ECW on SyFy
Green Bay, Wisconsin
January 12th 2010
Commentators: Byron Sexton & Josh Matthews

Report by: Chris Kelly of

A video package highlighting the ECW homecoming is shown before the intro hits followed by the fireworks as ECW is live from Green Bay!

Rosa Mendes heads to the ring looking fantastic as she dances a little.. Extreme Exposea is back! Rosa brings out the main who retired Tommy Dreamer, Zack Ryder. Ryder says his twitter has been busy as people want to see the new heart of ECW. He has the skills, looks and the beautiful girlfriend so he doesn?t have to be in the homecoming because he is above it due to him being ECW

Hurricane walks out and heads to the ring where he called Ryder “Citizen Woo Woo Woo” and he has been sent to shut Ryder up since Ryder is the rear end of ECW. Rosa speaks Spanish as the crowd chants “what!” Rosa slaps Hurricane so Hurricane punches Zack Ryder in the face and this leads to little brawl before Ryder ducks out the ring


We are back and apparently we have a match

Zack Ryder vs. Hurricane

Hurricane kicks Ryder in the gut before attempting a Irish whip which ends with Ryder chucking Hurricane shoulder first into the ring post and kicking Hurricane in the face of a downed Hurricane. Ryder continues to work on the neck with a chin lock and a swinging neck breaker which leads to Hurricane attempting to fight back but he is cut off and finds himself be choked out with a knee cross this throat. Hurricane attempts to hit The Eye Of The Hurricane which Ryder fights out of and hit’s the rough Ryder Leg drop and chucks Hurricane shoulder first into the ring post again.

Ryder goes back to working on the neck as the WWE universe attempts to cheer Hurricane on which appears to work as ECW’s Super Hero hit’s a neck breaker and a drop kick from the top rope, Hurricane continues to fight back as he ascends the rope tope looking for a cross body but out of no where, Ryder runs at Hurricane, hitting the ropes causing Hurricane to fall off the rope, Ryder hit’s the Zack Attack for the win

Winner: Zack Ryder

In the back, CM Punk is with Luke Gallows and Punk says when he wins the belt again, he will cause ECW to stop exciting and will reform it in his own image


We are back as Goldust heads to the ring for his match against Tent Bretta

Goldust vs. Trent Barreta

This match starts at a fast pace with Goldust getting the upper hand with a atomic drop followed by a backbreaker before clothesline his opponent to the outside. As Trent attempts to get back in the ring, Goldust appears to have cut him off but from out of no where, Barreta hit’s a fame asser like move across the ropes
Trent has the upper hand until Goldust hit’s a power slam out of no where which leads to Dust getting a close 2 count after a power slam. Goldust attempts to hit a neck breaker but Bretta gets to the ropes so the ref has to break the hold which allows Barreta to elbow Dust in the face before hitting a running knee to the win

Winner: Trent Barreta

In the back, we see Regal with Jackson and Jackson says in the book of Ezekiel, his opponents know the end is coming.


We are shown the Raw rebound featuring Mike Tyson and Jericho vs. DX.

Tiffany walks out to the ring with a mic in hand before introducing the wrestlers in the Homecoming Battle Royal as well as Christian who will be joining the announcers.

Homecoming Battle Royal CM Punk, Yoshi Tatsu, Ezekiel Jackson, Kane, Evan Bourne, Shelton Benjamin, Matt Hardy and Vance Archer

Shelton Benjamin jumps Vance Archer and the refs attempt to split them up but they stop when Kane music hits and he comes down to the ring only to be attacked by everyone else in the match. Kane choke slams Evan Bourne out of the ring so we are down to 7.

Vance Archer and Matt Hardy attempt to eliminate each other as CM Punk almost joins Evan as Shelton tries to throw him over the top ropes. Cm Punk and Yoshi Tatsu battle as Punk attempts to suplex Tatsu out only for Tatsu to fight back with kicks as we head to a break.


We are back, there is still 7 people in this match until Shelton launches himself at Vance Archer so they both are eliminated. Matt Hardy hit’s the side effect on Yoshi and attempts to do the same to Jackson but Ezekiel blocks and chucks Matt over the rope so he is gone.

Jackson levels everyone before throwing CM Punk out as Kane throws Yoshi out. Kane and Jackson lock up before having a test of strength with Jackson picking up Kane and trying to throw Kane over the tope rope but Kane slides out and attempts to eliminate Jackson himself which fails so Kane ascends the top rope and attempts a diving clothesline but Jackson moves and eliminates Kane for the win

Winner: Ezekiel Jackson

Christian vs. Ezekiel Jackson at the Royal Rumble PPV for ECW Championship.

ECW Thoughts

This is my first recap of 2010 and I sit here very pleased following tonight’s show. Zack Ryder is becoming more and more interesting to me as a wrestler with the help of Rosa and I?m very interested to see where they go with the Hurricane/Ryder feud.

The match itself was pretty decent but the crowd seemed not to care at all for this match and the ending appeared out of no where but like I said, I?m interested to see where it goes.

Goldust vs. Trent Barreta was a decent match which showed me that Trent is a good worker and with help could be a good single wrestler, I give credit to Goldust for being willing to put over the younger talent and I think we will end up seeing Goldust & Yoshi Tatsu vs. Barreta and Coft.

I?m not a fan of Battle Royals but I did enjoy tonight’s as we saw what feuds will be going down on ECW soon and the crowd seems to be into this match. From a booking stand point, Big Zeke winning was fantastic as WWE can play off Regal’s history with Christian without having Regal in the match itself. I am going to go on record now of saying we will have a new ECW champion at the Royal Rumble.

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