and breathing he won’t stop. Big Show dares him, no, begs him to come and try to put the ankle lock on him one more time. Swagger says he has nothing to prove to Big Show. What he felt was his ligament tearing away from his bone and that’s the same thing Rey Mysterio will feel at MITB. Big Show says he’s one delusional dude. Swagger thinks people want to see him as champion but they don’t. In his fantasy he probably thinks he can break his ankle. In Big Show’s reality he knows he can break Swagger’s jaw. Big Show asks why wait: he’ll just break it now.

Big Show hobbles down to the ring and all of a sudden “Dashing” Cody Rhodes chop blocks him from behind! Swagger and Rhodes double team Show on the outside and throw him in the ring. They work on Big Show’s ankle until Rey Mysterio’s music hits! The World Heavyweight Champion takes Swagger out with a top rope seated senton and gets Rhodes out of the ring with a nice head-scissors takeover! Rey Mysterio is pumped up!

Todd Grisham and Matt Striker discuss the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. They talk about the rules and what happens when you win. Teddy Long evaluated some talent last week and put out some names entering the match. Kane, Matt Hardy, “Dashing” Cody Rhodes, Christian, Kofi Kingston, and Big Show will be in this match. Two more names will be named soon.

Kofi Kingston will face Dolph Ziggler next in a non-title match.

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Tonight our main event will be Rey Mysterio and Big Show taking on Jack Swagger and “Dashing” Cody Rhodes.

Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler

As Dolph Ziggler was walking to the stage Vickie Guerrero reminded him that if he wins tonight then he’ll get an Intercontinental Championship match. Ziggler’s eyesight wasn’t on her and Vickie turned to see Rosa Mendes doing jumping jacks. She walked Ziggler away and accompanied him to the ring.

The bell rings and Ziggler quickly takes the champion down and goes for a pin but gets a one count. Kingston soon reverses and gets a one count as well. Ziggler punches and sends him to the ropes. Kingston counters a hip toss into a monkey flip as Vickie shakes her head. Kingston sends Ziggler into the ropes and goes for Trouble in Paradise but Ziggler gets out of the ring.

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We come back from the break to see Ziggler applying an arm bar. During the break Ziggler sent Kingston ribs first into the ring apron and clotheslined him from behind. Kingston fights up from the submission but Ziggler powers him down. Ziggler stomps and covers for a one count. Ziggler hits a snapmare and a rolling neck snapper for a near fall. Kingston tries fighting back but Ziggler again stops him and hits a snapmare. Ziggler hits his big elbow drop for another near fall. Ziggler clubs and punches viciously at Kingston. Ziggler sends him to the corner but Kingston counters into a pendulum kick. Kingston then hits a cross-body block for a near fall.

Kingston starts slapping Ziggler down and hits a nice dropkick. Ziggler hits a big clothesline and is pumping up for the Boom Drop. Kingston drops it and is looking for Trouble in Paradise now. Ziggler ducks it and hits a leg drop bulldog for a near fall! Ziggler looks flustered as Vickie can’t believe he didn’t just win. Ziggler yells to her that he’s got this and turns into Trouble in Paradise! Kingston picks up the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Kofi Kingston
Match Rating: * 3/4

I guess Dolph Ziggler won’t be getting a title shot soon since he didn’t win this match. I think Ziggler may have impressed enough to get an entry into Money in the Bank. He was in control for a majority of the time. Ziggler doesn’t look at Vickie as she just walks away from him.

CM Punk is backstage with his arm in a sling from his recent arm surgery. Punk tells Serena to let him handle it and she tells him that Kane will never stop. All they have to do is admit it (what’s it?) but Punk says he has it under control. Serena says he was in surgery for ten years and says they have no control of this situation. Luke Gallows tells her to calm down but she won’t. She asks if Punk knows how much it hurt her to see him go into surgery. It made her feel helpless and it broke her heart. Punk asks if she trusts him. She does and he tells her to let them take care of it. Serena says if they don’t then she will. Punk tells Gallows the S.E.S. depends on this ending “it” tonight. What is it that they’re talking about? Great segment!

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The Peep Show is set up in the ring with ladders surrounding the entire area. The Money in the Bank briefcase hangs above the ring. Christian says one of the dangerous, most exciting matches in WWE will become a PPV concept. Some of the participants have already been named along with his guest Matt Hardy. These two have some history to say the least.

Christian says it’s been a crazy few months for him and Hardy agrees that it has. Christian says he finally got reinstated on Smackdown and finally beat Drew McIntyre, who got deported. Hardy says it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Christian says it was nice to see Hardy in the ring with McIntyre and not get dropped on his head. Hardy tells him to take it easy. Christian made a few good points. Throughout his career he’s had to go through obstacles, like being suspended, fired, brought back, and dropped on his head. It doesn’t matter though, because Matt Hardy will not… Christian interjects that he will not win MITB.

Christian says they know the risks. Hardy says they put it on the map and made it famous. They have never reaped the rewards of a match like this. They’ve never scaled the ladder and taken that briefcase. Christian says no one deserves to win it more than they do. Christian wanted Hardy out here tonight to says that even though they both deserve it he will win the Smackdown MITB match. Hardy says he’s confident and mentions their careers have paralleled. They’ve won titles and were great ECW Champions. There’s one thing, though, that they have tried to obtain for a decade: the World Title.

If Christian wants to get real then look at the briefcase. They climb the ladder and Hardy says whoever wins that will have everything change for them. Hardy plans on that being him. Christian says it looks like they’re both confident. While that’s a good thing they have to face facts. Neither of them has ever been “the chosen one.” They’ve never liked them so they’ve had to scratch and claw for everything. Christian is sick and tired of people like McIntyre walking in and get tons of opportunities despite never earning it. This is his time, chance, and opportunity to win MITB. He’ll do it and win the match.

Hardy says it’s bothered him as well that he’s spent his entire career trying to be World Champion. Hardy hopes that when it’s all over the last men standing on the ladder will be the two guys who deserve it more than anyone else. Matt Hardy says it’ll be him winning the match. They say together “It’s going to be me!”

Christian goes to leave the ring but gets back in and walks right into a right hand from Hardy! Hardy sends him into the ladder and the host of the Peep Show is down on his own set. Matt Hardy leaves the ring after that. That was another good segment. That was almost like a shoot.

Rey Mysterio teams with Big Show to take on Jack Swagger and “Dashing” Cody Rhodes tonight.

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An Alberto del Rio segment plays. He mentions that he’s an honest man and we’re all liars.

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes is admiring himself in the mirror while combing his hair and eyebrows. Rhodes then looks around to see if anyone is looking and then cuts a promo using his brush as a microphone. He puts himself over for taking out Big Show and says MITB will be his night. That’d be awesome if he just interviewed himself all the time. He’ll be the first DASHING World Heavyweight Champion.

Kane’s pyro hits. He’ll take on Luke Gallows next.

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Kane vs. Luke Gallows

Kane quickly jumps on Gallows at the sound of the bell. Kane punches him in the corner as The Goose, Mr. V’s favorite ref, looks on helplessly. Kane hits him with the best uppercut in the industry and stomps him in the corner. Kane chokes him on the second rope and hits another uppercut. Kane sends him to the corner again and clotheslines him. Kane hits a hip toss and sends him to the corner. This time Gallows hits him with an elbow. Gallows hits some strikes and takes him down with a clothesline. Gallows kicks away at Kane and charges into a goozle. The masked man attacks and gets Chokeslammed as Gallows gets disqualified. Gallows also takes a Chokeslam!

Winner by Disqualification: Kane
Match Rating: N/A

Kane grabs CM Punk by the neck and Serena runs out, begging him not to hurt Punk. Serena slowly gets into the ring as Punk screams at her not to do it. What is it exactly? Serena says it couldn’t have been CM Punk that hurt Undertaker. On May 31, the day it happened. Punk wasn’t near Undertaker. He knows because she was with him, saving her. Serena begs forgiveness from Punk as Kane goes to Chokeslam Punk again. Serena begs him to watch footage.

The footage is from a bar’s security camera. Serena comes in and looks like she’s getting a club soda. She’s the only one in the bar, which is odd. She takes the drink and slowly starts drinking it. A stranger buys her a shot and she downs it like a champ. The time lapse shows that she’s getting hammered. All of a sudden CM Punk comes in with the S.E.S. and slaps everything away. Punk yells at her and walks off.

Back in the arena Serena is again apologizing to Punk. Kane loosens his grip and leaves the ring. He’s back to looking for the perpetrator again. It’s not CM Punk. Punk yells at Serena in the ring and walks off on her.

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MVP vs. Chavo Guerrero

Before the match begins Chavo says he hopes Vickie is watching. Dolph Ziggler couldn’t get it done but he will. After he beats MVP tonight then he deserves an Intercontinental Championship shot.

They circle the ring and lock up. MVP punches away and they botch a whip. Chavo recovers with a rolling Liger kick for a near fall. Chavo stomps MVP and covers for a two count. Chavo does Eddie’s dance and goes for the Three Amigos. I’m so tired of Chavo’s act. This time he completed the Three Amigos. When’s the last time that happened? MVP avoids a Frog Splash and executes a sloppy belly to belly along with a clothesline. MVP hits the BALLIN Elbow Drop and the 305 for the win. MVP looked horrible throughout this match.

Winner by Pinfall: MVP
Match Rating: Brutal

Rey Mysterio teams with Big Show to take on Jack Swagger and “Dashing” Cody Rhodes.

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The WWE Classics on Demand preview is Lex Luger body slamming Yokozuna on the Intrepid. They then play the Lex Express music. Ah, childhood memories. Too bad Luger was a tool.

Kelly Kelly vs. Michelle McCalloway

Tiffany and Layla are ringside. Before the match began McCool took out Tiffany and threw her into the barricade. The bell rings and McCool immediately gets out of the ring. They spray deodorant at “Smelly Kelly.” McCool gets in and Kelly quickly works on her. McCool comes back with punches and throws her around a bit. McCool chokes her in the corner. The referee backs her up as Layla sprays deodorant on Kelly. Tiffany spears her and McCool kicks her down. Kelly then rolls up McCool for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Kelly Kelly
Match Rating: 1/4 *

They show the Nexus beating up the legends segment from Monday. My thoughts are with Ricky Steamboat through these trying times. Without a doubt he is one of the greatest wrestlers to ever lace them up. Like JR says anyone who wants to become a professional wrestler should watch his matches against Ric Flair. They’re the equivalent to a wrestling textbook.

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Another Alberto del Rio segment plays. They guy is really high on himself.

Tony Chimel asks the crowd to welcome the new World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio. Mysterio holds up the title and says it feels great. Mysterio says it feels great to be reliving his dream. It feels great to once again be World Champion. Mysterio knows that being the champion brings new obstacles but he’s ready for them. It’s taken him his entire career to fight to the top and he is not going to let anyone, especially Jack Swagger, take that away from him. Tonight he’ll show Jack Swagger and “Dashing” Cody Rhodes that while he’s champion you’re not just competing against him. You’re competing against the entire 619!

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Rey Mysterio & Big Show vs. “Dashing” Cody Rhodes & Jack Swagger

Rey Mysterio starts out against Cody Rhodes, who kicks him and wrenches the arm. Mysterio back flips out and gets a headlock. Rhodes whips him off but Mysterio avoids the monkey flip and kicks him. Big Show is tagged in and he chops the dashing one’s chest a few times. Big Show whips him into Jack Swagger and press slams Rhodes out of the ring on top of Swagger!

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Rhodes whip Mysterio into the corner and charge into some boots. Mysterio goes up top and Rhodes crotches him. Rhodes goes for a super back drop but Mysterio elbows him off. Mysterio hits a seated senton for a near fall. Mysterio has a whip reversed on him but Rhodes lowers his head and eats a kick. Swagger blind tags in as Mysterio gets Rhodes in 619 position. Mysterio then runs into a big boot.

Swagger attacks Mysterio with stomps and shoulders. Swagger throws Mysterio across the ring and tags Rhodes back in. Rhodes hits a front suplex and drops a nature boy knee for a near fall. Rhodes applies a surfboard stretch and is looking for a submission. Mysterio kicks out and tries to come back. Rhodes eventually cuts off his momentum with a springboard kick. Rhodes tags in Swagger. Rhodes body slams Mysterio and Swagger hits a Vader Bomb. Swagger talks a little trash and applies a body scissors. Mysterio gets out and kicks Swagger. Mysterio goes for a springboard moonsault but Swagger catches him. Mysterio then counters into a DDT!

Big Show is tagged in and he hits some clotheslines on Swagger. Big Show hits a butt bump in the corner and a big shoulder block. I love Big Show’s intensity. Big Show goes for a Chokeslam but Swagger goes for his roll through counter from last week. Big Show stops him and hits a German Suplex but tweaks the ankle! Mysterio is tagged in and he drops a leg from the top for a near fall broken up by Rhodes! Rhodes knocks Big Show off the apron and works on the injured big man outside. Mysterio goes for a 619 but Swagger catches him and applies the ankle lock! Mysterio is on the ropes but Swagger doesn’t release and gets disqualified!

Winners by Disqualification: Rey Mysterio & Big Show
Match Rating: **

Swagger refuses to release the hold and is attempting to break the ankle. Big Show slowly gets in so Swagger drags Mysterio to the outside by his ankle. Swagger finally releases it and Mysterio is hurting big time. Big Show checks on him at ringside as the show ends.

Quick Match Results
Kofi Kingston def. Dolph Ziggler (non-title)
Kane def. Luke Gallows via DQ
MVP def. Chavo Guerrero
Kelly Kelly def. Michelle McCool
Rey Mysterio* & Big Show def. Jack Swagger* & Cody Rhodes via DQ

Bump of the Night: Rhodes press slammed over the top rope onto Swagger!

Match of the Night: Mysterio & Big Show vs. Swagger & Rhodes **

Mike’s Thoughts

This was another solid effort from the blue team tonight. I really like the direction Smackdown has been going in lately. It’s been a great joy to recap the show. We’ve got solid storylines complete with a little thing called logic and some great wrestling to go along with it. The only thing we don’t have is a real divas division…

I’ll start off by saying that I am thrilled that Rey Mysterio is the World Heavyweight Champion. This is a guy who legitimately earned that title. He’s been at the top of his game for the past year and a half and he’s finally reaping the benefits. It’s a really great and legitimately inspirational thing to watch. How long he’ll be champion is unclear but it’s already starting out better than his last reign. If this were his last reign he’d have been crushed in the opening segment and tapped out to Swagger in the main event. So far so good!

He’ll face Jack Swagger at the MITB PPV. Swagger is looking more and more like Kurt Angle 2.0. He’s wearing the tights, has the ankle lock now, and is starting to do promos where he’s near tears and whining. That’s Kurt Angle from 2000! Who could forget The Rock hilariously making fun of him for crying during the Olympics? What next? Is Swagger going to have an affair with Stephanie McMahon? I wish they’d be a little more creative with him.

One thing that is working for me (granted it’s only been a week) is “Dashing” Cody Rhodes. The guy has a lot of skill in the ring and cuts a very decent promo. They don’t give him much but he runs with it. I think they could have something with that self-interview he did in the back. That’d be hilarious to watch him in the ring interview himself.

I really like the way the Kane/S.E.S. segment went tonight. We’ve been led to believe for the past few weeks now that CM Punk was the one behind it. They even made it seem that way tonight in a backstage segment but it was all a ruse to draw the storyline out more. Serena fell off the wagon the night Undertaker was attacked so it couldn’t have been him. I can’t wait to see who Kane targets next. As for the S.E.S. this just makes them more interesting. Punk was furious at her for revealing what she did and would rather have given himself up than show that. That’s interesting. I can’t wait to hear the explanation next week.

The Peep Show was a great segment tonight. That played out almost like a shoot the way they were talking. These are the two guys who were always the afterthoughts in their respective tag teams. They’re getting older and we’re still waiting for them to get to that next level in WWE. Will they do it? My gut says no but that segment almost made me a believer.

What the heck was wrong with MVP tonight? He had like five moves to perform and he botched four of them. I have zero faith in him as a face. If he continues this route he’ll never be anything more than Superstars talent and that’s sad to say considering I thought he was a future world champion at one point. He needs a heel turn in the worst way to make him fresh again. His character is a classic heel. Rich as hell and cocky as all hell. Use it and fix him! They murdered him on Raw. Don’t let him continue to drown now! Maybe he’ll win MITB… Yeah, right.

Final Rating: ***

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