Lesnar misses a spear in the corner hitting the steel ring post. Triple H with a low blow to Lesnar. Triple H grabs the left arm of Lesnar and bounces it off the steel ring post. Triple H grabs a chair, wraps Lesnar’s arm around the steel ring post and cracks the chair over his arm. Triple H slides back in and again uses the chair cracking it over the arm of Lesnar. Triple H then jumps on Lesnar and gets the Kimura Lock applied on Lesnar! Lesnar drops down teasing he will tap. Lesnar screams at Heyman to help. Heyman grabs a chair and HBK slides in taking out Heyman with Sweet Chin Music. Lesnar is screaming in pain. Lesnar stands up with Triple H’s legs wrapped around his body keeping the Kimura Lock applied. Lesnar drops Triple H back first over the steel ring steps. Lesnar grabs his arm in pain. Triple H then goes back to the Kimura Lock. Lesnar again drops Triple H back first over the steel steps. Triple H gets the Kimura Lock locked yet again. Lesnar again picks up Triple H, but when Triple H is dropped back first down on the steel steps again Triple H caught him in a DDT. Triple H grabs the sledgehammer and cracks it over the head of Lesnar. Triple H brings Lesnar to the top of the steel steps. Triple H with a Pedigree to Lesnar over the steel steps. Triple H drops down, hooks the leg of Lesnar and gets the win.

Winner: Triple H

After the match, Shawn Michaels and Triple H hug. We see highlights of the match including the finish. Back live, Triple H celebrates his win posing with a sledgehammer in hand.

A promo for the WWE Extreme Rules PPV on 5/19/13 airs.

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