Smackdown Results – 6/5/09

WWE Smackdown
June 5, 2009
Memphis, TN
Report by: Mike Tedesco of

?Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event?? The WWE video leads us into the show.

The Smackdown video plays and we?re brought into the arena with a great pyro display. WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross and Todd Grisham welcome us to the show. Our Main Event will be the Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio taking on World Heavyweight Champion Edge. Champion vs. Champion in a non-title match. Also tonight we?ll see CM Punk vs. Umaga, just forty-eight hours before they face each other in a Samoan Strap Match at Extreme Rules.

The World Heavyweight Champion is hanging above the ring and ladders are set up all around the ring and the ringside area. There’s a ton of ladder, at least twenty, in the ring and surrounding it as well as going up the ramp. There’s even a ladder on top of the announcer’s table. It’s a sight to behold as this is a special edition of the Cutting Edge. We?re now joined by our host, the World Heavyweight Champion Edge, who is greeted none too warmly by the crowd.

Edge gets in the ring and looks very solemn as he welcomes us to this very special Cutting Edge, with the focus being on his Ladder Match at Extreme Rules. He now introduces his opponent Jeff Hardy, who comes out to a tremendous applause. Hardy goes under the ladders as he greets the fans.

Jeff Hardy gets in the ring and soaks up the fan’s reaction and says if Edge wants to speak with him he?ll be right up on top of a ladder. Hardy gets on top of a ladder and his head is right next to the title. Hardy says he’s always comfortable in his own skin and right now he’s extremely comfortable with his surroundings right now, and at Extreme Rules he?ll be right here, sitting on a ladder, right at home, comfortable as a NEW World Heavyweight Champion.

Edge, while still on the ground, says nothing makes him more content than looking across a ring, or up a ladder, at an opponent who has false bravado, who panders to all the ‘sheep.? Edge says what Hardy failed to mention was just how dangerous the match is going to be. He and Hardy are going to do terrible things but everyone knows that. Edge says that every time Hardy goes to climb the ladder on Sunday he?ll be there to knock him back down. Edge climbs the ladder up a couple of rungs a few times and demonstrates bringing him back down. Edge finally says after he knocks Hardy down for the very last time, he?ll climb the ladder and grab his World Heavyweight Championship, and Edge climbs to the top of the ladder, sitting face to face with Hardy. This is awesome.

Edge says when it comes to him and Hardy, no matter what match, it’s always the same ending ? and Hardy cuts him off saying ?Blah, blah, blah!? Hardy says he can keep talking about how good he is but he doesn?t care. The fact is, this Sunday he’s going to make history. This is a ladder match people will be talking about until the end of time, even after he and Edge are gone. Some people say he’s already gone, being reckless at times, but he’s done what he’s done, he is who he is, and he can safely say he’s proud of who and what he is right now. At Extreme Rules, living for the moment will not be his downfall ? it will be his salvation.

Edge says that’s good, because this Sunday he’s going to need that salvation. Edge now bangs the World Heavyweight Championship against Hardy’s temple twice and knocks the ladder over! Hardy hits the ropes ribs first and goes right over the top rope to the floor! That had to hurt! Edge now walks up the ramp holding the World Heavyweight Championship over his head. Tremendous segment!

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We get a shot of downtown Memphis, right where the FedEx Forum is. We now see some replays of Edge pushing Jeff Hardy off the ladder and him crashing to the floor. That looked nasty ? you could definitely break some ribs that way.

Shelton Benjamin vs. John Morrison

The bell rings and Benjamin quickly powers him into the corner but before he can lay any strikes in Morrison counters and starts into him with some forearms. The referee forces him away so Benjamin tries to capitalize with a clothesline but Morrison ducks it and lays him out with a dropsault. Morrison whips Benjamin into the corner and charges. Benjamin gets his feet up but Morrison slides under them and out of the ring. Morrison then grabs Benjamin’s foot and pulls him down. Morrison gets on the apron and slingshots in before jumping to the top turnbuckle for Starship Pain but Benjamin clubs his back and hangs him up in the Tree of Woe before kicking him in the knee.

Benjamin pulls him to the middle of the ring by his leg before dropping him with a dragon screw and kicking the injured knee a few times. Benjamin stretches the leg a few times before locking on a leg lace. Benjamin holds it on for a few seconds before Morrison kicks him off with his good leg. Benjamin quickly gets back on top with some clubs before using the second rope to stretch the knee some more. Benjamin then locks on an impressive inverted figure four leg lock. Morrison is in pain but manages to punch out of it. Benjamin gets up before Morrison does and jerks the knee a few times before Morrison kips up on one leg and hits an enzuigiri on Benjamin. That was impressive.

Both men get up at the referee’s count of three and Benjamin charges Morrison but Morrison hangs him up on the top rope. Morrison clotheslines him down twice and hits a back heel kick while jumping on one leg for a near fall. Morrison goes for a suplex but Benjamin counters into a waist lock. Morrison counters and gets a roll up for a two count. Morrison quickly bounces into the ropes and hits a running kick to Benjamin’s face. Morrison waits for Benjamin to get up and when he does he springboards off the ropes for his roundhouse but Benjamin ducks and locks on a single leg Boston Crab. Morrison reaches for the ropes but Benjamin pulls him to the middle of the ring but Morrison slides under and rolls him up for a near fall.

Morrison capitalizes with some clubs and a European Uppercut. Morrison has a whip reversed on him and Benjamin goes for a spinning backbreaker but Morrison counters into a huge DDT. Benjamin is now set up and Morrison hits Starship Pain for the win! This is about as good as a five minute match can get.

Winner by Pinfall: John Morrison
Match Rating: ** ?

Still to come tonight we?ll see Champion vs. Champion, Edge vs. Rey Mysterio. Also tonight we?ll see CM Punk vs. Umaga, two days before their Samoan Strap Match.

Backstage we see Chris Jericho walking backstage. They mention he?ll be attempting to win the Intercontinental Championship on Sunday for the unprecedented ninth time. We?ll hear from him next, as well as see him in action.

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The WWE Smack of the Night is Chris Jericho’s sneak attack on Rey Mysterio which was probably the greatest sneak attack in wrestling history. Maybe I?m exaggerating, but it was great.

Chris Jericho’s music hits and he comes to the ring. Jericho gets in the ring saying Rey Mysterio should be afraid, because in forty-eight hours, Chris Jericho, the true face of Smackdown, will expose the true face of hypocrisy when he takes off his mask and exposes his true identity to the world. Jericho says Mysterio is the ultimate hypocrite, worse than every one of us. He’s a hero to his family and an idol to our precious children, yet he refuses to show his face to any of us. Yet all of us cheer and glorify him, trapped in his web of deceit, following him like the mindless group of zombies we are. This Sunday at Extreme Rules, there are no rules, no holds barred, which means he is going to do whatever he has to do to desecrate and demolish Rey Mysterio until he’s begging for mercy as he rips and tears the mask off his face, ending his fa?ade, exposing him, and ruining his life forever. Then on top of that he’s going to beat him and become the Intercontinental Champion for the unprecedented ninth time, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

Jericho is interrupted by R-Truth, who comes out down the ramp rapping. R-Truth asks the crowd ?what’s up,? and they respond, and then R-Truth asks Jericho the same question and holds the microphone in his face but gets no answer. Jericho then slowly asks if R-Truth wants to know ?what’s up,? he?ll tell him what’s up. Jericho asks him how he dares to come out and interrupt him. R-Truth can dance and sing like a puppet, and pander to us liars and cheaters, but he will not try and upstage him on his own show. Jericho knows they have a match but he is not done with what he wants to say.

R-Truth interrupts him and says he’s done, as done as done can get. If Jericho’s looking for the truth then he’s right here, and he’s got some more truth. R-Truth tells Jericho that he is the biggest hypocrite he has ever heard in his life. They way he played Rey Mysterio, he played himself by showing up this week. R-Truth asks if he thinks he’s a thug. R-Truth wonders if because Jericho talks down to the people he thinks he’s bad. R-Truth tells him to quit playing because he’s not bad at all. But things are about to get bad, real bad, and that’s the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! They?ll lock up next.

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Chris Jericho vs. R-Truth

The bell rings and R-Truth does a little dance. They lock up and Jericho quickly shoots a headlock. R-Truth backs him into the ropes and whips him off but Jericho shoulder blocks him down. Jericho goes into the ropes, over R-Truth, under R-Truth, over R-Truth, and under him again until R-Truth finally drops him with a hip toss. R-Truth sends him into the ropes but Jericho holds on and goes outside for a breather. He doesn?t rest long as R-Truth hits a suicide dive over the top rope.

R-Truth puts him back in the ring and climbs to the top rope but Jericho gets up and crotches him up there. R-Truth falls to the apron and Jericho baseball slides him off to the floor. Jericho throws him back in the ring and kicks him around a few times before hitting a snapmare and locking on a seated Tazmission. Jericho tells the referee to ask R-Truth ?what’s up.? R-Truth fights up and elbows out. R-Truth hits some punches before going into the ropes. Jericho attempts a hip toss but R-Truth counters with a beautiful roll up for a near fall. R-Truth clotheslines him down twice before having a whip into the corner reversed on him but he slingshots over Jericho and does a cartwheel before splitting under a clothesline and dropping Jericho with a back heel kick for a near fall.

R-Truth goes into the ropes but Jericho lays him out with a back elbow. Jericho goes for the Lionsault but R-Truth moves. R-Truth now goes for his Scissors Kick but Jericho moves and attempts the Walls of Jericho but R-Truth gets an inside cradle for a very near fall. Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho again but R-Truth fights it so Jericho catapults him into the corner but R-Truth lands on the second rope. R-Truth jumps off but Jericho catches him mid-air with the Codebreaker for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Chris Jericho
Match Rating: **

As Jericho walks up the ramp Mysterio attacks him from behind, punching Jericho until the referees run down and break it up. Mysterio looks intense before he jumps off the ramp onto Jericho with a seated senton on the concrete! Mysterio talks a little trash before the referees separate them again.

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We get an outside shot of Graceland and then a shot of all his platinum and gold records as well as his guitar and jumpsuits. We then see a few replays of Mysterio’s post match assault on Chris Jericho, culminating with the seated senton onto the concrete.

CM Punk vs. Umaga

Umaga hangs his Samoan Strap up on the turnbuckle before the referee calls for the bell. They take a little time before locking up but as soon as they do Umaga pushes Punk off. Punk quickly bounces back with some kicks to the quads but Umaga pushes him away again. Punk quickly comes back with more kicks until Umaga digs a knee into his midsection. Umaga goes for a body slam but Punk slides off and continues with the kicks. Punk goes for a single leg takedown but gets nothing and Umaga throws him off. Punk comes back with more kicks to the leg while on the ground and gets up with more but Umaga still pushes him away. Punk continues with the kicks before attempting a whip but Umaga doesn?t move and instead whips Punk into the corner. Umaga charges but Punk moves and Umaga smashes his shoulder on the ring post. Punk goes to the top rope with a cross-body block and gets a two count. We?ll pick this back up after the break.

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We come back from the break to see Punk’s legs grave-vined around Umaga’s neck. It’s strange to not see Umaga on top after the break. I like the change. Umaga eventually powers out but Punk quickly continues with the kicks to the legs and chest. Umaga finally blocks a kick but Punk counters with an enzuigiri that takes Umaga out of the ring. Punk comes over the top rope with a splash attempt but Umaga hits him with the Samoan Spike in mid-air!

Umaga throws him hard into the barricade and he lands on his neck! Umaga throws him back in the ring and covers for a near fall. Umaga drops a leg before punching Punk in the ring and locking a vice grip on Punk’s flab. Punk kicks out but Umaga punches him in the ribs and locks the grip back on. Umaga holds it in a bit until Punk is able to get to his knees and punch out but Umaga digs a knee into his midsection before whipping him into the corner hard and clotheslining him down for a near fall. Umaga now locks on a bow and arrow stretch and holds in the submission for a bit. Punk finally is able to kick Umaga in the face but Umaga responds with a punch to the ribs again. Umaga drops a knee on Punk’s ribs and locks on a bear hug. Umaga has it in tight and Punk is slowly fading away. Yikes, Punk really needs to have his teeth whitened.

Punk eventually fights up and elbows the Samoan Bulldozer. Punk hits some punches and kicks before going into the ropes and getting laid out with a side kick. Umaga sets Punk up and goes for a Banzai Drop but Punk gets a foot in Umaga’s chin. Punk springboards off the top rope with a clothesline and gets a near fall. Punk ducks a clothesline and strikes him a few times before hitting a dropkick to the knee that drops Umaga to a knee. Punk goes back into the ropes and hits a dropkick to the face for a two count. Punk hits some forearms and goes for a cross-body block but Umaga counters with his spinning side slam for a very near fall.

Umaga drags Punk to the corner and sets him up in a seated position. Umaga goes for the Samoan Wrecking Ball but Punk moves and hits a knee strike in the corner but Umaga quickly shoves Punk off like nothing happened. Umaga now picks up the Samoan Strap but the referee admonishes him. Punk now turns Umaga around and hits the Go To Sleep for the big win!

Winner by Pinfall: CM Punk
Match Rating: ** ?

CM Punk celebrates on the outside and lets the fans hug him and slap his back. Umaga looks wild as he comes to and sees CM Punk celebrating.

Still to come tonight is Champion vs. Champion for the ?first time ever on Smackdown.? Edge vs. Rey Mysterio is our Main Event.

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Did you know last Friday, among males under 55, Smackdown was the #1 entertainment show on sable and broadcast television?

Jim Ross and Todd Grisham are in the ring to run down the card for Extreme Rules. It looks like a really strong card, especially the Main Events. Be sure to check out my predictions for the event in the staff predictions column on Sunday, all compiled by Anthony Valvo (From the Desk of Mr. V).

Maria comes out dressed as a referee. She?ll be officiating this next bout.

Melina, Gail Kim & Eve Torres vs. Michelle McCool, Layla & Alicia Fox
Guest Referee: Maria

Maria calls for the bell and the match begins with Alicia Fox and Eve. They lock up and Fox quickly gets an arm wrench. Eve cartwheels out and gets a single leg takedown for a no count. Eve gets a standing arm bar on before tagging in Gail Kim. Kim wrenches the arm and whips Fox into the corner but Fox slingshots over her and taunts the crowd. Fox turns into a nice hurricanrana from Kim. Kim whips her into the corner and hits a flying shoulder thrust, sliding through the ropes. Kim goes to the top rope and comes off with a nice cross-body block for a near fall. Kim lays in a forearm and whips her into the ropes but Fox holds on to the ropes and McCool tags in.

McCool comes in and talks a little trash to Maria before pummeling Gail Kim. McCool sends Kim into the ropes but lowers her head and gets kicked in the face. Kim gets on her shoulders but McCool holds her up there and throws her over her head and on her face for a near fall. McCool continues with the ground and pound before powering her into the corner and tagging in Layla. Layla hits a snapmare and dropkick to the back for a near fall. Layla continues with some forearms and shoves her into the corner but eats a boot when she charges her. Layla charges again and Kim hits a drop toe hold into the turnbuckle before tagging in the Women’s Champion.

Melina comes in and clotheslines her down twice. Layla goes for a clothesline but Melina bends under it and kicks her in the face. Melina whips her into the corner and charges. Layla tries to get some boots in her face but Melina catches then and sprawls her out across the ropes before coming down on her midsection with a double knee drop. Melina does a cartwheel and charges, hitting a spinning face buster for a near fall. Melina goes into the ropes and Fox swipes at her hair, distracting her. Maria runs over to admonish her as Eve clotheslines Alicia Fox down on the outside. While all that is going on, McCool kicks Melina in the head and Layla is able to hit her Kneeling Neckbreaker for the win!

Winners by Pinfall: Michelle McCool, Layla & Alicia Fox
Match Rating: * ?

The faces check on Melina as the heels runs out and raise their arms in the air.

The Great Khali is walking backstage. He finally gets his chance at Dolph Ziggler, next.

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Todd Grisham thanks the Sick Puppies for providing Extreme Rules? official theme song ?You?re Going Down.?

The Great Khali vs. Dolph Ziggler

The bell rings and Khali backs Ziggler into the corner and goes for something but Ziggler ducks it and lays in some punches. Khali simply pushes him into the ropes and clotheslines him down. Khali bounces his head off the top turnbuckle before stomping him and hitting some back elbows. Khali chokes him and then slaps his chest. Khali sends him into the ropes but Ziggler holds on and slides under the ropes.

Ziggler walks around the ring but doesn?t realize Khali followed him out until it’s too late. Khali head-butts him and bounces his head off the apron. Khali sets him up against the ring post and goes for a chop but Ziggler moves and Khali may have broken his hand. Ziggler gets on the apron and kicks Khali a few times until Khali slaps him down. Khali gets in the ring and clotheslines him down. Khali whips Ziggler into the corner and grabs him by the neck. Ziggler is able to fights out of it and dropkick Khali into the corner. Ziggler gets on top for the ten punches but Khali pushes him off. Ziggler charges into a back elbow and then gets back up into a big boot. Khali now hits his Punjabi Plunge and this match is over!

Winner by Pinfall: The Great Khali
Match Rating: * ?

Jim Ross and Todd Grisham remind us of what happened earlier tonight during the Cutting Edge segment when Edge pushed Hardy off the ladder and he hit the ropes and fell to the floor hard. We?ll see Edge in action next against Rey Mysterio. It’s Champion vs. Champion!

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Justin Roberts is in the ring and says that they would like to recognize WWE Hall of Famer ?The Birdman? Koko B. Ware, who is sitting in the front row! Koko does his bird dance and his music plays as all the fans around him high five him.

Champion vs. Champion
Rey Mysterio vs. Edge

This is a non-title, special attraction match. Mike Chioda starts the match up and they approach to lock up but quickly back off one another. They approach one another and Edge starts it off with a waist lock. Mysterio elbows out and goes into the ropes but gets taken down by a back elbow. Edge clubs him once and picks Mysterio up in the corner. Edge forearms him and stomps him until Chioda makes him back up. Edge approaches and Mysterio gets a boot into his midsection and fights with some punches. Edge cuts him off with a knee to the midsection and a club. Edge now slides Mysterio under the ropes but he rolls and lands on his feet on the outside. Mysterio then approaches the ring and Edge hits a baseball slide.

Edge whips Mysterio into the steel steps but Mysterio flips over them and lands on his feet. Edge charges but Mysterio dropkicks the stairs into Edge’s knees. Mysterio jumps off the steps with a seated senton and gets in the ring to celebrate as we go to break. So far, so great!

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We come back from the break to see Mysterio kicking Edge in the head and getting a two count. Mysterio forearms Edge into the corner and goes for the ten punches but only hits four. Mysterio gets off and whips Edge into the corner. Mysterio charges but Edge moves and Mysterio hits the turnbuckle hard. Edge catches his breath before taking Mysterio down with a big boot for a near fall. Edge stomps Mysterio before taunting the crowd. Edge stomps him again before picking Mysterio up in the corner and whipping him hard into the opposite one.

Edge goes outside and hangs Mysterio over the ring apron, forearming his chest. Edge now gets on the apron and comes off with a forearm to Mysterio’s back. Edge gets back in the ring soaks in the jeers from the crowd before stomping Mysterio and punching him in the corner. Edge whips him into the opposite corner and charges into Mysterio’s boots. Edge charges again for the same result and Mysterio lays him out with a head scissors takeover. Mysterio goes into the ropes but Edge kicks him and goes into the ropes for a sunset flip but Mysterio rolls through and kicks him in the temple for a near fall.

Mysterio has a whip reversed on him and Edge charges into a back elbow. Mysterio climbs up the ropes but Edge gets him in electric chair position. Mysterio counters by spinning on Edge’s shoulders and hitting a hurricanrana pin but Edge turns it at two and seven-eighths for a pin of his own but Mysterio gets out at two and jackknifes Edge for a near fall. Mysterio is on his feet and Edge sweeps his legs. Edge goes for the Sharpshooter but Mysterio gets an inside cradle for a near fall. Mysterio goes into the ropes for a wheelbarrow but Edge counters with a face buster! We?ll continue this after the final break!

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We come back from the break to see Mysterio hung on the second rope and Edge hitting a cross-body to his back for a near fall. Edge drops a knee to Mysterio’s back and gets a butterfly lock on. Mysterio is able to fight up and kick out. Mysterio goes into the ropes and Edge goes to lift him up for a slam but Mysterio hits a sit-out face plant. Mysterio takes quite a bit of time before finally sliding to the apron. Mysterio goes up top but Edge cuts him off. Edge goes for a top rope Edgecution but Mysterio fights and pushes him off. Mysterio then comes off the top rope with a beautiful hurricanrana which sends Edge out of the ring!

Mysterio doesn?t let Edge rest as he gains some speed and flies through the ropes with a beautiful suicide dive! They?re both being counted out and Mysterio throws Edge into the ring and gets on the apron at the count of eight. Mysterio springboards off the top rope with a leg drop for a very close near fall. Mysterio goes into the ropes, ducks a clothesline, and springboards off the second rope with a cross-body block for another near fall. Edge gets a boot in Mysterio’s midsection and sends him into the corner. Mysterio tries to slingshot over but Edge catches him. Edge goes for a big powerslam but Mysterio swings through with a DDT for another near fall!

Edge is down and Mysterio signals for the West Coast Pop but Edge counters it with a powerbomb and immediately locks him in the Sharpshooter! Mysterio screams in pain but is able to fight to the ropes after a long struggle. Edge stomps Mysterio and gets him on the apron but Mysterio counters with a neck snap and dropkicks Edge’s legs, setting him up for the 619. Mysterio goes for it but Edge gets up and goes for a clothesline but Mysterio ducks that and slides under the ropes. Mysterio gets on the apron and shoulders Edge in the midsection before coming in with a head scissors, setting Edge up in 619 position. Mysterio goes for it but Edge catches him and pulls him in for a backbreaker! Edge goes for another but Mysterio flips out and hits a school boy for a near fall!

Mysterio hits an enzuigiri and Edge falls into position and Mysterio hits the 619! Mysterio goes for his splash but Edge moves and hits Mysterio with the Spear for the huge win! What a match!

Winner by Pinfall: Edge
Match Rating: *** ?

Edge holds his World Heavyweight Championship above his head as we see replays of the ending. Edge now searches under the ring and pulls out a ladder. Edge waits for Mysterio to get up but Jeff Hardy runs down with a steel chair and uses it to smack the ladder back in Edge’s face! Jeff Hardy now hits a Twist of Fate on the ladder and sets it up! Hardy now goes to the top rope and leap frogs over with a HUGE leg drop onto Edge! Jeff Hardy grabs the World Heavyweight Championship and holds it over his head to close the show!

Quick Match Results
John Morrison def. Shelton Benjamin
Chris Jericho def. R-Truth
CM Punk def. Umaga
Michelle McCool, Layla* & Alicia Fox def. Melina,* Gail Kim & Eve
The Great Khali def. Dolph Ziggler
Edge def. Rey Mysterio (non-title)

Bump of the Night: A few ? Jeff Hardy being pushed off the ladder into the ropes and out of the ring, the Twist of Fate on the ladder, and the big leg drop over the ladder on to Edge!

Match of the Night: Edge vs. Rey Mysterio *** ?

Mike’s Thoughts

Wow, what a great Smackdown! This was probably the best week of WWE television all around in a long while. Raw was tremendous, as was ECW, Superstars, and now Smackdown, and the best part is it’s not over yet! We still have Extreme Rules this Sunday! Enough about that, though, let’s talk Smackdown.

Remember Kane

What a tremendous way to open up the show with that Cutting Edge segment. It was a great sight to see the ring and the ringside area, even the ramp, surrounded by ladders. Even though the sight was great, the segment was even better. Edge and Jeff Hardy both cut great promos but Edge was huge in this one. You really had to see it to really get the full gist of it. He was spot on. This was a tremendous segment and it ended awesomely with Edge on top, pushing Hardy off the ladder and out of the ring. Just some great build for the final showdown on Sunday.

Our Main Event was absolutely tremendous. Edge and Rey Mysterio were magnificent in this one. It was a long match that went two commercial breaks and there wasn?t one second of it that was boring. It was exciting the whole way through and I love the clean ending. It’s way better than some interference ending or a DQ finish. I just loved it all the way through.

I?d be remiss if I didn?t talk a little about how great Mysterio looked tonight. Mysterio was honestly moving better than I?ve seen him in a long while. He was quick, agile, and so smooth. He just seemed different tonight so I can do nothing but expect an even better match with him and Jericho on Sunday.

Speaking of Jericho, he was tremendous tonight as well. His promo, as usual was spot on, and he had a good match with R-Truth. R-Truth even cut a promo, his first time ever since debuting in September. Well his first real one, at least. That thing where he renamed Funaki ?Kung-Fu Naki? doesn?t count. I was happy to see that and it was actually a good promo. I hope to see more out of him in the coming weeks.

CM Punk and Umaga had a real good match tonight. I?m looking forward to their Samoan Strap Match on Sunday. Both men worked real well together tonight and it was impressive to see Punk get Umaga off his feet for the GTS.

John Morrison and Shelton Benjamin had another tremendous match tonight. I can?t believe they only got five minutes but they made the most of those five minutes. I mentioned it already but they had as good a five minute match as you can get. It was great with some great moves and a great, short story. Morrison is going to be a big star one day. He has all the tools and I?m looking forward to his future, which is bright.

I remember what I wanted to mention last week ? Kane. Where’s he been lately? They can?t find anything for him to do yet Goldust and Hornswoggle have a successful tag team going right now? Are you kidding me? Get Kane back on the road and back on this show now! He’s still great.

Speaking of missing people? where the hell has my favorite referee in the world Charles Robinson been?! Other than those two absences, this show has been consistently great for the past few weeks, and this was a great go home show for Extreme Rules.

Final Rating: *** ?

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Be sure to check out yesterday’s Superstars recap and my predictions for the PPV in the staff predictions column on Sunday.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy Extreme Rules 2009!