WWE Survivor Series PPV Results – 11/23/14 (Sting debuts)

WWE Survivor Series PPV Results 11/23/14

WWE Survivor Series PPV Results
November 23, 2014
St. Louis, Missouri (Scottrade Center)
Commentators: Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield, Jerry “The King” Lawler

Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Pre-Show Notes:

* Panel is Renee Young, Booker T, Paul Heyman and Alex Riley.

Pre-Show Match #1: Justin Gabriel vs. Fandango w/Rosa Mendes

Fandango comes out to new music & entrance with Rosa that has a latin flavor to it. Fandango has new ring attire, wearing a white long-sleeve shirt. Fandango takes control on Gabriel early. Back suplex to Gabriel by Fandango across the ring apron. Gabriel whipped hard into the corner. Gabriel flips out of a German Suplex attempt, hits a springboard one-legged thrust kick. Springboard moonsault by Gabriel for a nearfall. Fandango turns Gabriel inside out with a clothesline. Standing Falcon Arrow by Fandango, heads up top.

Top Rope Leg Drop by Fandango for the win.

Winner: Fandango by pinfall (Top Rope Leg Drop)

THOUGHTS: Not a bad first outing for the new & improved Fandango. Like the new latin tinge to the character now with Rosa.

Backstage segment with the Miz & Damien Mizdow. Miz pumps himself up using baseball analogies as Mizdow does his thing. Miz says tonight will be very important for the Miz brand. A victory for us tonight is really a victory for the Miz because you, Mizdow, are my stunt-double. Tease of friction between Miz & Mizdow.

THOUGHTS: Mizdow is so hysterically stupid in his role. 

Bad News Barrett comes out on his podium and brings up tonight’s main event and the stipulations. Barrett says that the Authority will make John Cena’s life a living hell so much that Cena will wish he was be fired. Barrett then says to the Authority that the WWE will never be lost, the WWE will postively flourish under the era of Bad News Barrett. 

THOUGHTS: Good to have Barrett back. The “Bad News Barrett” character has put Barrett over-the-top to me as an all-around performer.

Backstage, Byron Saxton interviews WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee. AJ mocks the current Bella family drama going on. AJ says that somehow she’ll manage. This is Survivor Series, the time for dress-up is finished, I put my title on the line tonight and for that, I’m deathly serious. Playtime’s over. 

THOUGHTS: Good promo from AJ. Wish that was on one of the TVs this prior week instead of the pre-show, but I’ll take it. 

Cesaro comes out and puts over his country of Switzerland and how it has stayed neutral, much like himself in Team Cena vs. Team Authority. Cesaro then gives support to Team Authority in 5 different languages. 

Jack Swagger’s music hits and he & Zeb Colter come out. Zeb cuts a promo on Cesaro and how he showed support for Team Authority, well, he & Swagger show support for Team Cena. Zeb calls Cesaro a brown-noser and leads the crowd in a “We the People!” chant. 

Pre-Show Match #2: “The Swiss Superman” Cesaro vs. “The All-American American” Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter

Swagger takes down Cesaro early. Cesaro with a gutwrench suplex. Cesaro goes for a double stomp, but Swagger grabs him and locks in the Patriot Lock. Cesaro kicks Swagger off, then sends him shoulder-first into the ringpost. Release German by Cesaro. “USA” chants by the crowd for Swagger. Cesaro takes control. Overhead Belly-to-Belly by Cesaro for a nearfall. Crossface shots by Cesaro. Short-arm clothesline by Cesaro. 2nd Rope Elbow Drop by Cesaro for a 1 count. Swagger blocks another suplex, hits a release German of his own. Front chopblock, amateur slam by Swagger. 2nd Rope Swagger Bomb, Cesaro gets the feet, but Swagger grabs it and locks in the Patriot Lock. Cesaro counters out by sending Swagger into the turnbuckles. 2 Germans by Cesaro, but Swagger counters a third and locks back in the Patriot Lock.

Swagger drags Cesaro to the center, Cesaro taps.

Winner: “The All-American American” Jack Swagger by submission (The Patriot Lock)

THOUGHTS: Solid, truncated match from these two. Wish WWE kept Swagger off TV to sell the injuries that left him off the main event, but oh well, what ya gonna do. 

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon shows up in a limo to close the pre-show.


Video package on the Team Cena/Team Authority main event. 

Vince McMahon’s music comes out to kick-off the show as he makes his way to the ring. Vince has a mic and welcomes everyone to the Survivor Series. Vince guarantees that this Survivor Series will be EPIC and one you will never forget. Vince introduces Triple H & Stephanie McMahon, who make their way to the ring. 

Big-time boos for the Authority. Stephanie says she feels the love, especially my love for you, dad. You have given us this incredible opportunity tonight and we’re not gonna let you down, we’re gonna make you proud. Triple H puts over Vince and Stephanie leads the crowd in a “Vince” chant. Vince says enough with the crap and introduces John Cena, who makes his way to the ring.

Vince hands Cena a mic and brings up the stipulations for the main event tonight. Cena asks if Team Authority loses, are they gonna walk out on their own accord, or am I gonna have to throw them out? 

Triple H says Cena won’t have a holiday as he will be personally responsible for 4 men losing their liveilhoods. That will be hanging over your head. Will it bother you? Or will you be what I thought you were, someone who only cares about John Cena? Those 4 people will be begging for their jobs tomorrow, but they will still be fired, then eventually be ignored and forgotten about. You all have everything to lose.

Stephanie McMahon says the people won’t care about the people who will be fired. Stephanie says that even if we lose, we won’t be on RAW & Smackdown, but we will still be running the show from WWE Headquarters, isn’t that right, Dad?

Vince says that isn’t what he means. Vince says you still will have your desk jobs, but you won’t be affecting the daily careers of the WWE Superstars. And I have so much confidence, that I put into the contract that there is one person who can bring you back? Stephanie sucks up to Vince, thinking he is that one man who can bring them back. Vince says its not him, the person who can bring you back is John Cena. “YES” chants by the crowd. Cena smiles and winks as Vince says that is how much confidence he has in them. You are a McMahon, damnit, don’t let me down!

Stephanie says to Cena to wipe off that smug look on his face before I do it for him! I like this, adversity makes us stronger! Cena says the Authority will lose tonight and the chances of you being brought back by me, to steal a line from Vince, No Chance in Hell! 

THOUGHTS: Good opening segment, nice promo work from everyone involved. Just wish, again, that this segment was on TV prior to the PPV instead of on the PPV itself. 

Fatal 4-Way for the WWE Tag Team Titles: Gold & Stardust (c’s) vs. The Usos (Jimmy & Jey) vs. The Miz & Damien Mizdow vs. Los Matadores (Diego & Fernando) w/El Torito

New red star attire for Stardust. Stardust & Fernando start. Leg sweep by Fernando for a nearfall. Leg roll-up by Fernando for a nearfall. Miz blind tags in, roll-up on Fernando for a nearfall. Fernando with an “OLE”, Diego in, senton atomico for a nearfall. Fernando in, Russian Leg Sweep by Diego, slingshot move by Fernando for a nearfall. Fernando slams Miz off the top and Mizdow takes a bump over the ropes into the ring. Miz with a jawbreaker, points to Mizdow for a tag, but then relents. Fernando slips out of the Reality Check, Jimmy tags in and works over Fernando. Jey in, chop exchange. Stardust blind tags in, pulls down the top rope, sending Jey to the outside. Stardust sends Jey off the apron, unloads with back clubs. Goldust in, kneelift to Jey. “USO” chant by the crowd. Goldust takes control on Jey. Stardust in, “We Want Mizdow” chants by the crowd. Standing Gourdbuster by Stardust for a nearfall. Stardust points to Mizdow for a tag, then taunts him. Drop-down throat thrust by Stardust, then Miz tags in to stop Stardust from being pinned. Jey slips out of a back suplex, Diego in.

Rolling Senton off the 2nd Rope and a Backstabber to Miz by Diego, Jimmy breaks up the pin. Goldust clotheslines Diego from the apron. Miz takes control on Diego. Sit-Out Clothesline in the corner by Miz. Mizdow finally tags in, but then Goldust blind tags in. Diego rolls up Goldust for a nearfall. Diego avoids a running neckbreaker, Goldust avoids a basement head kick, places Diego in the Tree of Woe. Stardust in, tag champs stomp away at Diego. Stardust taunts the crowd. Stardust takes control on Diego. Clothesline by Stardust, then yells that “you don’t want Mizdow, you want Stardust!” Goldust in, continues the assault on Diego, gains a nearfall. Diego sent outside. Short-arm clothesline by Goldust on the outside. Crowd continues to chant “We Want Mizdow.” Back in, Goldust gains a nearfall. 2nd Rope Flying Back Elbow by Goldust for a nearfall. Stardust in, German/Sunset Flip combo by the champions, Miz breaks up the pin. Stardust sends Fernando into the ringpost from the apron. Diego counters a slam by Stardust with a Tilt-a-Whirl DDT.

Goldust & Jimmy in. Flying back elbow, savate kick and a throat thrust by Jimmy. Miz knocked off the apron, Samoan Drop by Jimmy. Stereo Bulldozer Running Butt Smashes by the Usos to Goldust. Usos treat Miz, Mizdow and Stardust to a #SuperkickParty. Diego stops Usos from diving to the outside. Snap slam by Goldust to Jimmy, but Jimmy kicks out! Enziguri by Jey to Goldust. Jimmy in, Air Uso by the Usos wiping out Goldust. Stardust then wipes out the Usos with the Falling Star! Torito comes in, Fernando backdrops him over the ropes, but the Usos catch him. Los Matadoes then wipe out everyone with a plancha! Diego heads up top, Goldust crotches him. Goldust heads up top with Diego, then Stardust sends Fernando onto the ropes. Tower of Doom Back Suplex by Stardust onto Goldust & Los Matadores. Uso Splash by Jimmy to Goldust. Miz pulls Jimmy out of the ring. 

Mizdow tags himself in, gets the pin on Goldust to win the titles.

Winners and NEW WWE Tag Team Champions: The Miz & Damien Mizdow by pinfall

Miz & Mizdow celebrate their title win afterwards. This is Miz’s 6th Tag Title reign, Mizdow’s first title in WWE. 

THOUGHTS: Very fun opener. Tower of Doom Back Suplex spot was insane. Finishing stretch was very well done. Mizdow getting the pinfall was the absolute best thing for the Miz & Mizdow dynamic. 

Live edition of the Steve Austin podcast announced for next Monday on WWE Network after RAW with guest Vince McMahon.

Segment with Adam Rose, the Rosebuds and the Bunny. Rose says without him, the Bunny would be nothing. Bunny beats Rose playing action figures. Slater Gator walks in and makes fun of them. Rose says the Bunny and the Rosebuds all worship him. Slater Gator says the Bunny as upstaged Rose. Rose challenges Slater Gator to a match tonight with he & the Bunny.

THOUGHTS: OK comedy segment to set-up the tag match for later. 

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match: “The Queen of Harts” Natalya w/Tyson Kidd, Emma, Alicia Fox & Naomi vs. “The Diva of Tomorrow” Paige, Summer Rae, Cameron & Layla

Paige & Natalya start. Chain wrestling early. Natalya with a series of knee strikes and a butterfly suplex, sending Paige to the outside. Natalya with a baseball slide. Layla & Emma in, Layla takes down Emma, gains a nearfall. Paige in, yells “this is my house!” Paige takes control on Emma. Layla gets a shot in from the apron. Series of kneelifts by Paige from the apron, does her scream. Paige heads up top, brings Emma up with her. Emma comes back with a superplex. Cameron in, boot to Emma. Big slap by Cameron from the outside to Emma. Cameron taunts Emma. More “We Want Mizdow” chants by the crowd. Split legdrop by Cameron for a nearfall. Backslide by Emma for a nearfall. Naomi in, head kick from the apron. Crossbody off the top by Naomi, knocks all of Cameron’s team off the apron. Wheelbarrow Stunner by Naomi, Layla breaks up the pin. Everyone gets a shot in, Nattie by Nature by Natalya to Paige. Cameron with a bulldog to Natalya. 

Backlund Bridge by Naomi eliminates Cameron.

Cameron has been eliminated (via pinfall by a Naomi Backlund Bridge)

Summer in, takes over on Naomi. Natalya in, but Summer sends her to the outside and knocks everyone else from Natalya’s team off the apron. Back in, Fox tags in and hits Summer with a series of one-legged dropkicks. Fox sends Summer into Layla, then brings Paige in the hardway. Fox wipes out all of Team Paige with a crossbody, sending them to the outside. Fox scares Summer, Summer tags in Layla. Northern Lights by Fox to Layla for a nearfall. Layla hits the LOL, but Fox rolls through. 

Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Fox eliminates Layla.

Layla has been eliminated. (Via pinfall by a Fox tilt-a-whirl backbreaker)

Natalya & Summer in, Natalya hits Summer with Nattie by Nature, sending Summer to the outside. Paige throws Summer back in. Emma in, Tartanula to Summer, followed by the Emmamite Sandwich.

Emma Lock applied, Summer eliminated.

Summer Rae has been eliminated. (Via submission from Emma’s Emma Lock.)

Paige with a superkick to Emma. Natalya in, but Paige with a superkick to her. Natalya comes back with a BIG release German to Paige. OUCH! Naomi in, goes for the split-legged moonsault, but Paige gets her knees up. Fox gets a shot in on Paige, Rear View by Naomi.

Fame-Asser variation by Naomi to Paige, making it a clean sweep.

Paige has been eliminated. (Via pinfall by a Naomi Fame-Asser)

Winners and Sole Survivors: “The Queen of Harts” Natalya w/Tyson Kidd, Emma, Alicia Fox & Naomi

Kidd celebrates with the team afterwards, like he won the match. 

THOUGHTS: Perfectly fine Divas multi-woman match. Good action throughout. Kidd acting like he won after was priceless, fits his new persona to a tee. 

Announcers go over Fandango & Bad News Barrett’s returns on the pre-show, then take it to the panel to talk more about the main event. 

Video package for Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt, which is NEXT!

Grudge Match: “The Lunatic Fringe” Dean Ambrose vs. “The Eater of Worlds” Bray Wyatt

The two slug it out early. Wyatt takes advantage. Ambrose fights back, stomps away at Wyatt. Wyatt with a throat thrust. Ambrose with a crossbody, unloads with right hands. They go outside, Wyatt with another Throat Thrust. Ambrose comes back with a clothesline. Ambrose leaps off the apron, nails Wyatt with a flying forearm. Back in, Ambrose with a Sliding Clothesline and a Muta-style snap elbow drop. Ambrose off the ropes, but Wyatt catches him with his Torpedo-style attack for a nearfall.

Wyatt takes control, but Ambrose with a running forearm in the corner. More stomps by Ambrose. Wyatt goes outside, but catches Ambrose going for a Slingshot Plancha with another Throat Thrust. Wyatt sends Ambrose into the steel steps. Wyatt stomps on Ambrose’s hand, taunts the crowd. Back in, Wyatt takes control again. Snap Suplex, Running Jumping Back Senton by Wyatt for a 1 count. Seated Full Nelson applied by Wyatt, crowd wills on Ambrose. Ambrose manipulates Wyatt’s fingers to get free. Ambrose runs into a clothesline by Wyatt. Wyatt with right hands from the mount. Ambrose sent outside. Wyatt goes out after him and charges, but both men clothesline each other at the same time, both go down. Both men get back in before the ref reaches his 10 count. Replay is shown of the double clothesline. The two go nose-to-nose, exchange strikes, Ambrose gains advantage.

Ambrose with 2 running knockdowns, running forearm in the corner, followed by a running bulldog. Ambrose mocks Wyatt’s corner pose, but Wyatt slips out of Dirty Deeds. Ambrose traps Wyatt in the ropes, charges, but Wyatt catches him. Wyatt goes for Sister Abigail, but Ambrose counters with a roll-up for a nearfall. Ambrose traps Wyatt in the ropes, hits a running dropkick. 2nd Rope Leg Drop by Ambrose to the draped-over Wyatt for a nearfall. Ambrose heads up top, Wyatt stops him. Wyatt heads up top with Ambrose, hits a series of headbutts & back clubs. Ambrose blocks a superplex, headbutts Wyatt off the ropes. Ambrose leaps off, but Wyatt catches him. Ambrose slips out of the Standing Urnangi, but Wyatt with another Throat Thrust. Ambrose falls backward in the ropes and goes for the Nigel, but Wyatt catches and this time hits the Standing Urnangi for a nearfall. Wyatt goes to the middle rope, but Ambrose avoids a 2nd Rope Back Senton. Crucifix by Ambrose for a nearfall. Wyatt sends Ambrose into the ropes, but Ambrose charges right back and this time hits the Nigel. Ambrose heads up top, Top Rope Elbow Drop to Wyatt, who was standing up, for a nearfall. Ambrose goes for 10 Punches in the corner to Wyatt, but Wyatt brings him out of the corner. Ambrose slips out of a powerbomb, but Wyatt DRILLS him with a LARIAT, sending Ambrose to the outside. Wyatt goes outside with Ambrose, STANDING URNANGI ONTO THE STEPS! Wyatt sends Ambrose back in, goes for a cover, but AMBROSE KICKS OUT!! WYATT CAN’T BELIEVE IT, IN NEAR TEARS!!

Wyatt goes outside and grabs a mic. Wyatt gets back in and asks Ambrose why is he doing this? It didn’t have to be like this, Dean! Me & you, we could have ruled the world together! Nobody in the back can touch it, we’re special, man! I’m sorry that you chose your path. Wyatt nails Ambrose with another right hand. Wyatt goes outside and pulls out 2 chairs from underneath. Ref gets rid of one chair, but Ambrose grabs the other. Ref says he will DQ Ambrose as Wyatt begs Ambrose to hit him, saying to punish him.

Ambrose nails Wyatt in the ribs & back with the chair, ref calls for the bell. 

Winner: “The Eater of Worlds” Bray Wyatt by DQ

Afterwards, Ambrose lays out Wyatt with the Dirty Deeds onto a chair. Ambrose pulls out a table from underneath the ring and sets it up in the ring. Ambrose sets up Wyatt on the table and heads up top. Ambrose blows a kiss to Wyatt, then puts him through the table with a Top Rope Elbow Drop! Ambrose pulls out another table from in the ring and places it on top of Wyatt. Ambrose hits Wyatt with more chairshots as he is underneath the chair. Ambrose throws a series of chairs into the ring onto Wyatt. Ambrose continues to throw chairs into the ring, throwing them down on top of Wyatt. Ambrose starts to leave, but then comes back and pulls out a big ladder from underneath the ring. “This is awesome” chants by the crowd. Ambrose sets up the ladder, which has to be 15 feet tall. Ambrose climbs the ladder and poses for the crowd, standing tall over the fallen Wyatt. Ambrose gets down and looks to drop the ladder on top of Wyatt, but multiple referees rush in to stop him. Ambrose finally leaves as referees attend to Wyatt. 

THOUGHTS: Very fun brawl between two of the best brawlers in the WWE. DQ finish was perfectly fine to continue the rivalry between these two and the use of tables, chairs and ladders by Ambrose in the post-match beatdown of Wyatt leads me to believe that this will be the TLC Match on next month’s TLC PPV. Good stuff. 

Backstage segment where the Authority gives their team a pep talk prior to tonight’s main event. 

Bonus Match: Adam Rose & The Bunny w/The Rosebuds vs. Slater Gator (“The Big Deal” Titus O’Neil & “The One Man Band” Heath Slater)

Slater Gator work over Rose. Bunny makes a comeback on Slater.

2nd Rope Missile Dropkick to Slater by the Bunny for the win.

Winners: Adam Rose & The Bunny by pinfall (2nd Rope Missile Dropkick)

Bunny celebrates with the Rosebuds afterwards, they leave, leaving Rose high and dry.

THOUGHTS: Simple, fun showcase to continue the Adam Rose and the Bunny break-up as a pairing. Nothing more to it than that.

Announcers interview Roman Reigns, live via sateillte. Reigns says he wishes he could be there, says when he comes back next month, he is coming after Seth Rollins. 

THOUGHTS: Another bland promo from Reigns. Even with more fire shown than in prior promos, still bland and not good to me. 

Backstage segment with Team Cena talking about the main event tonight. 

THOUGHTS: Backstage pep talk segments with both teams for the main event were well done, making the main event a big deal. 

WWE Divas Title: AJ Lee (c) vs. Nikki Bella w/Brie Bella

Brie stands on the apron with AJ’s title belt and kisses AJ! AJ turns around into a big right hand from Nikki. 

Rack Attack by Nikki for the win. 

Winner and NEW WWE Divas Champion: Nikki Bella by pinfall (Rack Attack)

Afterwards, Brie is happy about what she has done, apparently now siding with her sister. 

THOUGHTS: Well, AJ got Daniel Bryan’d, in almost the same amount of time, 18 seconds. As a way to potentially write out AJ from the company, perfectly fine. If not, then I scratch my head at that match structure. Brie going heel with her sister is the right move, if this sticks, Bellas as heels had WAY more traction in their 2011-2012 run than both of their recent runs as babyfaces. Good decision from that standpoint, nothing to the match at all, purely an angle. 

Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt in a TLC Match announced for the 12/14 WWE TLC PPV. 

Video package on the main event, which is NEXT!

Main Event in a Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match (If Team Authority loses, the Authority is out of power in WWE. If Team Cena loses, all members of Team Cena, excluding John Cena, will be fired): Team Cena (John Cena, “The Show-Off” Dolph Ziggler, “The World’s Largest Athlete” The Big Show, “The Big Guy” Ryback & Erick Rowan) vs. Team Authority (“Mr. Money in the Bank” Seth Rollins, “The Big Red Machine” Corporate Kane, “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry, WWE Intercontinental Champion Luke Harper & WWE United States Champion “The Super Athlete” Rusev) w/”The Game” Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Jamie Noble, Joey Mercury & “The Ravishing Russian” Lana

Henry & Big Show start. Triple H gives Henry one final pep talk. Henry says he will whoop all of Team Cena. 

Henry runs into the WMD by Show and is eliminated.

Mark Henry has been eliminated. (Via pinfall by Big Show’s WMD, Team Cena 5-4)

The Authority can’t believe what just happened. Harper distracts Show, Rollins runs in, but Show nails him with a big overhand chop. Rollins goes to the middle rope, but Show catches him on the way down with another big overhand chop, sending Rollins to the outside. Kane in, Show with a headbutt and takes control on him. Cena in, continues the attack on Kane. Clothesline and a dropkick by Cena to Kane. Commentary brings up that Cena is 8-1 at Survivor Series. Kane with a throat thrust, Harper tags in, Rowan tags in as well and we now have a battle of former Wyatt Family members. Crowd chants for Rowan. Rollins tags himself in. Rowan goes to work on Rollins, sending him into the turnbuckles. Slam by Rowan, Ryback tags in. Ryback slams Rollins down, drives him into the corner, then the opposite corner. Rollins slips out of a Gorilla Press, Ryback misses a clothesline, but hits a back body drop, Harper in, but Ryback with a clothesline and a delayed suplex to him. Kane in, misses a clothesline, Thesz Press by Ryback. “STOOPID” Splash by Ryback for a nearfall. Rusev in, staredown with Ryback. The two slug it out, Rusev gains advantage. Rusev off the ropes, but Ryback catches him with a spinebuster. Crowd chants “Feed Me More” as Ryback nails Rusev with the Meathook. Ryback calls for the end, but Rusev slips out of Shellshock and Kane with a big boot. Everyone begins brawling with one another. Rollins comes in, Curb Stomp to Ryback.

Running Superkick by Rusev to Ryback, eliminating him.

Ryback has been eliminated (Via pinfall by Rusev’s running superkick, 4 all.)

Big Show takes over on Rusev, but Rusev slips out of the Chokeslam. Harper in, but Show takes control on him. Harper comes back with a dropkick. Rollins in, series of boots and a dropkick to Show for a nearfall as Show kicks out with authority. Kane in, he & Rollins stomp away at Show. Running Basement Dropkick by Kane for a nearfall. Harper in, Gator Roll to Show. Show counters out with a back suplex.

Ziggler in, 2 flying clotheslines to Harper. Avalanche in the corner, neckbreaker, leaping elbow drop by Ziggler. Rollins knocked off the apron, but Harper catches Ziggler with the Truck Stop for a nearfall. Rollins in, takes control on Ziggler. Rusev in, gains a nearfall. Kane in, stomps away at Ziggler. “Let’s Go Ziggler” chants by the crowd. Avalanche by Kane in the corner, followed by a side slam for a nearfall. Ziggler slips out of a back suplex, but runs into a big boot by Kane for a nearfall. Harper in, stands on Ziggler’s face. Throat Thrust by Harper for a nearfall. Rusev in, knee to the ribs of Ziggler. Rusev taunts Ziggler, but Ziggler fights back. Ziggler off the ropes, but Rusev catches him and hits the knee strikes while draping Ziggler across the ropes. Fallaway slam by Rusev for a nearfall. Triple H talks trash to Ziggler from the outside. Rollins in, continues the attack on Ziggler. Ziggler fights back again, but Rollins with a Flatliner into the turnbuckles for a nearfall. Rusev in, continues to wear down Ziggler. Ziggler comes back with a Jawbreaker and a Leaping DDT to Rusev, but Harper breaks up the pin. Cena in, AA to Harper in. Kane in, Chokeslam to Cena. Show in, Chokeslam to Kane. Rollins with a springboard knee strike to Show. Rollins slips out of a Rowan powerbomb, but Rowan backdrops him over the ropes and to the outside onto everyone! Rusev with a spinning heel kick to Rowan. Ziggler goes for the Fame-Asser on Rusev, but Rusev catches him and POWERBOMBS ZIGGLER ONTO EVERYONE ON THE OUTSIDE!!

Rusev removes the monitors off the announce table and places Ziggler on it. Rusev climbs the other announce table, then leaps off, but Ziggler moves and RUSEV GOES THROUGH THE TABLE!! Ref begins his 10 count as Noble & Mercury try to help Rusev up. Ziggler gets back in at 9, but Rusev cannot and is eliminated.

Rusev has been eliminated. (Via count-out, Team Cena up 4-3.)

Ziggler slips out of a Kane Chokeslam, Cena tags in. 2 shoulder tackles, Proto-Plex, Five Knuckle Shuffle and AA to Kane, but Rollins nails Cena and lays him out with the Curb Stomp! Rowan & Harper tag in and the former Wyatt Family members slug it out. Rowan biels Harper into the corner, hits an avalanche, followed by a series of headbutts. Kane knocked off the apron, then Rollins. Rowan with a Spin Kick to Harper! Kane goes for the Chokeslam on Rowan, but Rowan blocks it. Rollins with a springboard knee strike to Rowan.

Discus Clothesline by Harper eliminates Rowan.

Erick Rowan has been eliminated. (Via pinfall by Luke Harper’s Discus Clothesline, 3 all.)

Big Show knocks out Cena with the WMD!

Rollins pins Cena and Cena has been eliminated.

John Cena has been eliminated (Via pinfall by Seth Rollins, Team Authority up 3-2)

Big Show shakes Triple H’s hand and leaves the ring and heads to the back, getting himself counted out to save his job.

The Big Show has been eliminated. (Via count-out, Team Authority up 3-1)

Stephanie taunts Cena as he leaves. Authority begin working over Ziggler, who is the only man left for his team and is left in a 3-on-1 situation. Crossbody by Ziggler for a nearfall.

Superkick, Zig-Zag by Ziggler, eliminating Kane.

Kane has been eliminated. (Via pinfall by Dolph Ziggler’s Zig Zag, Team Authority up 2-1.)

Harper wipes out Ziggler with a tope suicida. Back in, basement superkick by Harper for a nearfall. BIG RIG BOMB!! ZIGGLER KICKS OUT!! HARPER CAN’T BELIEVE IT! Crowd chants for Ziggler. 

Ziggler quickly rolls up Harper, eliminating him, its 1-on-1!

Luke Harper has been eliminated. (Via pinfall by a Dolph Ziggler roll-up, 1 apiece.)

The Authority is in shock!! Rollins sends Ziggler multiple times into the barricade on the outside. Back in, Ziggler with an inside cradle to Rollins for a nearfall. Leaping DDT by Ziggler, but Rollins kicks out! Crowd chants for Ziggler. Rollins hits the Buckle Bomb, but Ziggler kicks out! Rollins is getting frustrated. Rollins heads up top, but Ziggler runs up with him. Rollins knocks Ziggler back down, but Ziggler avoids the knee strike! FAMEASSER!! 1-2……….ROLLINS KICKS OUT!! TRIPLE H IS ABOUT TO HAVE A HEART ATTACK! Ziggler knocks Mercury & Noble off the apron, ZIG-ZAG!! 1-2……TRIPLE H PULLS OUT THE REFEREE!! Triple H knocks out the referee! Mercury & Noble attack Ziggler in the ring. Noble off the ropes, but Ziggler fends off the attack and sends Mercury into Noble, who knocks Stephanie off the apron and into Triple H! Superkicks by Ziggler to Mercury & Noble! Rollins hits the Buckle Bomb, but Ziggler avoids the Curb Stomp! ANOTHER ZIG-ZAG!! Another referee runs in! 1-2……TRIPLE H NAILS THE REF! Triple H throws the 2nd ref to the outside. Triple H with right hands to Ziggler, followed by a clothesline. Triple H hits Ziggler with the Pedigree and puts a fallen Rollins on top. Triple H calls down another ref, here comes referee Scott Armstrong! 1-2……….WAIT A MINUTE!! We see a video playing with crow music and STING COMES OUT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN WWE!!! Sting comes down to ringside and lays out referee Scott Armstrong. Sting gets in the ring and stares down Triple H. “Holy s**t” & “this is awesome” chants by the crowd as the two continue to stare one another down. The two begin to exchange words, then Triple H takes a swing, but Sting with a gut kick. SCORPION DEATHDROP TO TRIPLE H!! Sting puts Ziggler on top of Rollins. Sting leaves the ring and heads to the back.

Original referee comes in and counts the pin, giving Ziggler & Team Cena the win.

Seth Rollins has been eliminated. (Via pinfall thanks to Sting)

Winners: Team Cena (The Authority is now out of power in WWE)

Ziggler celebrates his team’s win, then John Cena comes out on the rampway and embraces Ziggler. The two leave as the Authority come to and it sinks in that they are out of power. “Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye” chant directed to the Authority. Stephanie mouths “we lost” to Triple H as he gets to his feet. The goodbye chant continues for the Authority as Stephanie covers her ears and screams “NO, this is not over!” “You got fired” chants by the crowd as the Authority stands in the ring, in complete shock & disbelief, with Stephanie continuing to lose a gasket. This continues until the show goes off the air.


THOUGHTS: Well, it was a one-match show we knew going on and boy, what a one match this was. One helluva of a main event, with twists & turns every which way. Quick Henry elimination was beautifully done, but also in a way in hindsight, foreshadowed the Show turn later on in the match. Ryback being eliminated so early was a definite head-scratcher, as WWE has been trying to rehab him for the last few weeks. Rusev being counted out protected him in a well-done way, by taking himself out getting a bit too over-zealous with the table spot. Show turning, while its probably his 34th heel turn, was a nice shock surprise that no one saw coming. Getting Cena out of there so early towards the end and giving Ziggler the Shawn Michaels 3-on-1 disadvantage spot was a very well-done booking move and proved Triple H’s statement that the future is now by making Ziggler & Rollins the final two. Ziggler was re-made as a big star in one night, he is now up there in the top echelon of babyfaces for WWE, he was AWESOME in this match. Rowan & Harper got some nice sequences. Then, the Sting debut. While he got a big reaction, the new music definitely threw off the live crowd somewhat where it hurt the debut a bit. Had they went with the usual music, he would have gotten a much better reaction. Sting laying out Triple H and causing the Authority to lose plain as day sets up Sting’s first match with the company for Wrestlemania 31 and I have zero problem with it. With Undertaker probably being done as a performer and the Rock having too many movies on his plate for the Spring of 2015, Sting/Taker and Rock/Triple H are thrown out the window for Sting/Triple H.

So, Survivor Series, even with some good stuff on the undercard, was indeed, a one-match show, it was one helluva main event and caused me to give Survivor Series a solid thumbs in the middle, leaning to thumbs up.

That’s it for me, have a good one, folks!

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