WWE Smackdown
February 26, 2010
Milwaukee, WI
Report by: Mike Tedesco of WrestleView.com

?Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event?? The WWE video leads us into the show.

A video showcasing what happened during the World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber airs. That was a terrific match. It then ended with Shawn Michaels coming up from under the chamber and delivering Sweet Chin Music to the Undertaker. Chris Jericho then made the pin and became the new champion.

Tony Chimel asks us to welcome the new World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho. As Jericho comes to the ring they air his hilarious promo from Raw where he kept saying he’s going to WrestleMania. That ended when Edge ran in and Speared him before saying that he?ll face Jericho at WrestleMania for the title. Jericho gets in the ring and says he’s the World Heavyweight Champion. Jericho repeats that and says after fifteen months of fighting he’s returned to where he belongs ? standing in the ring with the title in his hands. Jericho has them zoom in on the name plate.

Jericho says Monday night was his inauguration ball. It was his party and our chance to bask in all his successes. It was our chance to give him the respect he deserves. That was taken away from him by Edge and he didn?t deserve that.

Edge’s music hits and the number one contender makes his way to the ring. The crowd chants his name and he soaks it up. Edge says even though he hates to do it he has to congratulate him. Jericho walked into the Elimination Chamber and walked out with the World Heavyweight Championship. Jericho says of course he did because he’s the best in the world at what he does. Edge says he’s the best in the world at getting speared by him. Edge goes over all of Jericho’s accomplishments while quickly saying ?Spear? at the end of it. Edge says the Spears aren?t just getting to Jericho physically but mentally. The audience chants ?Spear.? That’s a first.

Edge says he sees doubt in Jericho’s eyes. Edge says Jericho doesn?t think he can beat him. Jericho says he can but Edge denies that. Edge says that his face is the last he thinks of before he sleeps at night. Edge says he wants Jericho at WrestleMania being the best in the world at what he does. Edge doesn?t want any whining, complaining, or excuses. If Jericho isn?t that guy and he comes to WrestleMania with that doubt, then you can guess what will happen. The audience chants ?Spear.? Edge says one more Spear and it’s all over.

Jericho says Edge will never Spear him again. Jericho then sucker punches Edge with the microphone. Jericho backs up and goes for the Codebreaker but Edge holds on to the top rope. Edge then backs up and Spears Jericho again! Jericho rolls out of the ring and Edge raises his arms up. It looks like Jericho bit his lip during the Spear.

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WrestleMania is 30 days away! I can?t wait!

The Money in the Bank contract is hanging over the ring. It looks like we?ll have a qualifying match.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Triple Threat Match
John Morrison vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. R-Truth

R-Truth comes out to the ring with his NXT rookie David Otunga. I like that some of the guys are getting exposure on the bigger shows.

The match begins and they take their time. Ziggler slides out of the ring and it looks like he?ll let Morrison and R-Truth duke it out. They decide against that and corner Ziggler outside before throwing him in. They send him to the ropes and hit stereo back elbows. Ziggler now rolls out of the ring. Morrison and R-Truth lock up. Morrison wrenches the arm before sending R-Truth to the corner. R-Truth slingshots over him, splits under a clothesline, and hits his jumping heel kick for a near fall broken up by Ziggler. Ziggler quickly gets back out of the ring.

Morrison gets a side headlock on but R-Truth whips him off. Morrison slides through the legs and hits a nice dropkick for another pinfall broken up by Ziggler. Ziggler again gets out of the ring. Morrison chases Ziggler around the ring. Ziggler runs into the ring and eats a clothesline from R-Truth. R-Truth then surprises Morrison by clotheslining him over the top rope. R-Truth has a whip reversed on him but he’s able to counter Ziggler by throwing him over the top rope. R-Truth then hits a crazy over the top rope suicide dive on Ziggler. All three men are down on the outside. R-Truth gets up and sends Ziggler into the ring. He goes to get in the ring but Morrison knees him in the face. Morrison quickly covers and gets a near fall on Ziggler. We?ll take a commercial here.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Ziggler give R-Truth a snapmare. Ziggler applies a chin lock and really cinches it in. During the break R-Truth sent Morrison shoulder first into the ring post. R-Truth fights up but Ziggler knees him and baseball slides Morrison off the apron. Morrison crashes to ringside hard! R-Truth starts punching Ziggler. Ziggler ducks on and jumps on his back with that dreaded sleeper hold. R-Truth frantically fights to the ropes but Ziggler pulls him back and puts the body scissors on. Morrison quickly gets in and breaks the hold.

Morrison punches Ziggler to the corner and sends him sternum first to the opposite side. Morrison goes for the Flying Chuck but Ziggler sweeps the legs and he hits the mat hard. Ziggler hits his leg drop bulldog for a near fall. Ziggler dropkicks R-Truth out of the ring for good measure. Ziggler hits a beautiful inverted body slam for a near fall. Ziggler slaps Morrison in the head and Morrison gets a surprise inside cradle for a one count broken up by R-Truth.

R-Truth sends Morrison out of the ring and he takes another nasty spill on the outside. Ziggler forearms R-Truth and hits a nice dropkick for a near fall. Ziggler goes for the Zig-Zag but R-Truth holds on to the top rope. R-Truth then runs into a scoop powerslam for a near fall. Ziggler waits for R-Truth to get up and R-Truth locks him up with an inside cradle for a near fall broken up by Morrison. Morrison punches away at Ziggler and clotheslines him down. Morrison hits a jumping heel kick before taking a school boy from R-Truth for a near fall.

Morrison eats a bicycle kick from R-Truth and gets covered for a near fall broken up by Ziggler. R-Truth stuns Ziggler with a jawbreaker and goes for the Lie Detector but Ziggler moves and Morrison takes the move. R-Truth covers Morrison for a near fall broken up by Ziggler. Ziggler throws R-Truth out of the ring and covers Morrison for a near fall. Ziggler puts Morrison in the corner and goes for a Superplex but Morrison blocks it. They fight on the top rope and R-Truth comes up. They all duke it out and Ziggler falls to the outside, smashing his face on the apron on the way down! Morrison hits a sunset flip powerbomb off the top rope on R-Truth! Morrison hits Starship Pain and covers but Ziggler pulls him out of the ring! Ziggler then covers R-Truth for the win! Dolph Ziggler is going to WrestleMania!

Winner by Pinfall: Dolph Ziggler
Match Rating: ** ?

Dolph Ziggler celebrates his win big time outside. So far it’s Christian and Dolph Ziggler in the match. There’s many more to be added.

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Matt Striker thanks Kevin Rudolf for the use of the song ?I Made It,? one of WrestleMania’s official theme songs.

The awesome video highlighting Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania airs. Streak vs. Career ? that’s just unreal. This is probably the most important match since Ric Flair’s supposed retirement two year ago.

Vickie Guerrero is walking backstage in a referee’s shirt. She?ll referee the Women’s Championship match next.

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Tony Chimel introduces Vickie Guerrero and she comes out to massive heat. She’s still getting more heat than half the roster.

WWE Women’s Championship Match
Michelle McCool vs. Mickie James (c)
Guest Referee: Vickie Guerrero

Vickie calls for the bell. They lock up and McCool gets a side headlock. Mickie throws her off but takes a shoulder block. McCool goes into the ropes and takes a dropkick. Mickie hits another dropkick for good measure. Mickie runs into a kick and gets sent to the corner. McCool runs into a kick and Mickie hits a neckbreaker. Layla distracts Vickie so no pin is counted. Mickie argues with Vickie so McCool goes to send her to the ring post. Mickie counters and throws her out of the ring.

Mickie baseball slides McCool down on the outside and gives her a back elbow. Mickie then hits a hurricanrana on the outside. Mickie bounces McCool’s face off the barricade and throws her in the ring. Mickie kicks Layla in the face and McCool sweeps Mickie’s legs. McCool throws her in the ring and smashes her head off the ring mat. Beth Phoenix is seen watching in the back. McCool stomps Mickie around the ring and taunts the crowd. Mickie fights back with kicks and punches. McCool knees her and goes for the Faith Breaker. Mickie counters into a hurricanrana.

Mickie hits a clothesline and hits some forearms. McCool counters into a belly to belly suplex and covers near the ropes. Vickie hilariously goes for the pin but trips and falls out of the ring. Layla rubs Vickie’s butt to make it better. In the meantime Mickie rolls up McCool. Vickie slowly gets in the ring and slaps Mickie in the face. McCool then kicks Mickie in the face and Vickie counts the pin.

Winner & NEW Women’s Champion: Michelle McCool
Match Rating: * ?

Michelle McCool celebrates her win big time in the ring. Vickie raises her arm and Mickie just lays motionless on the canvas.

It’s Kane taking on Drew McIntyre in a Money in the Bank Qualifier next.

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Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
Kane vs. Drew McIntyre

McIntyre cuts a promo before the match, saying he’s undefeated. McIntyre says there’s not a man in the entire WWE who can beat him, not even Kane. McIntyre reminds us that he beat Kane at Elimination Chamber. McIntyre says he?ll beat Kane, win Money in the Bank, and the prophecy will be fulfilled at WrestleMania. He?ll be the Intercontinental Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, and still undefeated.

Charles Robinson, my favorite referee ever, has this match. McIntyre quickly puts himself through the ropes to keep Kane away. McIntyre tries to surprise him with a big boot but Kane blocks it before hitting an uppercut. Kane pummels McIntyre in the corner with kicks and punches. Kane hits some back elbows before executing a suplex for a two count. I haven?t seen Kane do that in a while? that I can remember. Kane continues with an uppercut. Kane hits a snapmare and goes for a low dropkick but McIntyre goes to the apron. McIntyre stuns Kane with a shoulder to the midsection and then he hits a neckbreaker on the top rope.

McIntyre viciously punches Kane in the back of the head. McIntyre continues pummeling Kane and clubbing him in the corner. McIntyre takes him down with a clothesline for a two count. McIntyre locks on a neck vice. Kane takes a while to fight up but he eventually does. McIntyre turns it to a front face lock and Kane throws him off. Kane punches McIntyre in the midsection and clotheslines him in the corner. Kane does it again and hits a sidewalk slam for a two count.

Kane goes to the top rope but misses his flying lariat. McIntyre hits what looks like the Zig-Zag and Todd Grisham exclaims ?Ziggler? er McIntyre!? That was a good call because I thought the exact same thing. This gets McIntyre a near fall. McIntyre goes for the Future Shock but Kane backs him to the corner. Kane runs into a back elbow. McIntyre then runs into a Chokeslam attempt but he elbows out. McIntyre then runs into a big boot for a near fall. Kane waits for the Chokeslam but McIntyre goes to the corner. McIntyre again goes for the Future Shock but Kane instead goes for a back body drop. McIntyre goes for a roll up but Kane kicks him in the face and picks up the win. There goes the undefeated streak?

Winner by Pinfall: Kane
Match Rating: * ?

Drew McIntyre takes a few moments for it to sink in before flipping out. McIntyre slaps the announcer’s table a few times as Matt Striker tells him to take it easy. That was a little lame. Now the Money in the Bank will feature Christian, Dolph Ziggler, and Kane.

The Miz is making his way to the ring. He has something to say next.

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Matt Striker thanks AC/DC, one of my favorite bands, for the use of the song ?Thunderstruck,? one of WrestleMania’s official theme songs.

Tony Chimel asks us to introduce The Miz. The Miz comes out with all his gold and says he’s one-half of the Unified Tag Team Champions, which means he can be on whichever show he wants. He and Big Show can defend their titles against any team in WWE yet they still don?t have a match at WrestleMania. Last Monday on Raw they defeated Mark Henry and MVP so they need challengers. The Miz asks Teddy Long to find ShowMiz a suitable tag team so they can prove that they?re the most dominant force in WWE. Miz doesn?t care if they?re invited back to Smackdown or if he just goes ahead and makes the WrestleMania match so he can have his WrestleMania moment. He?ll do that because HE?S THE MIZ? AND HE?S AWESOME!

Teddy Long comes out to the stage and says he?ll take that under advisement. If Big Show was here then maybe they would have a Tag Team Championship match, but he’s not. Since Miz is here then they might as well have a singles match, unless he needs the Big Show to hide behind. Miz says he doesn?t need Big Show to hide behind and he’s not afraid of anyone. Long says since he’s not afraid of anyone he?ll go one on one with the 2010 Royal Rumble Winner Edge!

Smackdown’s newest free agent acquisition Shelton Benjamin will take on CM Punk in a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match next.

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The Smack of the Night was last year’s Money in the Bank match, which CM Punk won.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
CM Punk vs. Shelton Benjamin

They lock up and Punk powers him to the corner, where he delivers some knees and punches. The referee has to forcefully back him up. Benjamin reverses a whip and kicks Punk. Benjamin punches him down and Punk rolls out of the ring to be consoled by the S.E.S. Punk surprises Benjamin by snapping the neck off the top rope and hitting a springboard clothesline. Punk grounds and pounds before covering for a one count.

Punk twists the arm and sends him hard sternum first into the corner for a two count. Punk gets a front face lock on. Benjamin punches out and charges but Punk ducks and hits a neckbreaker for a two count. Punk grapevines the neck and is looking to put him to sleep. Benjamin rolls to his stomach and powers up with Punk on his shoulders. That’s impressive. Punk gets off and clubs him. Punk goes for a short-arm clothesline but Benjamin ducks and hits a German Suplex with a bridge for a near fall.

They go back and forth with Benjamin coming out on top with a whip. Benjamin clotheslines him twice. Punk reverses a whip to the corner but Benjamin counters with a springboard forearm smash. Benjamin sends Punk to the corner but misses a splash. Punk hits a nasty roundhouse to the temple for a near fall. Punk hits a high knee in the corner and goes for the bulldog but Benjamin pushes him off. Whoa Luke Gallows got on the apron and for a second looked just like Stone Cold Steve Austin. Benjamin yells at Gallows and Rey Mysterio comes out of nowhere to pull him off the apron. That distracts Punk enough for Benjamin to hit Pay Dirt and pick up the big win!

Winner by Pinfall: Shelton Benjamin
Match Rating: * ?

Shelton Benjamin celebrates going back to Money in the Bank big time. Rey Mysterio smiles and waves to CM Punk as he yells angrily. I smell a WrestleMania match between those two.

Our main event tonight will be Edge taking on The Miz.

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The Raw Rebound airs. I wonder where Sheamus will play into the WWE Title match. I?d rather just see Batista and John Cena go one on one. Maybe put Sheamus into Money in the Bank? I don?t know.

Matt Striker and Todd Grisham run down the main events of WrestleMania. What a card.

Edge makes his way to the ring for his second singles match since returning. We see footage of Edge Spearing Jericho earlier tonight. The Miz is out next. This awesome match will take place next.

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Edge vs. The Miz

The match begins and they circle the ring. They lock up and get nowhere, quickly breaking it. They circle the ring again and lock up. Edge backs him to the corner and Miz turns him. Miz goes for a cheap shot but Edge quickly turns it on him. They lock up and Edge gets a waist lock. Edge hits a takedown and Miz quickly gets back to his feet. Miz turns it and Edge counters with a beautiful northern lights suplex for a one count. I haven?t seen Edge execute that ever. That was awesome, pardon the pun.

Edge gets a side headlock on. Miz whips him off but takes a shoulder block. Edge taunts Miz and gets a favorable reaction from the crowd. They lock up and Edge gets a side headlock on. Miz breaks it and clubs Edge down. Edge rolls out of the ring so Miz goes for a baseball slide and Edge quickly gets back in. Miz goes to get in but Edge slides out, pulls Miz out, and sends him to the barricade. Edge forearms him and sends him back into the ring. Edge hits some punches and whips him to the corner. Edge charges, avoids the boot by sliding out of the ring, and sweeps the feet. Edge punches Miz on the apron and goes to get back in but Miz knees him in the face. Miz sends him into the ring post and Edge falls to ringside as we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Miz hitting Edge in the neck with some elbows. Miz applies a chin lock. Apparently during the break Miz laid the Smackdown on Edge. Edge fights up and elbows but Miz slams him back down by the hair. Miz goes into the ropes and hits a running boot to the face for a near fall. Edge quickly goes to the ropes where Miz chokes him. Miz punches Edge in the corner before being backed up by the referee. Miz then hits his nasty patented clothesline. Miz goes to the top rope and goes for a double axe handle but Edge counters into a flapjack.

Both men are down now. The Miz is the first up and he punches. Edge finally ducks one and hits a Russian Leg Sweep. Daniel Bryan is seen watching backstage. He’s the Miz? rookie on NXT in case you didn?t know. Edge punches Miz until he ducks, goes into the ropes, and hits a big boot. Edge hits a pair of clotheslines before having a whip reversed on him. Edge counters a scoop slam into the Edge-O-Matic for a near fall. Edge goes for the Edgecution but Miz counters into a backbreaker for a near fall. Miz waits for the Skull Crushing Finale but Edge counters into the Edgecution. Edge backs up and sets up for it. Edge then charges and rips Miz in half with a SPEAR for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Edge
Match Rating: ** ?

Edge celebrates his win as Miz lies on the mat in pain. Edge gets on the turnbuckle and points to the WrestleMania XXVI sign.

Quick Match Results
MITB Qualifier: Dolph Ziggler def. John Morrison & R-Truth*
Michelle McCool def. Mickie James to WIN the Women’s Title
MITB Qualifier: Kane def. Drew McIntyre (non-title)
MITB Qualifier: Shelton Benjamin def. CM Punk
Edge def. The Miz (non-title)

Bump of the Night: Ziggler’s spill off the top rope to the outside!
Match of the Night: MITB Triple Threat Qualifier ** ?

Mike’s Thoughts

This was a very entertaining Smackdown. The Road to WrestleMania is really heating up and I just can?t wait. Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels in a Streak vs. Career match is one match that I simply can?t wait for. This is the most important WrestleMania match ever, even passing the Ric Flair retirement one in my mind considering he came out of retirement. That’s just my opinion and I have nothing but respect for Flair, having been a fan of his all my life. This match, though, if it goes either way it?ll have lasting effects on wrestling.

The second match I can?t wait for is Chris Jericho taking on Edge and that feud came to a head in the opening segment tonight. Jericho again cut that hilarious promo from Raw but this time he started complaining about Edge. Edge then came out and was absolutely hilarious by running down all of Jericho’s accomplishments and quickly saying Spear at the end of each. The intensity picked up and culminated with another Spear on Jericho. I sense Jericho will pick up some momentum next week, seeking revenge for those Spears and getting some heat for himself heading into the big show.

We then followed that up with a tremendous Triple Threat Money in the Bank Qualifying match. That was an awesome triple threat. It was fast paced, action packed, and fun to watch. I was surprised Ziggler got the win since he hasn?t really been around the past few weeks so I?m happy for him. I?m coming back to what I said at the beginning of the year ? I?m predicting a big year for Ziggler. My prediction is coming back again! I wonder where Morrison will end up for this WrestleMania now. Maybe he?ll still get in the Money in the Bank.

Next up was the Diva’s match and that just confused me. So after all those months of Mickie James being called fat she finally wins the title only to lose it a month later because Vickie Guerrero got cottage cheese on her? Think about that. I?ll wait? Seriously ? the Women’s Title changed hands because Vickie Guerrero was mad about being caked in cottage cheese. Fabulous Moolah is rolling around in her grave.

Kane took on Drew McIntyre again but this time in a Money in the Bank Qualifier. Drew McIntyre’s undefeated streak came to an end in the lamest of lame ways. A simple boot to the head ended it. I guess we?ll see an Intercontinental Title match at WrestleMania but still that was a shame it had to end like that. So uncreative. I think when you tout a winning streak it should be a big deal when it ends. This was just another segment of the show and quickly forgotten about.

I?m glad to see Shelton Benjamin back on Smackdown. He’s a great talent and we?ll see some good matches out of him. He?ll never get out of the mid-card but still I?m glad he’s here. He had a good match against CM Punk and will once again be the crash dummy in MITB. Rey Mysterio cost Punk the match so the match that has been rumored for months looks to really be forming. Now it only remains to be seen if it?ll be Hair vs. Mask.

Edge and The Miz put on an enjoyable main event match. Edge really gave Miz that main event rub and made him look like a million bucks in this one. It?d be insane for Edge to lose heading to WrestleMania so the finish was a foregone conclusion but they made it seem competitive. I wonder what Miz and Big Show will be up to at WrestleMania. I?m surprised Jericho didn?t do a run in for this match but the finish was fine on its own. Edge needs to remind everyone why he’s such a big deal after being away for seven months. Strong matches like this remind people in case they needed it. This was a great Smackdown. I can?t wait for next week.

Final Rating: *** ?

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