WWE Smackdown
August 21, 2009
Kansas City, MO
Report by: Mike Tedesco of WrestleView.com

?Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event?? The WWE video leads us into the show.

The Smackdown video plays and we?re brought into the arena with a great pyrotechnics display. Jim Ross and Todd Grisham welcome us to the show and promote an exclusive interview with Matt Hardy tonight. Also, our Main Event will be the Jeff and Matt Hardy with John Morrison taking on CM Punk and the Hart Dynasty.

Rey Mysterio & Cryme Tyme vs. JeriShow & Dolph Ziggler

The match begins and it’s Mysterio starting out against Jericho. They take some time before approaching one another. Mysterio goes for a lock up but Jericho simply cuts him off with a kick and a punch. Jericho then steps on Mysterio’s throat in the corner. Jericho hits a head-butt before sending him into the ropes. Jericho hits a flapjack on Mysterio and quickly swings at Shad’s face to upset him. Jericho talks some trash before whipping Mysterio into the corner and running into a boot. Mysterio hits a nice head-scissors takeover with his heels only to be quickly taken back down by a clothesline from Jericho. Jericho kicks him in the ribs before whipping him into the corner. Jericho charges and catches his boot so Mysterio hits an enzuigiri, putting Jericho in position. Mysterio goes for the 619 but Jericho gets up and Mysterio kitchen sinks him down. Mysterio then tags in JTG.

JTG and Mysterio sandwich Jericho with a double team kick, which gives JTG a two count. Jericho fires back with some punches before tagging in Dolph Ziggler. Jericho holds JTG wide open and Ziggler kicks him in the ribs. Jericho kicks him for good measure before leaving. Ziggler hits a fireman’s carry takeover for a one count. Ziggler then cinches in on a chin lock. JTG quickly gets to his feet and gets kneed in the midsection. Ziggler punches him back into the corner and stomps him down. Ziggler is backed up by the referee. Ziggler sends JTG into the opposite corner and JTG slingshots over him. JTG then quickly dropkicks him into the corner and hits a second rope face buster. JTG celebrates big time with the crowd as we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see JTG locked in a chin lock from Ziggler. Ziggler really has it on tight. JTG fights up and elbows out but Ziggler quickly takes him back down for a one count. Ziggler tags Jericho back in and holds JTG open for Jericho to punch. Jericho sends JTG into the ropes but JTG ducks a clothesline and hits a cross-body block for a two count. Jericho quickly pops up and gets clotheslined down. JTG tags in Big Shad Gaspard.

Shad gets Jericho into the corner and catapults JTG into him. Shad hits a nice over the shoulder body slam before tagging JTG back in. JTG gets on Shad’s shoulders and Shad slams him down on Jericho in a big splash type maneuver for a near fall. JTG whips Jericho into the ropes but lowers his head and eats a kick. Jericho punches him down and tags in the Big Show.

Show slowly comes in and chops JTG down. Show takes JTG down and stretches him out all the while slapping his chest. Jericho goes over to the announcer’s table and screams about Big Show’s dominance. Show squeezes JTG’s face before letting go of the submission. Show playfully kicks him a few times before kneeing him down. Show throws JTG across the ring and stands on him while he’s on the bottom rope. The referee is distracted by Shad as Jericho runs over and punches JTG. Show throws JTG again and stomps him before tagging in Jericho.

Jericho talks some trash before picking him up. Jericho slaps him a few times and JTG responds with some punches of his own. JTG goes for the tag but Jericho catches him. JTG gets Jericho down and covers him for a two count. Jericho quickly regains control with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Jericho drops an elbow for a near fall. Jericho locks on an arm trap chin lock. JTG fights up but can?t get control. Jericho sends him into the ropes where JTG gets him with a right hand. JTG now rolls under a clothesline and tags in Shad!

Shad comes in with a pair of clotheslines and big boots Big Show off the apron. Jericho has a whip reversed on him and Shad takes him out with a shoulder block. Shad pumps up the crowd before tagging in Mysterio. Mysterio stands on Shad’s shoulders and splashes Jericho for a near fall broken up by Ziggler! Shad throws Ziggler over the top rope and Show quickly takes Shad and himself over the top rope with a clothesline. Mysterio hits a wheelbarrow bulldog for a near fall on Jericho! Jericho whips Mysterio sternum first into the corner and goes for a back suplex but Mysterio lands on his feet. Mysterio ducks a clothesline and hits a hurricanrana, putting Jericho in position! Mysterio hits the 619 and Big Show hits the Knockout Punch out of nowhere! Jericho tags in Ziggler and Ziggler covers Mysterio for the win!

Winners by Pinfall: JeriShow & Dolph Ziggler
Match Rating: ** ?

Dolph Ziggler celebrates like he did all the work himself. Ziggler goes up the ramp shouting that he?ll be the next Intercontinental Champion. In the ring JeriShow raises their Tag Titles over their heads.

Coming up next we?ll have an exclusive interview with Matt Hardy, who will explain himself.

-Commercial Break-

Todd Grisham and JR welcome us back to the show. They talk about Summerslam but mention if Matt Hardy had not intervened on behalf of his brother than Jeff Hardy might not even be going to Summerslam.

We now see a video from two weeks ago where CM Punk viciously attacked Jeff Hardy after their World Heavyweight Title bout. Punk sent Hardy into the ring post with a chair around his neck. Than last week Hardy took on the Hart Dynasty in a Handicap Match. Hardy lost the match after a valiant effort and Punk picked the scraps. Morrison ran down to make the save but Punk took him out with a steel chair. Punk put the chair around Hardy’s neck and went to throw him into the ring post until Matt Hardy made the save! Matt Hardy and John Morrison cleared the ring! Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy then exchanged looks of respect.

Josh Mathews is backstage in a locker room with Matt Hardy. I?ll provide a transcription of what they said because this is important.

Mathews: Matt, after all the sabotage, after all the betrayal, after the dark chapter of you and your brother, it would appear now that you?ve had a change of heart. Have you?

Matt Hardy: Well, Josh, ever since I was a kid I?ve always looked after my younger brother. That’s what our entire family was built upon. If anyone picked on Jeff, if anyone stepped towards Jeff, if anyone tried to step on Jeff, than they knew automatically that they were stepping on me.

Mathews: But, Matt, you spent the better part of 2009 trying to make sure that Jeff went nowhere near the World Heavyweight Championship.

Hardy: Well, well, well let me explain that, Josh. That’s what I have to explain, and I want to be totally honest about this. I really want to be open, and honest, to everyone, and I want to get this out in the open. It’s really hard to go from being the bigger brother ? the older, more responsible, more competitive brother ? to see your younger brother win over the love of a global audience, and become the World Heavyweight Champion. When that happens, there’s a competitive, nasty nature that starts to brew within you. For me it created turmoil in my head. Everything I did was a huge mistake. People make mistakes, some bigger than others, and I can definitely say, without a shadow of a doubt, that was the biggest mistake I?ve ever made in my entire life. I don?t know if I would be man enough to forgive myself, and it’s something that I don?t know if I?ll ever be able to live with entirely. But the one thing I can take comfort in is that Jeff has opened his heart and has been willing to forgive me. So tonight we?re going to do what Jeff said earlier ? we?re going to move past this. We?re going to move on; we must move on. Tonight, nothing is going to feel better than standing in a WWE ring alongside my brother once again, and I can proudly say that tonight, the Hardys ride again!

-Commercial Break-

We get a shot of outside Kansas City, Missouri.

Kane’s music hits and the Big Red Machine makes his way out to the ring. While Kane walks to the ring we get a replay from two weeks ago of Kane abducting Ranjin Singh. Kane and Khali will lock up at Summerslam. Kane says last week he proved that there is only one dominant giant on Smackdown, and his name is NOT the Great Khali. The fear that he instilled into the heart of Khali’s pathetic, helpless brother is the mark of a true monster. Khali has never been a monster. Kane says he saw that look as he left him lying face down and helpless. It was a look of weakness. The source of the weakness is obvious ? Khali has compassion and emotion. Khali actually cares while Kane detests. At Summerslam he will put an end to the myth of the Great Khali once and for all. Kane says to Khali that he’s never been afraid of him but he better be afraid of him.

The Great Khali’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring looking intense. Kane quickly leaves the ring and grabs a steel chair. Kane takes a swing and Khali punches it out of his hands. Khali then puts Kane in the corner and punches him down viciously. Khali stomps Kane a bunch of times and grabs the chair. Khali goes for a swing but Kane quickly gets out of the ring, backing up quickly. We?ll find out in forty-eight hours which man will stand tall, something we?ve all been waiting for?

Still to come tonight is the Hardys and John Morrison taking on CM Punk and the Hart Dynasty.

-Commercial Break-

Did you know last month, WWE.com had more unique visitors, visits, and page views than NASCAR.com, SI.com, NHL.com, UFC.com, and NFL.com? The caption says WWE.com rocks. They might as well have just put ?WWE is desperate for mainstream credibility so here’s another useless stat!?

Mike Knox makes his away to the ring. As he comes down we see him viciously attack Finlay after a match and sidewalk slam him on the steel steps. They then go to a pre-taped interview with Mike Knox? and his beard is tied and he’s wearing glasses! Knox says he knows what Finlay is going through. Fear paralysis reflex. Fear freezes his reflexes and he’s unable to move, but don?t worry, he?ll move Finlay.

Mike Knox vs. Finlay

The match begins and Knox quickly lifts Finlay up and gets him in the corner. Knox drives his shoulder into Finlay and pushes him down. Finlay fires back with some nasty right hands. Knox gets on the apron to escape so Finlay dropkicks Knox’s leg off the apron. Finlay hits a baseball slide and attacks Knox some more. Knox cuts Finlay off with a knee and goes to drive Finlay into the ring post but Finlay slides off his shoulder and throws him into the post. Finlay gets Knox into the ring and kicks him in the back of the knee. Finlay kicks him in the back of the head and covers for a two count.

Knox hits Finlay with a knee and sends Finlay into the corner. Knox charges into Finlay’s boot. Finlay goes to the second rope and Knox grabs his ankle and rips him off. Knox takes some time to recover before dropping a knee on Finlay’s face and drops some more knees on Finlay’s back. Knox hits a backbreaker and stretches him out in a submission. Finlay knees Knox in the face a few times but Knox doesn?t break the hold and hits another backbreaker. Knox drives a knee into Finlay’s back and pulls his arms back in another submission. Finlay fights to his feet and gets forearmed in the lower back. Knox sends Finlay into the ropes a few times and forearms him in the back each time. Knox hits a short-arm clothesline and a big splash for a one count.

Finlay is in pain as Knox walks around angrily. Knox stomps Finlay in the back and goes into the ropes but Finlay moves and Knox gets hung up on the rope. Finlay hits a stiff pair of clotheslines and a cannonball for a near fall. Finlay drives a shoulder into Knox and goes for the Celtic Cross but his back is hurting. Knox goes for a clothesline and Finlay ducks it before booting him in the face. Finlay then gets Knox on his shoulders and hits the Rolling Hills for a near fall!

Knox quickly sidesteps Finlay and sends him shoulder first into the ring post. Knox then rolls Finlay up for a near fall. Knox grounds and pounds Finlay before being warned by Mike Chioda. Knox ignores him and Chioda starts the count. Chioda reaches the count of five and disqualifies Mike Knox.

Winner by Disqualification: Finlay
Match Rating: * ?

Knox drags Finlay out of the ring and forearms him down. Knox grabs the steel stair and there are a group of fans in the front row who are absolutely stunned. Finlay cuts Knox off with a shillelagh shot to the midsection. Knox then quickly takes him out with a bicycle kick. Knox then lays Finlay out with a stair shot to the face! Knox raises the steps over his head and smiles before dropping them and walking away. Finlay is out cold on the floor.

Backstage Jeff Hardy is talking with Matt Hardy and John Morrison. He high fives them and makes his way to the ring. He?ll be talking about TLC next.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break and the World Heavyweight Championship is hanging high above the ring. Underneath it is a gigantic ladder and surrounding the entire ring and entrance ramp are countless tables, ladders, and chairs! That’s an awesome sight! Justin Roberts asks us to please welcome the World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy! Hardy comes out to a huge reception. This may be his last promo on Smackdown for quite sometime. Hardy comes down to the ring while walking under ladders.

Hardy has a microphone and soaks in some more cheers from the fans. Hardy says he’s been thinking a lot about what’s been going on in the WWE in the last few months, and he’s pleased to say he and his brother are at peace. The Hardys made the TLC match famous but sometimes in life it’s not fair. Sometimes you?re dealt a hand that’s really hard to play, and last week he was dealt that hand. Last week his doctors said it was probably in his best interests to not compete in any physical activity. He’s 31 years old and their advice to him was to retire before it’s too late. Hardy says he’s never been one to follow the doctor’s orders, and he doesn?t plan on starting now!

Hardy climbs to the top of the ladder and grabs the World Heavyweight Title. It swings over his head like a pendulum, which is an awesome sight, and says to Punk that this is where it happens. There’s no time to think or plan, and the space between the top to the ladder and the ground is his. The sound of tables breaking is a sound he loves and steel chairs crashing with humanity is a song he wrote long ago, and it still rings a bell. Basically what he’s trying to say in his weird way is that it?ll take a lot more than a steel chair to stop him from going to Summerslam and beating him in TLC!

CM Punk’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Punk says hi to Hardy and asks if he’s nervous being up there so? ?high.? Especially with the condition he’s in, meaning he’s probably drunk right now, just like all the people in the arena. The people cheer and Punk says that’s something to be proud of. Punk says you?d have to be under the influence to stomach this living in the moment crap he spews. Punk asks what living in the moment has done for Hardy. Punk says all it’s gotten him is a night in the hospital all for the adulation of these people. One brief moment of attention? The crowd chants for Hardy and Punk says he doesn?t know what’s more pathetic ? all these people hanging on Jeff’s every word for another pitiful example he sets that they can lead or Hardy’s egotistical addition to their cheers, support, and adulation.

Punk tells him to listen and they believe Hardy can actually beat him at Summerslam. Hardy says he does, and Punk points out that Teddy Long does as well. Long said that TLC is Hardy’s match, and he was right. TLC is Hardy’s LAST match. Punk says he knows what he has to accomplish to get what he wants. When he beats Hardy at Summerslam and takes back HIS World Heavyweight Title, it?ll validate everything he’s said in the past. He will prove once and for all that straightedge is the right way and that means he’s better than Hardy. Punk says he has to get rid of Hardy to teach these people the difference between right and wrong, and to teach them to just say ?no.? He has to get rid of Hardy to get them to stop living in Hardy’s moment, and get them living in his reality. Punk says there’s no turning back from this point on. Hardy can talk about the space between the top of the ladder and the mat but from here on out there’s nothing left. At Summerslam he will hurt Hardy, and remove him and the stain of his bad examples from the WWE forever.

Hardy says he can?t destroy him or what he’s created over his ten years here. Kansas City isn?t going to listen to him, and the crowd cheers big time! Hardy says Punk won?t beat him at Summerslam. He?ll prove he’s better than him with his specialty of TLC. Punk says Hardy is right ? he wouldn?t be here if it wasn?t for the fans. Hardy needs the fans to enable him and justify his reckless behavior, just like they need him to justify their smoking, drinking, and use of prescription medication. They try in vain to live vicariously through a man that through is lifestyle thinks he can fly. Hardy says he doesn?t think he can fly ? his spirit knows he can!

Punk says ?let’s find out,? and pushes over the ladder but Hardy lands on his feet! Hardy quickly drops Punk with a Twist of Fate and the huge ladder falls and hits him in the head on the way down! Hardy looks to have reinjured his neck as he makes his way up the ramp. There’s a great shot of Punk hanging on to the ladder looking dazed as Hardy raises his hand at the top of the ramp! That was a great segment!

-Commercial Break-

WWE Women’s Champion Michelle McCool makes her return to Smackdown. She looks like she’s moving well and her knee is healed. She sits with JR and Todd Grisham at the announcer’s table. McCool comments on what Maria is wearing, saying the only thing worse than her athleticism is what she’s wearing.

Melina & Maria vs. Layla & Natalya

Maria starts the match out against Layla. They lock up and Layla quickly gets a side headlock on. Maria punches out and sends her into the ropes. Maria goes for a hip toss but Layla counters with a roll up for a one count. Layla digs a knee into Maria’s midsection and sends her into the ropes where Maria takes her down with a clothesline. Maria hits another clothesline and a dropkick for a two count. Maria tags in Melina and they double whip Layla into the ropes and Melina drops her with a dropkick.

Layla runs out of the ring and Melina throws her back in. McCool stands up and Melina pushes her back down into her seat. Layla then lays Melina out with a clothesline on the outside! Layla bounces her face off the table and throws her back in the ring for a two count. Natalya is tagged in and takes Melina down with a spinning clothesline. Natalya slams her knee into the mat and locks on a beautiful Mexican surfboard! Natalya then locks on a dragon sleeper as well! This is a nasty stretch! Natalya stops Melina from making the tag and knocks Maria off the apron. Melina ducks a clothesline and hits her Code Red finisher for the win! That was abrupt.

Winner by Pinfall: Melina & Maria
Match Rating: * ?

Cryme Tyme’s Word Up is now and they?re sitting in the back looking upset. Eve says to not let the loss get to them. All of a sudden Slam Master J comes in and Shad tells Eve to get him out of there. Slam Master J says JeriShow are just suspects, the Word of the Day. Suspect’s definition is a term used to identify any person, place or thing as being suspicious. Slam Master J says JTG made Jericho look like a Punk two weeks ago and then shows Jericho in a dress. Slam Master J than pumps them up and shows pictures of Big Show eating. Slam Master J says at Summerslam Cryme Tyme will be the next Unified Tag Team Champions.

-Commercial Break-

We get another outside shot of Kansas City.

Josh Mathews will now interview Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio. Mathews says in just about forty-eight hours he?ll defend his title against Dolph Ziggler and asks for his thoughts. Mysterio says Summerslam is in LA this year, just a few hours north of the 619. If he thinks for one second that he’s not going to put on a show for his home state, crowd, and family, than he’s ?loco.? Mysterio talks a little Spanish before saying that tonight Ziggler got lucky, and while he may not respect his attitude, he DOES respect his ability in the ring. Ziggler has what it takes to be a champion but if he wants Summerslam to be his night, than he better bring it on Sunday, because he always does. That’s how you build up a young star, my friends.

Todd Grisham and Jim Ross are in the ring. They promote DX vs. Legacy. They show that lame video package with the sad piano music like DX being beat down before they can say ‘suck it? is such a big deal. I hate that video. They then run down the rest of the Summerslam card. Half is good, and half is recycled. Take a guess for what I?m talking about. Smackdown’s portion should be great if you don?t count Kane vs. Khali.

CM Punk’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. He’s followed by the Hart Dynasty. It’s Main Event time next!

-Commercial Break-

Did you know over the last five years, WWE Superstars have visited more than 200 military installations, forward operating bases, military hospitals, aircraft carriers, submarines, and the Pentagon?

CM Punk & The Hart Dynasty vs. John Morrison & The Hardy Boyz

It should definitely be noted that the Hardy Boyz made their way to the ring to their old music and even the old spelling of ?Boyz.? That’s some nostalgia for me, my friends.

The match begins and it?ll be John Morrison starting out against Tyson Kidd. Kidd quickly gets a waist lock and takes him down with a headlock takeover. Morrison gets to his feet and whips him off but gets shoulder blocked down. Kidd goes over and under Morrison and kicks him in the face. Kidd hits a spin kick to the midsection and goes into the ropes only to be dropped by a one man flapjack. Morrison kips up and hits a break dance leg drop for a one count. Morrison gets a front face lock on and tags in Matt Hardy, who is seeing his first action since he was injured on an episode of Superstars a few months ago.

Matt Hardy clubs Kidd a few times before bouncing his head off the top turnbuckle. Hardy then whips Kidd hard into the opposite corner and covers for a one count. Kidd cuts him off with a knee and a club before tagging in David Hart Smith. Smith comes in with some big time punches and kicks. Smith chokes Hardy on the ropes before being backed up by the ref. Smith forearms him down before tagging in CM Punk. Punk lays in some kicks to the midsection. Punk forearms him to the corner and whips him to the opposite one. Punk goes for the high knee but Hardy moves. Hardy gets a front face lock and tags in his brother!

Jeff comes in and they double whip Punk to the corner. The Hardy Boyz then hit Poetry in Motion on CM Punk! Hardy clotheslines Punk over the top rope and the Hart Dynasty goes to check on Punk as we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Kidd whip Jeff Hardy into the ropes but Hardy holds on and Kidd misses the dropkick. Jeff makes the tag to his brother and they hit a double team German Suplex type move and Matt Hardy covers for a near fall. Hardy locks on a front face lock. Kidd fights up and backs Hardy into his own corner. Morrison gets tagged in and Morrison punches Kidd in the ribs. Morrison hits a side headlock takeover and cinches in on a headlock. Kidd fights up and Jeff Hardy gets tagged in.

Morrison hits a snapmare and Jeff Hardy stomps Kidd. Hardy hits a double leg drop to his midsection and drops him with a low dropkick to the face for a near fall. Hardy tags in his brother Matt and they double whip Kidd into the ropes, dropping him with a double back elbow. Matt Hardy covers for a one count. Hardy misses an elbow drop and Kidd quickly tags in Smith. Smith comes in with some clubs and he hits a backbreaker for a one count. Smith drops an elbow on the top of the head and locks in a chin lock. Hardy fights up and counters out with a jawbreaker.

Hardy tags in Morrison and drops Smith with a Russian Leg Sweep. Morrison hits his STANDING Shooting Star Press for a near fall broken up by CM Punk! This guy is left off of Summerslam when he’s doing moves like this?! What?! Morrison hits a stomp and goes for a running knee but Smith ducks and rolls him up for a near fall. Smith then drops Morrison with a clothesline and covers for a two count. Smith tags in SM Punk and holds Morrison open for a shoulder thrust.

Punk hits a double leg takedown and goes for a Boston crab but Morrison won?t turn. Punk grounds and pounds a bit before Morrison comes back and bounces his head off the turnbuckle. Morrison sends him sternum first into the opposite corner and goes for the Flying Chuck but Punk pushes him over the top rope! Punk distracts the referee as Smith drops Morrison with a nasty big boot on the outside! We?ll take our final commercial break here.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Morrison locked in a grounded chin lock by Kidd. Morrison fights up and elbows out. Kidd cuts him off with a knee and Morrison takes him out with a pele kick from out of nowhere! Kidd tags in Smith before Morrison can make a tag. Smith destroys Morrison with some right hands and hits a nasty suplex for a near fall. Smith hits a crossface strike before locking in a chin lock. Morrison fights up and elbows out but Smith cuts him off with a strike. Smith gets him on his shoulder but Morrison slides off and sends him sternum first into the corner. Morrison hits the Flying Chuck and they?re both down!

Smith tags in Kidd and he cuts Morrison off before he can make a tag. Morrison then kicks him off and tags in Jeff Hardy! Hardy back body drops Kidd and hits a pair of clotheslines. Hardy drops him with a sit-out front suplex and takes out both Punk and Smith. Hardy hits a reverse powerbomb and takes off his shirt. Hardy goes for the Swanton Bomb but Smith pulls Kidd out of the way just in the nick of time!

Kidd tags in Punk and he hits five leg drops in a row for a near fall! Punk traps the arm and elbows Hardy in the neck for another near fall! Punk gets him in a front face lock and turns it into a chin lock. Hardy fights up and elbows out. Punk cuts him off with a knee and sends him into the corner but Hardy counters with Whisper in the Wind! Hardy slowly gets up and tags in his brother!

Matt Hardy takes out Punk with a pair of clotheslines and a back elbow. Hardy clotheslines him in the corner and hits a bulldog. Hardy knocks Kidd off the apron and takes Smith out with a stun gun. Hardy ducks a clothesline from Punk and hits the Side Effect for a one count broken up by Smith. Morrison comes in and clotheslines Smith over the top rope! Morrison then back body drops Kidd over the top rope on top of his partner! Morrison then takes them both out with a corkscrew plancha!! Jeff Hardy hits a stun gun on Punk and Matt Hardy drops him with the Twist of Fate for the win!!

Winners by Pinfall: John Morrison & The Hardy Boyz
Match Rating: ***

John Morrison and the Hardy Boyz raise their arms in the air in the center of the ring. Matt and Jeff Hardy then embrace. This is a great sight as Matt raises his brother’s arm! Jeff Hardy stands on the turnbuckle and raises his championship in the air as Smackdown goes off the air! We?re off to Summerslam!

Quick Match Results
JeriShow & Dolph Ziggler* def. Rey Mysterio* & Cryme Tyme
Finlay def. Mike Knox via DQ
Melina* & Maria def. Layla & Natalya*
John Morrison & The Hardy Boyz* def. CM Punk* & Hart Dynasty

Bump of the Night: Kidd being back body dropped over the top rope onto Smith!

Match of the Night: Morrison & The Hardy Boyz vs. CM Punk & Hart Dynasty ***

Mike’s Thoughts

What a tremendous go home show for the second biggest Pay Per View of the year! This was a highly enjoyable Smackdown and if you missed it I suggest you Hulu it. A great night of nostalgia, promos, matches, and feud build-ups!

The Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk feud is red hot and I can?t wait for it to all culminate at Summerslam in a TLC match! They had a tremendous in ring promo building it up in what is probably Jeff Hardy’s last promo in a WWE ring for some time. It all culminated in an awesome main event with the reformation of the Hardy Boyz and John Morrison taking on CM Punk and the Hart Dynasty. It was an awesome contest that saw the Hardys hit their old spots. It was a good way for Jeff to finish up his run on WWE free TV for some time. It was a great feel good moment, something we rarely get in wrestling anymore.

Matt Hardy had a good promo earlier discussing something that some of us feel sometimes ? jealousy. It was a good promo that anyone could relate to. They never did mention that Hardy burnt down his brother’s home and tried to kill him a few times, but that’s ok, I suppose, because Jeff Hardy has forgiven his brother and all is right in the world.

The opening six man tag contest was also tremendous tonight. Those two undercard matches are going to be great: JeriShow vs. Cryme Tyme and Mysterio vs. Ziggler. I?m expecting those two matches to be stellar. Rey Mysterio looked refreshed from his week off and ready to go to Summerslam. Mysterio then later cut a promo building up his match. In it he said that while he doesn?t respect Ziggler’s attitude, he respects his in ring ability. That’s how you build up young stars! Just that one sentence from a respected veteran like Mysterio does volume’s for Ziggler. Compare that to John Cena laughing about the Miz and making fun of him. Which works better? Raw should start using this formula to build new guys up. I?m even more excited for Dolph Ziggler now. Great job, Rey!

Darn, I thought we were past the Slam Master J thing. The only way they can salvage this is if Cryme Tyme were to keep shooting down Slam Master J’s attempts to be friends with them and he turns on them by teaming up with Kane, or some other heel man. It’s the old case of the biggest fan trying to destroy his old hero. Of course that won?t happen but it?d be great if it did. In my opinion, at least!

Kane cut an alright promo against the Great Khali. I?m still not looking forward to their match on Sunday but I?m hoping it?ll all be over after that. It hasn?t taken up too much time on Smackdown thankfully.

The Diva’s had another pointless match that was done just to have them on the show but at least the Women’s Champion is back so they at least have something to fight for. Natalya performed well in this match so of course she took the fall. That makes no sense. How good would Natalya vs. Michelle McCool or Natalya vs. Melina be? We may never know?

I?m liking Mike Knox’s Hannibal Lecter type promos and his matches. I never thought I?d like Mike Knox.

All in all, it was a great episode, and I?m excited for Smackdown’s portion of Summerslam. Smackdown is red hot right now and if you?ve been missing it lately you should make an effort to catch it in the coming weeks. I?m interested to see what’s going to happen over the next few weeks now that Jeff Hardy is departing. Can you say Undertaker?

Final Rating: *** ?

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Thanks for reading! Enjoy Summerslam 2009!

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