WWE United States Championship Match
Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Kane

Ambrose enters the match alone as the bell rings and we get started right away with Kane taking down Ambrose and keeping him grounded. Ambrose fights to his feet landing a few rights. Kane cuts off Ambrose with a big side slam. Ambrose starts working over Kane in the corner and gets in a quick dragon screw takedown. Ambrose keeps Kane grounded dropping a quick elbow and then applying pressure to the head of Kane. Kane catches Ambrose with a big boot as he starts to favor his leg in the corner. Kane goes up to the top turnbuckle and Ambrose cuts him off with a big right hand. Ambrose jumps up with Kane, Kane pushes him off, Kane jumps, Ambrose ducks, gets up on the second rope and connects with a twisting flying elbow. Ambrose hooks the leg and gets a two count early on in the title match. Ambrose goes back to work on the head and neck of Kane. Kane with a big uppercut to Ambrose as he jumped off the second rope again. Kane with a big kick to the head of Ambrose, hits the ropes and connects with a kick to the face. Kane with cover and Ambrose kicks out.

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