Del Rio breaks up the sleeper sending Ziggler head first into the corner. Del Rio with another huge kick to the side of Ziggler’s head. You can see the referee telling Del Rio to watch the shots to the head. Ziggler is wrapped up in the ropes holding on. Del Rio with forearm shots to the back of Ziggler and closes with a big shot to the head. Del Rio drops Ziggler back first to the mat, covers and Ziggler kicks out after two. Ziggler responds with a quick swinging neckbreaker that results in a two count. Ziggler is holding his head and the referee asks Ziggler if he wants him to stop the match. Ziggler tells the referee no. Ziggler goes up to the top turnbuckle and Del Rio catches him with a big kick to the head. Del Rio hooks the head of Ziggler, flips back and plants Ziggler face first in a back suplex from the top turnbuckle landing with a huge thud. Del Rio covers Ziggler and Ziggler somehow is able to kick out after two. Del Rio can’t believe it. Del Rio baseball slides Ziggler out of the ring and then catches Ziggler with a huge kick to the side of the head from the ring apron.

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