Heyman jumps up on the ring apron. Taker grabs him by his neck. Punk comes off the top rope with a flying clothesline. Punk with his knee to the jaw in the corner and drops Taker. Punk goes up to the top rope, comes off with his flying elbow and connects. Punk covers and Taker kicks out after two. Punk calls for Heyman to raise the urn up at ringside. Punk is calling for the GTS. Punk has Taker up. Taker jumps off and plants Punk with a huge chokeslam. Taker with a cover and Punk barely gets a shoulder up after two. Punk and Taker start exchanging right hands. Taker gets the better of it dropping Punk. Taker with more rights in the corner. Taker with a splash to Punk in the corner. Taker has Punk up and drops him with snake eyes on the corner. Punk immediately responds with a heel kick to the jaw. Punk clotheslines Taker to the outside. Punk clears off the Spanish announce table some more. Taker grabs Punk looking to hit the Last Ride. Punk jumps off and catches Taker with a big kick to the head. Taker is now laying over the top of the table.

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