WWE Smackdown
September 11, 2009
Rockford, IL
Report by: Mike Tedesco of WrestleView.com

?Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event?? The WWE video leads us into the show.

There’s no pyro that brings us into the show. Instead Jim Ross and Todd Grisham welcome us to the show and we hear the legendary GONG that can only signal the arrival of the Undertaker. Undertaker makes his way to the ring with his WrestleMania 24 entrance attire and grabs a microphone. He says the sands of time have fallen slowly through the hour glass, but in two days he will regain his World Heavyweight Championships, and once against cast his shadow of darkness over Smackdown. Undertaker says he’s sure by now CM Punk is growing very tired. By now CM Punk is constantly waking up in the middle of the night in a puddle of sweat, consumed by fear, because he knows that his breaking point will be realized when he feels the grip of Hell’s Gate. Submission is the only alternative to an eternity of pain. Undertaker says that when Punk submits, and he will submit, not only will he relinquish the World Heavyweight Championship, but he will personally hand him his soul. Thus, the symphony of lies shall end.

CM Punk’s music hits and the World Heavyweight Champion comes out to the stage. Punk laughs about the phrase ‘symphony of lies? and says it’s the pot calling the kettle black. Punk says he sees through the smoke and mirrors, and while Jeff Hardy was the charismatic enabler, Undertaker is something different. Undertaker has preyed on the chemically induced minds of the people for almost twenty years. Taker is like this generation’s ?Alice in Wonderland.? ?Alice in Wonderland? took a whole generation of worthless hippies and led them to experiment with psychotics. But Taker has created this self-destructive cycle because the people actually believe in the Undertaker. They believe he can withstand any beating and that he has magical powers from the dark side that allows him to vanquish any foe.

They actually believe he has a chance at taking the World Heavyweight Championship from him on Sunday. They believe this because of his list of victims ? the Hulk Hogan’s, Ric Flair’s, and Shawn Michaels? of the industry. Everyone thinks he?ll be easily added to Undertaker’s list of souls but what everyone doesn?t realize is he is so much stronger than all those men. Punk isn?t after Taker’s soul; he just wants one thing ? for him to tap out. Punk says they just lost Jeff Hardy and now they?ll watch their heroic icon Undertaker tap out to the Anaconda Vice. They?ll start heavily drinking to make themselves feel better, as well as pop some pills, just to numb themselves from the reality that Undertaker tapped out. We?ll see a glimpse tonight when he makes Matt Hardy tap out to the Anaconda Vice. Punk asks Taker not to interfere so he and the people can get a glimpse of the world they?ll live in when Undertaker taps at Breaking Point. There will be only one true icon ? the choice of a new generation with the only Straightedge World Champion in history. They?ll then all be forced to join him and just say no!

Undertaker says the way he sees it is Punk got something wrong. They won?t be saying ?just say no? but they will say ?REST IN PEACE!? Undertaker rolls his eyes back as the purple lights go on. Punk raises his title over his head and looks as confident as ever.

Up next Finlay will take on Mike Knox in a Belfast Brawl.

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The WWE Smack of the Night is from last Friday, when Finlay and the Great Khali defeated Kane and Mike Knox when Finlay hit Knox with the shillelagh.

Belfast Brawl
Finlay vs. Mike Knox

While Knox was coming out they show another pre-taped Hannibal Lecter promo. Knox says that when a lizard is faced with a predator it sheds its tail. The predator feasts on the tail while the lizard escapes. Tonight the hunger won?t be satiated by just the tail ? he wants it all.

The match begins and they circle the ring. They go for a lock up but Finlay quickly gets behind him, kicks him in the back of the knee, and delivers a straight elbow to the bridge of the nose. Finlay hits a European Uppercut and a short-arm clothesline. Finlay hits some punches and drives a shoulder in the corner. Finlay hits a head-butt and some forearms to the chest. Finlay has a whip to the opposite corner reversed on him but gets his boots up when Knox charges him. Finlay then charges out of the corner into a powerslam. Knox drops some elbows and rolls out of the ring. Knox goes to look underneath but Finlay baseball slides him.

Finlay attempts to bounce Knox’s head off the announcer’s table but Knox blocks it and turns it on Finlay. Knox grabs a steel chair and goes to hit Finlay but Finlay stuns him with a kick. Finlay then hits him in the midsection with the steel chair. Knox rolls back into the ring. Finlay follows and Knox kicks the chair right up in Finlay’s face. Both men are feeling the hurt as we go to commercial.

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We come back from the break to see Knox sidewalk slam Finlay through the steel chair! The chair is destroyed! Knox covers and gets a near fall. Knox kicks Finlay in the back and hits some punches. Knox picks him up and head-butts him, staggering Finlay. Knox then throws him out of the ring. Knox goes underneath the ring and grabs a garbage can, which he throws at Finlay. Knox does this two more times and stomps him on the floor. Knox smashes him with a trash can lid and puts the garbage can on top of him. Knox then stomps down hard on the garbage can. Finlay gets up and Knox bicycle kicks him over the barricade!

Knox assaults Finlay in the crowd until Finlay clotheslines him back over the barricade. Finlay leaps off the barricade but Knox catches him and drives him back into the barricade. Knox throws some trash can lids in the ring and takes Finlay out on the outside with one. Knox throws a can in the ring and throws Finlay back in. Knox hits Finlay across the back and then on the head with the garbage can. Knox then leaves the ring again and grabs a table. The table still gets a great pop!

Finlay grabs a shillelagh but Knox cuts him off and hits him again with a garbage can. Knox sets the table up in the corner. Knox turns into a trio of garbage can shots to the skull. Knox then cuts Finlay off with a punch and whips him into the table hard but it doesn?t break! Knox covers for a near fall. Knox then viciously hits Finlay a bunch of times with a garbage can lid. Knox goes into the ropes and flies through the air with his cross-body but Finlay hits him in mid-air with the shillelagh! Knox is on top of Finlay so he has to kick him off and pin him for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Finlay
Match Rating: ** ?

Backstage Dolph Ziggler knocks on the door of the Diva’s Locker Room. Michelle McCool hobbles up and asks if he’s here for Maria. She knocks on the door and Layla answers. Layla says Maria isn?t there and walks away. McCool asks what Ziggler sees in Maria. He tries to answer and McCool asks why he should be with a ditzy girl like her when he can be with her. She then pretends to slip and she rubs up all against him. He helps her up and walks away. Layla then comes over with her camera phone and says she got it.

Our Main Event will be a Submissions Match between Matt Hardy and CM Punk.

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Todd Grisham thanks Lynyrd Skynyrd for the song ?Still Unbroken,? the official theme song of Breaking Point. JR says a line from ?Sweet Home Alabama.?

The Raw Rebound is shown. I personally thought Bob Barker did a great job but is it really working to build up Raw more than your Pay Per Views? At least Bob Barker got a great send off.

The Hart Dynasty makes their way to the ring. David Hart Smith will be in singles action tonight. He?ll face the Great Khali. However, before the match can begin Kane comes from behind and attacks Khali. Kane beats him down in the corner and goes outside for a Singapore Cane. Kane gets in and swings at Khali but Khali hits him with a Brain Chop before anything can happen. Khali then hits the Punjabi Plunge and raises his arms in victory. I guess the match with Smith is off as Khali leaves the ring.

The Unified Tag Team Champions are seen making their way to the ring. They?re in action next.

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Did you know last Friday, Smackdown was the #1 entertainment show for all male viewers, beating every show on cable and broadcast TV?

JeriShow vs. Cryme Tyme

This will be a non-title match as they?re putting the titles on the line this Sunday against Mark Henry and MVP.

The match begins and it?ll be Chris Jericho starting out against JTG. Jericho stalls before kicking him in the midsection and punching JTG around the ring. Jericho punches him in the corner and whips him to the opposite one. Jericho charges but JTG slides through the ropes and comes in with a roll up for a one count. JTG gets an inside cradle for a two count. JTG hits a kick and goes for a whip Jericho kicks him. Jericho slaps him in the back of the head and talks some trash. Jericho has a whip reversed on him but JTG lowers his head and eats a kick. Jericho then goes into the ropes and eats a dropkick. JTG clotheslines Jericho over the top rope. Jericho kicks the ring steps and rips the top off the announcer’s table in frustration as we go to commercial.

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We come back from the break to see Jericho locked in an arm bar by JTG. Jericho punches out and kicks JTG in the corner. Jericho has a whip to the opposite corner reversed on him. JTG charges and slides under Jericho’s boots, taking his feet out as well. JTG comes off the second rope with a leg line for a near fall. JTG bounces Jericho off the turnbuckle and tags in Shad Gaspard. JTG hard Irish whips Shad into Jericho in the corner. Shad hits a back elbow and covers for a two count. Jericho stuns Shad with some punches but Shad comes back with a whip. Jericho ducks a clothesline but can?t avoid a Gorilla Press Slam. JTG gets tagged in and he gets on Shad’s shoulders to be slammed on top of Jericho for a near fall. JTG prevents Jericho from leaving the ring. The referee backs him up and Jericho lays him out with a right hand. The Big Show gets tagged in.

Big Show comes in and hits some body shots, weakening JTG with each blow. Show sends him into the ropes but lowers his head so JTG flips over Show and tags in Shad. Shad comes in with some punches but can?t whip Show. Show sends him to the corner and charges but Shad moves and takes Jericho off the apron in the process. Shad comes off the second rope but gets slapped in the chest mid-air by Show. Jericho is tagged in and he kicks Shad in the ribs a few times. Jericho stands on Shad’s neck while the referee is distracted. Jericho slaps him in the back of the head before going into the ropes and getting taken out by a big boot. Both men are down. The crowd wills them on but Jericho cuts Shad off before he can make a tag and tags Big Show back in.

Shad is defenseless as Big Show drops a leg. Show locks on a massive reverse chin lock. Shad gets to his feet and punches out. Shad goes into the ropes and eats a big boot. Jericho is tagged in and he kicks Shad in the head a few times. Jericho uses the ropes to choke Shad until the referee makes him stop. Shad comes back with punches and sends Jericho into the corner. Jericho gets his boots up and goes for a face buster but Shad catches him with an over the shoulder powerslam and both men are down again!

JTG is finally tagged in. JTG ducks a clothesline and hits a flipping shoulder block. JTG hits a nice inverted backbreaker and a blockbuster for a near fall broken up by Big Show. Big Show charges Shad on the apron but Shad pulls the top rope down and Big Show falls to the outside. Shad then takes Show out with a flying shoulder block off the apron. Inside the ring JTG goes for a monkey flip but Jericho drops him down and uses the ropes for leverage as he pins for a near fall. Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho but JTG gets an inside cradle for another near fall! Jericho sends JTG over the top rope but he hangs on. JTG skins the cat and kicks Jericho in the head. JTG skins the cat again and Big Show knocks him out with that devastating right hand out of no where! Jericho then makes the cover for the win!

Winners by Pinfall: JeriShow
Match Rating: ** ?

Jericho and Big Show walk up the ramp with their tag titles looking as confident as ever.

Backstage Teddy Long is texting on his phone when Vince McMahon walks in. Long puts his hand out for a shake but McMahon doesn?t shake. Long says he’s doing good and McMahon says ?good? isn?t what he wants to hear. McMahon reminds Long that he’s on probation and says he didn?t build his empire on ?good.? Long says next week he has a huge surprise that will change the face of Smackdown. McMahon seems intrigued and asks what Long is doing for him at Breaking Point. Long says he?ll have something ?good? for Breaking Point. McMahon says he doesn?t like ?good? and wants ?excellent.? Long says he?ll have something excellent on Sunday. McMahon then asks where his portrait is that used to hang on the wall. Long says he’s been looking for it but will find it soon. McMahon then walks away and Long looks tired.

Still to come is Matt Hardy vs. CM Punk in a Submissions Match.

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Charlie Haas is in the ring already. His opponent will be the new Intercontinental Champion John Morrison, fresh off his four star match with Rey Mysterio.

Charlie Haas vs. John Morrison

The match begins and they lock up. Haas quickly gets a hammerlock and Morrison just as quickly locks one on him. Haas back elbows out and goes for a clothesline but Morrison counters into a backbreaker and a Russian Leg Sweep for a one count. Haas hits Morrison with a knee to the midsection and bounces his arm off the top rope. Haas hits an under-hook suplex and kicks Morrison a few times. Haas hammerlocks him and sends him to the corner before hitting an over the knee arm breaker. Haas locks on a version of the Fujiwara Arm Bar. Haas locks on another arm bar when that doesn?t work. Morrison gets to his feet and Haas takes him down by the hair. Haas locks the arm bar on again. Morrison gets up and elbows out.

Morrison ducks a clothesline and hits a dropsault. Morrison hits a clothesline, sends him into the ropes, and hits his jumping calf kick. Morrison hits the STANDING Shooting Star Press for a two count. Morrison approaches Haas and Haas sends him shoulder first into the ring post. Haas hits a classic arm breaker and gets a two count. Haas gets on the second rope and goes for a super arm breaker but Morrison stops him with a pele kick, taking him down. Morrison then hits Starship Pain for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: John Morrison
Match Rating: * ?

John Morrison has his arm raised with the Intercontinental Championship. Morrison grabs a microphone and says last week he had one of the greatest matches of his career and became the Intercontinental Champion. It wouldn?t have been possible if it hadn?t been for Rey Mysterio. Morrison says he wanted to talk about how he felt after the match but he can?t describe it. Morrison then shows footage of after the match when he had his arm raised and hugged Mysterio. Morrison looks into the camera and thanks Rey Mysterio from the bottom of his heart. Morrison says Mysterio is a great competitor and an even greater champion. If he ever wants his rematch all he has to do is ask.

Dolph Ziggler’s music hits and he comes out to the stage. Ziggler says this sickens him because he earned his title match yet Morrison, and his buddy Rey Mysterio, decided to have a match and now Morrison is the Intercontinental Champion. Morrison says that’s exactly what happened and asks if Ziggler was going to lose to Mysterio for the third time. Ziggler says he was softening him up through those matches and third time is the charm. Ziggler says he earned his title match and he wants his title match. Morrison says he does deserve the match so they should have it right here and now. Ziggler says no because he wants to do this on his own terms. Morrison says ok and asks if he’s scared. Morrison then plays with Ziggler’s last name and asks if he prefers ?Mr. Ziggles.? Ziggler says no one calls him that and gets cut off by Morrison before he can say his name. Morrison gets the arena chanting ?Mr. Ziggles,? and Ziggler flips out. Ziggler says if they don?t stop he?ll leave the stage. They cheer overwhelmingly. Morrison says he should go because they won?t stop. Ziggler walks away upset. Morrison says he’s sorry but he doesn?t think the WWE Universe will stop chanting ?Mr. Ziggles? as long as he’s the Intercontinental Champion.

Josh Mathews interviews Matt Hardy. Mathews asks if the fact that this is a Submission Match affects his approach against the man who ended his brother’s career. Hardy says last week he and Punk didn?t get to finish business the way he would have liked. Punk claims that he’s never submitted to vices but he won?t be able to say that anymore. That all ends with two submissions ? one against Undertaker at Breaking Point and two against Matt Hardy on Smackdown. Hardy says the end result of both matches will be the same with CM Punk begging for mercy. Punk can try to put on the Anaconda Vice but he?ll be lucky to get to Breaking Point because when he locks on a submission hold he isn?t letting go.

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Melina vs. Layla

Layla is accompanied by Michelle McCool on crutches.

They lock up and Layla quickly knees her in the midsection. Layla gets a side headlock on but gets whipped off. Layla shoulder blocks her down. Layla goes into the ropes over and under Melina just top be taken down by a flapjack. Melina covers for a two count. Melina hits some forearms and goes for the ten punches in the corner but Layla pushes her off. Layla kicks her in the ribs and locks on an inverted surfboard stretch. Layla hits a snapmare and a low dropkick to the back for a two count. Layla kicks but gets locked in an inside cradle for a one count. Melina comes back with punches but has a whip to the corner reversed on her. Melina slingshots over Layla and drives her into the corner hard. Melina sets her up over the second rope and drives both knees into her midsection. Melina hits a second rope face buster for a near fall that was awkward.

Layla hits a knee and whips Melina into the ropes but she hangs on. Layla charges into a head scissors and gets kicked. Layla charges into a drop toe hold to the middle rope. Melina goes for a splash but Layla moves from the ropes and Melina crashes to the outside. The referee is distracted as McCool hits her weakly in the ribs with the crutch. Layla then gets a lame cover for the win. It’s the same stuff every week. They all just trade wins.

Winner by Pinfall: Layla
Match Rating: * ?

Josh Mathews is now backstage with R-Truth. Mathews mentions Drew McIntyre and R-Truth cuts him off. R-Truth says McIntyre says the party is over but the party is just beginning. R-Truth says where he comes from you kick his dog and he?ll kick your cat. McIntyre gets no ghetto pass from him. If McIntyre wants to get grimy then it should happen. R-Truth calls for Teddy Long to make the match. All of a sudden Drew McIntyre hits R-Truth from behind, annihilating Josh Mathews in the process! McIntyre punches him around before sending him into a metal box. The referees back him away but he still gets a kick to R-Truth’s skull. McIntyre smiles as he leaves.

-Commercial Break-

A replay is shown of Drew McIntyre’s assault on R-Truth. Did you know WWE television programming is translated into 30 languages worldwide?

Jim Ross and Todd Grisham are in the ring and they run down the card for Breaking Point.

CM Punk’s music hits and the World Heavyweight Champion makes his way to the ring for his Submission Match. As Punk comes to the ring we see Undertaker’s Chokeslam to CM Punk from last week. The Submission match will happen next.

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Submission Match
CM Punk vs. Matt Hardy

The match begins and Punk keeps Hardy away by throwing some kicks. Hardy and Punk get locked up but neither gets an advantage. They circle the ring and Punk hits a quick kick before hitting a headlock takeover. Hardy counters with a head-scissors. Punk gets out of it and Hardy drops him with a straight right hand. Hardy hits a trio of neckbreakers, weakening Punk’s already hurt neck. Hardy under-hooks both arms and wraps his leg around Punk. Punk drives Hardy into the corner to get out of the hold. Punk drives some shoulders into Hardy’s surgically repaired abdomen and hits a straight kick to it. Punk goes for a springboard clothesline but Hardy pushes him off. Punk may have injured his knee and Hardy is already attacking it with leg breakers. Hardy hits a chop block and drops an elbow on the knee. Hardy drops another one and goes for the Figure Four but Punk kicks him off.

Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate but Punk counters by sending him shoulder first into the ring post. Punk repeats the process and Hardy falls out of the ring. We?ll take a commercial break here.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Punk knee Hardy in the face. Punk bounces his head off the turnbuckle and gets to the second rope. Punk connects with a falling knee drop to the back of Hardy’s neck. Punk hits a snapmare and a dropkick to the back of the head. Punk kicks him a few times before punching him in the back of the neck. Punk gets an inverted camel clutch on. Hardy gets up with Punk on his back and he falls back, crushing Punk with his body weight. Hardy goes for a leg lock but Punk kicks him through the ropes.

Hardy rolls back in and Punk hits a nice suplex. Punk drops a leg and shakes his knee, which is still injured. Punk drops another knee before locking on a figure four on the head. Punk elbows him a few times in the head for good measure. Hardy punches Punk’s injured knee, breaking the hold. Hardy grabs the leg and Punk hits him with an enzuigiri, hanging Hardy up on the second rope. Hardy is in the corner now and Punk hits his high knee. Punk goes for a bulldog but Hardy hits a knee breaker. Hardy locks on the Figure Four Leg Lock! Punk screams in pain and claws his way to the ropes but is too far. Punk turns him and reverses the pressure while grabbing the rope.

Hardy clotheslines Punk in the corner and hits a bulldog. Hardy hits Punk with a straight right hand, ducks a punch, and hits the Side Effect. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate but Punk counters into a GTS attempt. Hardy blocks the GTS and locks on a half Boston Crab! Hardy has it locked on tight and Punk’s leg is at a sick angle. Punk claws to the ropes and gets there. Hardy grabs Punk but Punk drops him with a roundhouse kick to the skull. Punk locks on the Anaconda Vice and Hardy has no choice but to tap out!

Winner by Submission: CM Punk
Match Rating: ** ?

CM Punk smiles and claps for himself. Mike Chioda hands him the World Heavyweight Championship and raises his arm in the air. All of a sudden the GONG hits and the lights go out. All of a sudden Punk is in the ring without his belt and we see Undertaker at the top of the stage holding it up! Punk is angry as Undertaker looks at the championship that could be his come Sunday!

Quick Match Results
Belfast Brawl: Finlay def. Mike Knox
JeriShow def. Cryme Tyme (non-title)
John Morrison def. Charlie Haas (non-title)
Layla def. Melina
CM Punk def. Matt Hardy via Submission (non-title)

Bump of the Night: Finlay being sidewalk slammed through a chair!

Match of the Night: CM Punk vs. Matt Hardy ** ?

Mike’s Thoughts

Not a bad go home show for Breaking Point, WWE’s first of a bunch of new Pay Per Views. Smackdown only has two matches on the Pay Per View since the removal of the Intercontinental Championship Match and both received good build.

I?m glad the Anaconda Vice hasn?t been forgotten about. I really enjoyed Punk and Undertaker’s opening segment. Punk is on fire with his character right now. Every segment is gold. I?m very interested in the result of CM Punk vs. Undertaker on Sunday. It’s going to be, at the very least, interesting. Neither man can afford to tap out so it’s an interesting premise. This is a great feud, and it’s only been going for three weeks.

The other match at the Pay Per View is Khali vs. Kane in a Singapore Cane match. Seriously they think this is a better alternative than having Morrison take on Ziggler? Give them a chance. The Intercontinental Championship has been rebuilt to something important again so I believe it’s imperative that it be on the event. Oh well. We?ll have to suffer through another go around with Khali and Kane. Ridiculous!

Speaking of the Intercontinental Championship, how about the promo John Morrison cut directed at former champ Rey Mysterio tonight? It seems like WWE is kind of apologizing to Mysterio for the way they handled his suspension. Mysterio still has to serve it but at least it looks like his spot is being saved for him when he comes back. That’s just my opinion.

Of course I?d be remiss if I didn?t briefly mention Jeff Hardy’s arrest. Now I?m not condoning his behavior but I don?t think he should be condemned as some people have been doing. People are saying he should never be allowed back in WWE. Are you kidding? The guy has his demons, sure, but he gave you all he had every night to keep you entertained. Now he slips up in his personal life away from WWE and everyone wants his head. All I?m saying is give him a break because you don?t know what’s going on with him and, like has already been said, he’s innocent until proven guilty.

Final Rating: ** ?

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