WWE RAW Results 2019

WWE Raw Results for December 2019
WWE Raw Results — 12/30/19 (Bobby Lashley marries Lana, Orton to address injury)
WWE Raw Results — 12/23/19 (Rollins vs. Mysterio for the United States Championship)
WWE Raw Results — 12/16/19 (Seth Rollins/AOP follow-up, WWE TLC fallout)
WWE Raw Results — 12/9/19 (Final TLC build, US Title match, Rusev and Lana divorce)
WWE Raw Results — 12/2/19 (Seth Rollins apologizes, Charlotte in a handicap match)

WWE Raw Results for November 2019
WWE Raw Results — 11/25/19 (Survivor Series fallout, US Title match, Flair vs. Asuka)
WWE Raw Results — 11/18/19 (Rollins vs. Andrade, final show before Survivor Series)
WWE Raw Results — 11/11/19 (Seth Rollins’ Survivor Series team, Women’s Tag Titles)
WWE Raw Results — 11/4/19 (NXT invasion fallout, Seth Rollins addresses title loss)

WWE Raw Results for October 2019
WWE Raw Results – 10/28/19 (Final show before Crown Jewel, Hogan and Flair to appear)
WWE Raw Results – 10/21/19 (Ric Flair picks final Crown Jewel member, Rollins explains)
WWE Raw Results – 10/14/19 (Night 2 of draft, Strowman vs. Tyson Fury contract signing)
WWE Raw Results – 10/7/19 (Hell in a Cell fallout, Fury speaks, Last Woman Standing)

WWE RAW Results for September 2019
WWE Raw Results – 9/30/19 (Season Premiere, Rollins defends Universal Title, Lesnar)
WWE RAW Results – 9/23/19 (Fatal 5-Way #1 Contender’s Match, Hell in a Cell build)
WWE RAW Results – 9/16/19 (King of the Ring Final Match, Clash of Champions fallout)
WWE RAW Results – 9/9/19 (Austin moderates, KOTR Semifinal, Women’s Tag Match)
WWE RAW Results – 9/2/19 (Clash of Champions contract signing, KOTR Quarterfinals)

WWE RAW Results for August 2019
WWE RAW Results — 8/26/19 (Sasha Banks in action, King of the Ring continues)
WWE RAW Results — 8/19/19 (King of the Ring Tournament begins, United States Title)
WWE RAW Results — 8/12/19 (Night after SummerSlam, Seth Rollins, The Miz vs. Ziggler)
WWE RAW Results — 8/5/19 (Final show before SummerSlam, HBK and Trish appear)

WWE RAW Results for July 2019
WWE RAW Results — 7/29/19 (Rollins vs. Ziggler, Samoan Summit, #1 Contender’s Match)
WWE RAW Results — 7/22/19 (RAW Reunion show, Hall of Famers and Legends return)
WWE RAW Results — 7/15/19 (10-man Battle Royal to determine #1 Contender)
WWE RAW Results — 7/8/19 (Rollins and Lynch team, Rey Mysterio makes his return)
WWE RAW Results — 7/1/19 (Extreme Rules build continues, Falls Count Anywhere match)

WWE RAW Results for June 2019
WWE RAW Results — 6/24/19 (2-on-1 Handicap Match, Ricochet takes on AJ Styles)
WWE RAW Results — 6/17/19 (Go home show for WWE Stomping Grounds, Bryan appears)
WWE RAW Results — 6/10/19 (Tag Title Match, Shane celebrates, Super ShowDown Fallout)
WWE RAW Results — 6/3/19 (Undertaker returns, Lesnar to cash in Money in the Bank)

WWE RAW Results for May 2019
WWE RAW Results — 5/27/19 (Brock Lesnar makes Money in the Bank cash in decision)
WWE RAW Results — 5/20/19 (WWE’s newest title introduced, Money in the Bank fallout)
WWE RAW Results — 5/13/19 (Final show before MITB, double contract signing)
WWE RAW Results — 5/6/19 (Reigns defies WWE management to appear on the show)

WWE RAW Results for April 2019
WWE RAW Results – 4/29/19 (Money in the Bank build continues, A Moment of Bliss)
WWE RAW Results – 4/22/19 (New era begins following the 2019 Superstar Shake-up)
WWE RAW Results – 4/15/19 (Night One of the WWE Superstar Shake-up tonight)
WWE RAW Results – 4/8/19 (Fallout from WrestleMania 35 with Becky Lynch, Seth Rollins)
WWE RAW Results – 4/1/19 (Stephanie McMahon to make WrestleMania announcement)

WWE RAW Results for March 2019
WWE RAW Results – 3/25/19 (Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe, IC Title 2-on-1 Handicap Match)
WWE RAW Results — 3/18/19 (Brock Lesnar returns, Angle picks WrestleMania opponent)
WWE RAW Results – 3/11/19 (Triple H and Batista face off, Fastlane fallout)

WWE RAW Results – 3/4/19 (Batista return fallout, Charlotte Flair comes to RAW)

WWE RAW Results for February 2019
WWE RAW Results – 2/25/19 (Roman Reigns returns, Ric Flair’s 70th Birthday)
WWE RAW Results – 2/18/19 (Fallout from Elimination Chamber PPV this week)
WWE RAW Results – 2/11/19 (Lynch invited back, Elimination Chamber go home)
WWE RAW Results – 2/4/19 (Kurt Angle’s future, Becky Lynch, Jeff Jarrett in action)

WWE RAW Results for January 2019
WWE RAW Results – 1/28/19 (Royal Rumble Fallout, Women’s Tag Title Qualifiers)
WWE RAW Results – 1/21/19 (Go home for Royal Rumble, Rousey teams with Natalya)
WWE RAW Results – 1/14/19 (Triple Threat for IC Title, Rousey and Banks team)
WWE RAW Results – 1/7/19 (Hogan pays tribute to Mean Gene, Cena/Strowman/Lesnar)