Ryback vs. Mark Henry

The bell rings and both start talking trash. Both charge at each other and they stay standing. Another charge and both remain standing. Ryback slaps his chest a few times. Ryback is knocked out of the ring early on. Henry keeps Ryback grounded. Henry applies a bearhug. Ryback gets free, but Henry with a series of headbutts. Henry with another bearhug applied. Ryback with headbutts to Henry trying to break free. Ryback is trying to toss Henry to break free, but Henry hangs on. Henry with a huge scoop slam on Ryback. Crowd inside Metlife Stadium is not enjoying this. Henry with a big headbutt that pushes Ryback backward. Ryback with some rights and pushes Henry to the corner. Ryback with a few shoulder charges. Ryback with a quick splash to Henry in the corner. Ryback backs up to the corner and levels Henry with a huge clothesline. Ryback with a kick to the gut and gets Henry up on his shoulders for the Shell Shocked! Henry hangs on to the top rope. Ryback lets go and Henry crashes over Ryback. Henry covers Ryback and gets the win.

Winner: Mark Henry

After the match, Ryback picks up and drops Henry with a spinebuster. Ryback gets Henry up and connects with the Shell Shocked.

WWE welcomes members of the Special Olympics along with Gov. Chris Christie.

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