WWE NXT Results – 1/3/13

WWE NXT results 1/3/13

January 3, 2013
Full Sail University
Report by: Grash of Wrestleview.com

“Epic Rock Music”

The intro is interrupted with static and The Shield is in the ring beating on two jobbers. They get thrown out as Dusty comes out to stop it all. Ambrose says this is just a taste of things to come. They say they’ve taken over Raw and Smackdown and NXT is next. Dusty is aghast at Rollins for being the NXT Champion and what he’s done in the Shield. He makes a match with Graves. Ambrose says no one tells them what to do. Dusty says they’re in their house and he’ll strip him of the title if he doesn’t defend the title. Rollins says he’ll defend and Corey Graves is a wrong that can be righted. Roman finally talks and says that if NXT is Dusty’s house, then he’s paying for the Shield’s rent.


William Regal and Tony Dawson are on screen talking about the Shield causing problems already in 2013. We get a video recap of what they did earlier. There was apparently a match before the show started. Regal say that things are going to get better as Bo Dallas’s music hits.

Bo Dallas vs. Epico

Bo is out first. Tony refers back to Bo’s loss to the Big Show from two weeks ago. Epico has Primo with him when he enters the arena. Their loss to the Usos is referred to as the crowd chants “We Want Rosa”. Bo gets the first offensive as Regal talks about wrestling in the bloodline of these two. Epico goes on extended offensive before Bo turns it around. Bo hits a spear to finish the match.

Winner: Bo Dallas

After the match, Epico and Primo corner Bo in the corner. Before anything can happen, Michael McGillicutty comes out to even the odds. Epico and Primo ditch the ring.


Sasha Banks vs. Tamina Snuka

Tamina’s looks makes Sasha look like a little girl. Tamina goes on the offensive that does the same as well. Commentary talk up Sasha and Regal says she’s related to Snoop Dogg. Sasha goes on the offensive after Tamina jumps at Sasha, but eats the ringpost. Sasha gets a roll-up pin, but Tamina kicks out and follows it up with a Samoan drop. Tamina gets to the ropes and gives the crowd a Superfly splash they chant for.

Winner: Tamina Snuka


Kassius Ohno and Leo Kruger vs. Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel

Commentary explains the contrast between the two teams before the match starts. The match ends then after Leo Kruger pins Justin Gabriel.

Winner: Kassius Ohno and Leo Kruger


JR joins William Regal on commentary for the main event.

Main Event for the NXT Championship: Seth Rollins © vs. Corey Graves

Corey is out first. Rollins enters alone with no music. Seth is introduced as a “Shield Member”. JR questions if being in the Shield is more important than being the first NXT Champion. They start with strikes to each other. Graves gets the first offensive and several quick pin attempts. Graves starts working a leg before Rollins turns the tables for a few moments. The match goes back and forth in an intense battle that delights Regal. Rollins is on the offensive shortly afterwards. Commentary puts over The Shield before Graves gets an offensive. Rollins stops it with an eniziguri. Graves manages to go for the leg once again. Graves gets Rollins into a lock on that leg. Before Rollins can tap, the Shield comes out to make the save.

Winner: Corey Graves by disqualification (Still NXT Champion, Seth Rollins)

Dusty comes out and brings the NXT locker-room with him. The Shield, though, are able to hold off the NXT locker-room. With Dusty looking on in disgust, Bo Dallas gets the three man powerbomb. The crowd chants “One more tme” in response to it. Finally, Big E. Langston comes out and throws chalk dust around before slowly walking to the ring. Big E. steps into the ring and the Shield steps out of it. The crowd is chanting “fight”. Dusty then makes it official, Seth Rollins next week versus Big E. Langston. The Shield is angry as Big E stares them down. Ambrose and Rollins have to hold back Roman from getting in the ring with Big E. Once they do, the Shield slinks off as the show ends.

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