GFW Impact TV taping results

The following was taped on Thursday night in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios.

8/17 GFW Impact TV taping results:

* This is scheduled to air next week on August 24, 2017 on Pop TV.

* Taryn Terrell cut a promo and wants to be the one who retires Gail Kim. Kim comes out and runs Terrell off to the back.

* OVE def. The Heatseekers.

* Grado comes out and says his goodbye to the fans as he has to leave the country. Laurel Van Ness comes out and proposes to Grado. Grado accepts. Kongo Kong tries to come out and prevent this from going down when Shera stops him.

* Eli Drake won a 20 Man Gauntlet to become the new GFW Unified World Champion. Former WWE star John Hennigan, billed as Johnny Impact, was involved in the match.


Thanks to Alan Wojcik for the photos below.

  • Austen Allen

    Finally, been waiting to see Eli as the champ!

  • TheCyberZon

    Johnny Impact? Man, this guy changes his wrestling names more than he changes his ring jackets. Could he not keep calling himself Johnny Mundo?

  • TheCyberZon

    E-LI Drake!

  • Austen Allen

    And that is just a fact of life!

  • Sulieman Ellari

    Finally, the future is now
    Thank god gfw turned from garbage to global with this imo

  • Jason Blasen

    Isn’t he still champ in LU?

  • Sulieman Ellari

    Finally the future is now

  • TheCyberZon

    That’s what I thought but apparently the episodes of Lucha Underground airing right now were taped last year. According to Wikipedia, Johnny Mundo lost the title to Prince Puma in June 2016 who then lost the title to Pentagon Dark (the real current champ)who has held the title since then.

    Boy, and we thought TNA was bad for taping episodes months ahead of time. The episodes of LU we’re seeing right now are over a year old.