WWE Smackdown
September 17, 2010
Detroit, MI
Report by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…” The WWE video leads us into the show.

The Smackdown video plays and we’re shown a graphic saying Kane will answer the Undertaker. Will Kane accept the Undertaker’s request for their match this Sunday to be No Holds Barred? Also we’ll see Christian take on CM Punk.

Christian is in the ring and we’re set to kick off another installment of the Peep Show. Christian welcomes us to the show and says his guest is… He’s interrupted by Ricardo Rodriguez, Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer. Del Rio then drives into the arena with another beautiful Bentley. This guy is so good it’s ridiculous. Del Rio comes to the ring smiling and posing for the fans.

Christian welcomes him to the show and says he’s made quite an impression in his short time on Smackdown. He has his own ring announcer, nice cars, and nice suits. That got Christian thinking that there are two guys. There’s this guy that’s in front of him but then there’s the guy we were exposed to before he showed up, courtesy of his boring vignettes. Christian wonders if it’s the guy who’s great or is he a cheap fajita: all sizzle and no steak.

Alberto Del Rio says the only thing we need to know about him is what he did to Rey Mysterio. That tells us all we need to know. Christian says we all know what his personal credentials are. He’s seen them all. He’s seen the next big thing, guys dressed as male cheerleaders, and a guy who ate worms who believed he was the Boogeyman. I didn’t think Christian was around when the Spirit Squad had their heyday… Christian said he’s seen them all and outlasted them all. Christian wonders if he’s a flash in the pan or is he in fact “the most interesting man in the world.”

Del Rio says Christian has of course done everything. But him, he’s the man who will change WWE forever. He’ll bring pride to the Mexican people and at the end of the road Christian will be cleaning his house. Christian says he heard the word pride and it’s obvious he’s proud of what he did to Rey Mysterio, a friend of his. Christian says he has pride, too, and his pride is telling him this. He needs to know if he’s the goods so he’s challenging him to a match at Night of Champions. Del Rio says he doesn’t think so. If he faces him at Night of Champions he’ll wind up like the crowd: a peasant. Del Rio kind of likes him in a weird way. Del Rio says it’s time for him to go so the interview is over. Del Rio says he’ll think about the match.

Del Rio turns to leave and Christian slaps him in the face. That was a nasty shot! Del Rio takes his scarf and jacket off but quickly regains composure. Del Rio grabs his jacket and leaves the ring angrily. Del Rio turns and says he’s done with Christian. His answer to the challenge is no. Del Rio smiles and winks at Christian.

The Hart Dynasty will take on “Dashing” Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre next. This is the first time the Hart Dynasty has come over to Smackdown since winning the titles. What took so long?

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The Hart Dynasty vs. “Dashing” Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre

This will be a non-title contest. David Hart Smith starts out against Drew McIntyre. They circle the ring and lock up. They jockey for position but they are both big guys. Smith eventually gets him in the corner and McIntyre pushes him off. They lock up again and McIntyre pushes him into the corner. McIntyre kicks and punches away. McIntyre sends him into the ropes but the big guy slides though his legs and executes a perfect jackknife pin for a near fall. McIntyre ducks a short-arm clothesline and runs right into a powerslam for a near fall. McIntyre stuns him with a sit-out jawbreaker and tags in Cody Rhodes.

Rhodes runs in and takes a belly to belly suplex. Tyson Kidd is tagged in and they hit a double shoulder block for a two count. Rhodes ducks a clothesline and takes him down with a single leg. Kidd kicks him off but Rhodes quickly takes him out with a forearm to the face. Rhodes tosses him over but Kidd skins the cat. Rhodes sees and slides out of the ring as he does so but Kidd counters into a baseball slide. Rhodes isn’t happy about that until he turns around and sees Natalya standing right next to him. Natalya slaps the taste out of his mouth and Rhodes is not happy about that.

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We come back from the break to see McIntyre applying a headlock to Smith. Kidd tags in and dropkicks McIntyre in the knee. Kidd hits a snapmare and kicks him hard in the back. McIntyre quickly comes back with a textbook body slam. McIntyre stomps his face and applies an arm bar. Kidd tries to fight up but McIntyre stops him. All of a sudden Kidd jumps to the top rope, avoids Rhodes’s attempted interference, and hits an arm drag. Kidd then kicks Rhodes off the apron for good measure. Kidd rolls McIntyre up for a near fall. That was a great sequence. Kidd kicks him in the face and flips over to the apron. Rhodes distracts him and McIntyre knocks him off the apron.

Rhodes stomps Kidd on the outside and tags in to continue the assault. Rhodes puts Kidd in the ring and stomps away. He’s not happy that Natalya slapped his face. That’s his moneymaker. Rhodes hits a Ric Flair knee drop for a near fall. McIntyre tags in and stomps the hand. McIntyre works on the arm as Natalya gets the crowd into it. Kidd fights up and hits an arm drag. Kidd goes to tag but Rhodes is tagged in and he stops them. Rhodes applies a hammerlock camel clutch. This is a pretty move. Kidd fights up and elbows but Rhodes puts him in the corner. Kidd elbows and flips out of a back suplex but Rhodes hits the Beautiful Disaster for a near fall!

McIntyre is tagged back in. McIntyre stomps the head and tosses him into the corner. McIntyre clubs him a few times and sets up for the Future Shock but Kidd fights it. Kidd counters into a rolling neckbreaker!

Both men make the tag to their partners. Smith takes Rhodes out with clotheslines and shoulder blocks. Rhodes counters back with a Goldust drop and uppercut move. Rhodes goes into the ropes and eats a high knee to the face. Smith goes to apply the Sharpshooter so McIntyre distracts him. Smith sets up for the Hart Attack but McIntyre pulls Kidd out of the ring before the maneuver can be completed. McIntyre throws Kidd into the announcer’s table. Smith goes for a Running Powerslam but Rhodes counters into the Cross Rhodes for the win! What a match!

Winners by Pinfall: “Dashing” Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre
Match Rating: ***

Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes have certainly made their case to face the Hart Dynasty for the titles on Sunday.

Kane will give the Undertaker an answer tonight.

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Kofi Kingston’s music hits and he comes out to the ring. Kingston says everyone knows that the only reason Dolph Ziggler is the Intercontinental Champion is because of one person: Vickie Guerrero. Kingston wonders what kind of man has his woman fight his battles for him. A coward? In Ziggler’s case, his woman is a loud mouthed beast. Vickie has done everything in her power to ensure her flavor of the month keeps that title around his waist. But this Sunday things will be different. If Ziggler gets disqualified for any reason then he’ll lose the title to him. If he gets counted out then the title goes to him.

Kingston will do the WWE Universe a favor because he loves us: this Sunday, not only will he win the Intercontinental Championship, but he’ll also rid the WWE of the most repulsive couple in Smackdown history. He has a funny feeling that as soon as that gold is removed from his waist then Vickie Guerrero will remove herself from Ziggler. Kingston promises that this Sunday there will be Trouble in Paradise.

Jack Swagger’s music hits. He’ll take on Kofi Kingston next.

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Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger

They circle the ring and Swagger immediately goes for an ankle lock but Kingston escapes. They circle the ring and lock up. Swagger takes him down and goes for another ankle lock but Kingston kicks him off. Kingston peppers him with a kick and they feel each other out. Kingston kicks and Swagger gets a waist lock. Swagger clubs him and takes him down. Swagger squeezes the ribs and rolls him around the mat. Kingston fights up and gets taken down quickly. Swagger goes for the ankle lock again and Kingston rolls him off. Kingston sends him into the ropes, ducks some clotheslines, and takes him out with a flying forearm for a near fall.

Kingston kicks him in the corner until the referee backs him up. Swagger gets out of the ring to recover. Swagger slowly gets back in the ring and kicks Kingston down. Swagger applies a double under hook camel clutch and then applies an arm bar. There’s some great wrestling going on tonight. Kingston fights up but Swagger takes him down and catapults him over the top rope. Kingston lands on the apron and shoulders Swagger. Kingston springboards off the top rope but Swagger catches him and hits a NASTY spinebuster!

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We come back from the break to see Swagger clubbing Kingston, who is halfway through the ropes. Swagger all of a sudden applies an abdominal stretch in between the ropes. I don’t think I’ve seen that before in WWE. Swagger punches Kingston and hits a belly to belly suplex. Swagger takes some time before hitting a nice Vader Bomb for a near fall. Swagger drags him to the middle of the ring and applies a front face lock. Swagger rolls him around a few times and drags him to the apron. Swagger stretches him out a few times using the ropes. Swagger pushes him back in and covers for a two count.

Swagger continues to club him down and applies another bear hug. Swagger applies a body scissors and has all the leverage. This is a great wrestling match. Kingston eventually rolls him and elbows out. Swagger runs into a boot but counters a pendulum kick. Swagger slams him down from the ropes and covers for another near fall. Swagger grinds his knee into the face and hits a guillotine catapult into the bottom rope. Kingston tries to fight back but Swagger knees him. Swagger hits a snapmare and applies a seated abdominal stretch. Swagger holds it in for a while until Kingston fights out of it. Swagger clubs him down and throws him over the top rope. Swagger doesn’t see that Kingston landed on the apron so he goes to shoulder him off but Kingston moves.

Kingston kicks him a few times and goes to the top rope. Kingston hits a BEAUTIFUL cross-body for a near fall. Kingston chops him a few times and hits a dropkick. Kingston goes for the can opener but Swagger pushes him off. Swagger ducks the Trouble in Paradise and applies the Ankle Lock! Kingston quickly gets to the ropes and Swagger releases. Kingston goes outside to recover. Swagger goes outside to dropkick the stairs into the ankle but Kingston moves. Kingston takes him down and punches away.

Swagger stumbles back into the ring and Kingston leaps up on him in the corner. Kingston punches and goes to roll off but Swagger catches him with the Ankle Lock again! Kingston powers out but Swagger quickly big boots him back down! This is great stuff! Swagger goes for the Vader Bomb but Kingston kicks him in the face on the way down! Kingston hits Trouble in Paradise and picks up the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Kofi Kingston
Match Rating: *** 1/4

Hornswoggle is sitting at a desk as Teddy Long talks to a nun. Long introduces her as Sister Mary Francis and Delicious. She corrects him, saying its Aloysius. Long keeps getting in trouble but its Hornswoggle setting him up. Some crap happens, then more crap happens, and the sister recommends Hornswoggle get an exorcism. That was a crappy way to follow up that awesome match.

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Kelly Kelly & Rosa Mendes vs. Lay-Cool

Naomi accompanies Kelly Kelly, her WWE Pro on NXT. Lay-Cool comes to the ring with Kaval. A catfight breaks out before they even get in the ring. Kelly starts the match against Michelle McCool. The Goose lets McCool recover as she can’t get over “Smelly Kelly”. Kelly punches Layla off the apron and grinds McCool’s face off the canvas. Layla is tagged in and Kelly hits them with a double clothesline. Rosa is tagged in and she throws Layla by the hair. Layla sends her to the ropes, McCool distracts, and Layla takes her down. Layla applies a chin lock but Rosa fights up. Layla takes her down but gets kicked. Layla knocks Kelly off the apron and Rosa goes for a suplex. McCool comes in, misses a kick by a mile, and Layla hits the Lay Out for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Lay-Cool
Match Rating: NXT Season Three (bad)

Christian will take on CM Punk later tonight. We’ll also hear Kane’s response to Undertaker’s No Holds Barred challenge.

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A really great video plays hyping up the WWE Championship Six Pack Challenge for this Sunday. They then run down the Night of Champions card.

Lay-Cool is backstage with Kaval. McCool has a hat with both their names on it and Kaval will draw the name. Whoever is picked will take on Melina this Sunday. Michelle McCool is picked and she’s so excited she knocks the hat out of Kaval’s hand. McCool hugs Layla and leaves to finish packing. Kaval picks up the rest of the papers and they all say “Michelle”. Layla isn’t happy and she says McCool will be on her own this Sunday. Oh I’m so devastated. Lay-Cool is breaking up.

CM Punk’s music hits and he comes to the ring without the Straightedge Society. He’ll take on Christian next.

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Alberto Del Rio is at ringside to do commentary on the match.

CM Punk vs. Christian

Christian gets a side headlock and Punk pushes him off. Christian takes him down with some shoulder blocks, goes into the ropes, and hits another shoulder block for a one count. Punk goes for the old test of strength/kick him thing. Why do the good guys always fall for that? Punk sends him into the ropes but Christian slides through the legs and kicks him. Christian stands on Punk and uppercuts him.

Christian charges but Punk knees him in the ribs. Punk hits a running kick to the ribs a few times and covers for a two count. Punk hits a backbreaker for a near fall. Punk applies a body scissors and rips at his face. Del Rio is great on commentary. It’s hard to recap that and the match so you’ll have to check that out for yourself. Christian escapes the body scissors but Punk kicks away still. Punk clubs him down and elbows him in the head. Christian is wearing a bandage on his head from an overseas laceration. Christian punches but Punk comes back with a front suplex on the top rope. Punk hits a springboard dropkick that sends Christian to the floor.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Christian trapped in a body scissors once again. Christian elbows out and goes into the ropes but Punk catches him in an abdominal stretch. Punk grinds his elbow over Christian’s ribs. Christian fights out but gets taken down by a clothesline. Punk cradles for a near fall. Punk hits a nice backbreaker. Punk goes for another but Christian flips through. They both charge and clunk heads.

Both men are down and the referee is counting them out. Christian is up at nine and Punk quickly kicks. They trade punches with Christian coming out on top. Christian hits a clothesline and a slap to the face. Christian hits a diving uppercut and is now looking for the Kill Switch. Punk kicks and goes for the GTS but Christian gets out. Christian hits a diving sunset flip for a near fall. Punk blocks a kick and Christian counters into a Kill Switch attempt. Punk rolls him up and Christian turns it for a near fall.

Punk shoulders him in the corner before backing up. Punk hits a high knee/bulldog combo but Christian counters the bulldog with a reverse DDT for a near fall. All of a sudden Alberto Del Rio grabs a microphone and distracts him. Punk capitalizes with the GTS for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: CM Punk
Match Rating: **

Alberto Del Rio gets in the ring with a chair. Del Rio sets it up over Christian’s throat and sits down. Del Rio says his answer is still “no”. All of a sudden Big Show’s pyro hits and he runs down. Punk runs from the ring scared and Big Show turns to see Del Rio ready to hit him with the chair. Punk comes in and tries to knock Big Show down. Big Show comes back with a knockout punch and he celebrates big time.

We’ll hear Kane’s answer to the Undertaker next!

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Kane’s pyro hits and the World Heavyweight Champion makes his way down to the ring. Kane says this Sunday at Night of Champions will be the final chapter of the story. This time the story will not end as it always has before with Undertaker winning. Undertaker does not have the powers of the Dark Side. This time Kane is the author of the Undertaker’s demise. This time it ends the same way it started: with the Undertaker sprawled helplessly at his feet. A legend eclipsed. This time the Dark Side will betray the Undertaker because the powers that were once his now belong to Kane. This time not only will he emerge still the World Heavyweight Champion, but the plot he hatched thirteen years ago will be realized when the Undertaker becomes nothing more than a distant memory. This time it ends on his terms!

Undertaker said last week the match must be No Holds Barred and that’s exactly what Kane wants. Once again Undertaker’s pride has let him play right into his hands. Now there are no limits or rules. This Sunday there will be No Holds Barred! Kane warns Undertaker to make no mistake: at Night of Champions, the Devil’s favorite demon will make sure that he RESTS IN PEACE!

The GONG sounds and the lights go out! Undertaker makes his epic entrance to the ring and he looks ready to fight right now. As he walks to the ring the lights go out. When they come back on Kane is behind him! Kane hits him with the title and beats him at ringside! Kane slams him off the steps and punches away at his big brother. Kane sends Undertaker into the ring post. Undertaker tries a comeback but Kane tackles him into the barricade. Kane steps on his throat and whips him hard into the barricade.

Kane bounces Undertaker off the announcer’s table and throws him into the ring. Undertaker struggles to get up, using the ropes to hold himself up. Kane avalanches him in the corner and hits snake eyes! Kane follows that up with the big boot! Kane signals for the Chokeslam. Undertaker slowly gets up and takes the Chokeslam! Kane signals for the Tombstone now. All these moves are the Undertaker’s signatures. Undertaker gets up and Kane hits the Tombstone Piledriver! Kane smiles and does the Undertaker’s pose! The turnbuckles explode as Kane laughs maniacally!

Quick Match Results
Rhodes & McIntyre def. The Hart Dynasty (non-title)
Kofi Kingston def. Jack Swagger
Lay-Cool def. Kelly Kelly & Rosa Mendes
CM Punk def. Christian

Bump of the Night: Kane’s assault of the Undertaker!
Match of the Night: Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger *** 1/4

Mike’s Thoughts

Wow that was one hell of a Smackdown! With only a few weeks left Smackdown is looking to go out with a bang on MyNetwork TV. This was a TREMENDOUS episode.

I can’t wait for this Sunday to watch Undertaker vs. Kane. I can’t believe how excited I am for this match. I know I’ve said this already but it’s amazing how they’ve taken such a tired, old rivalry and made it interesting again. They completely changed it and added new twists and turns. Now it is, for my money (though there’s not much), the best rivalry going in WWE right now. That beat down tonight was awesome. This is the finest work of Kane’s career and Undertaker is definitely pulling his weight as well.

How about those two matches tonight? It’s so rare to have two *** star matches on one TV show. The wrestling, except for one match, was 100% top notch. It’s been good every week but tonight it was extra good. That tag match was exciting from start to finish. You could see the lifetime of training all of them have had (well maybe not Drew but he was great) and you can see how they are miles ahead of most of the talent their ages right now. Rhodes and McIntyre are going to be a force to be reckoned with, as a tag team or as singles competitors, for a long time to come.

Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger was pure gold tonight. That’s the best I’ve seen them in a while. Kingston is doing a great job right now and Swagger continues to show us why he needs to be utilized better. Kingston is heading for the main event but for some reason Swagger seems to be getting further away from it. Why is that? The guy is tremendous in the ring and he’s entertaining when given the time. He needs to be better utilized. This match proved why.

Final Rating: *** 1/2

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Thanks for reading! Enjoy Night of Champions 2010!