WWE Tag Team Championships Match
The Shield (c’s) vs. Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan

We start with Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan. Reigns goes after Bryan and Bryan responds with some big kicks in the corner. Bryan already with his flip off the corner, hits the ropes and Reigns cuts him off with a big clothesline to slow things down. Quick tag to Seth Rollins. He gets in a few shots and tags Reigns back in. Rollins sends Bryan into Reigns who takes out Bryan with another big clothesline. Reigns keeps Bryan grounded applying a headlock. Reigns with a big high knee to Bryan that results in a two count. Tag to Orton and Rollins. Orton lights up Rollins with a series of clotheslines and a quick powerslam. Orton tosses Rollins to the ring apron, pulls him in through the ropes, Reigns gets involved, Orton kicks Reigns in the face, tosses Rollins aside and connects with his DDT through the ropes on Reigns. Orton takes a big boot from Rollins in the corner, but catches Rollins with a powerslam flying off the corner for another two count. Reigns with a big right hand that drops Orton falling to the ringside area. Rollins tosses Orton back in and gets a two count.

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