Third Stage: Ambulance Match

They brawl to the ringside area. Ryback starts clearing the announce table off. Ryback gives Cena a powerbomb crashing him through the announce table. JBL said Cena’s head hit part of the chair on his way down crashing through the table at ringside. Ryback grabs Cena and tosses him back in the ring. The bell officially rings as Ryback sends Cena out of the ring. We see a shot of the ambulance near the entrance area. Ryback puts Cena up on his shoulder. Cena sends Ryback face first into the side of the ambulance. Cena pulls crutches out of the ambulance. Ryback kicks away the knee of Cena. Ryback throws a right hand and almost breaks his hand punching the window of the ambulance. Cena picks up Ryback and throws Ryback at the ambulance. Ryback opens the drivers side door of the ambulance, attempts an irish whip, Cena counters and Ryback tears the door off the ambulance crashing through it. Cena picks up the door and hits Ryback with it. Ryback pulls off part of the ambulance and cracks it over Cena’s back. Ryback has Cena ready for a powerbomb when Cena counters giving Ryback a high back body to the windshield of the ambulance. Cena starts climbing up to the top of the ambulance and he grabs the siren. Cena throws it into the face of Ryback who falls back down near the ambulance. Ryback grabs a crutch and crawls to the top of the ambulance with Cena. Cena takes the crutch and cracks it over the back of Ryback. Cena smiles, picks up Ryback, gives him an AA and Ryback crashes through the roof! Cena gets the win.

Winner of the Third Stage and still WWE Champion: John Cena

After the match, we hear the ambulance start up as John Cena celebrates with the WWE Championship in the middle of the ring. We then see highlights of the end with Cena connecting with the AA on Ryback sending him crashing through the roof of the ambulance. We see a shot of the ambulance driving to the back as Cena celebrates with the WWE Championship belt on the corner. Cena then starts celebrating with fans at ringside. They show a great elevated replay of Ryback crashing through the roof of the ambulance taking the AA. Back live, we see a shot of Cena heading to the back with the WWE Championship belt over his shoulder.

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