AEW Full Gear PPV Results – 11/18/23 (Title Matches, Big signing and more!)

AEW Full Gear PPV Results
November 18, 2023
KIA Forum in Inglewood, CA
Results by: Jerome Wilen of
– Alex Kahrs is live and in person at the KIA Forum

Zero Hour Pre-Show (7pm ET):

ROH Tag Team Championship Match: MJF and Samoa Joe (c) defends against The Gunns (Austin Gunn and Colten Gunn) – MJF AND SAMOA JOE RETAIN

ROH World Championship Match: Eddie Kingston defends against Jay Lethal – EDDIE KINGSTON RETAINS

Buddy Matthews vs. Claudio Castagnoli – WINNER BY SUBMISSON: CLAUDIO CASTAGNOLI

Main Card (8pm ET):

We go to a video package hyping up tonight’s matches for the PPV!

We go live to the arena as the pyro goes off! The commentary team talks about MJF being attacked by The Gunns following the ROH Tag Team Title Match on Zero Hour. His knee was smashed with chair. They replay the footage of MJF being taken away by the paramedics. There are no further updates. The commentary team says they will update us as they can on the condition of MJF’s knee. The commentary team then runs through the card for tonight’s show.

There is a kids choir singing as they now sing along to the Christian Cage’s music as he makes his way out with Luchasuaurus and Nick Wayne. They make their way to the ring to a series of boos.

Ric Flair’s music hits next as the WWE Hall of Famer comes out to a nice ovation the from the fans at the forum…there are a lot of woos, including in my living room as my daughter is woooing…lol…next up is what look like three baseball bats with just a spot light on them….Adam Copeland’s music hits as he has half of his face painted…Sting and Darby Allin are out with him as they match in their ring gear outfits tonight. Jack-ass star Steve-O is shown at ringside…

Trios Match: Sting, Darby Allin and Adam Copeland vs. Christian Cage, Luchasaurus and Nick Wayne

Darby and Nick Wayne are starting things off…Darby has his shoulder taped. Both men lock up as Darby sends Nick the the corner…Wayne cheap shots Darby in the face. Both men are locked up against we who’s your daddy chants…Darby pulls Wayne and flips him over as he has Wayne in a side headlock. Darby leaps on the ropes and takes down Wayne with an arm drag take down. Sting is tagged in. Sting goes to the outside where Wayne is and sends him into the barricade…Wayne recovers and tags in Christian…Sting then tags in Adam Copeland. Christian gets out of the ring and tags in Lucha as the takes down Copeland with big shots…Lucha picks up Copeland who then kicks Lucha and drops him on his back. Copeland drops Lucha again this time with a swinging neck breaker. Darby is tagged in as Lucha nails him and pushes him into the ropes as Christian chokes out Darby…Lucha then tosses Darby over the ropes as he lands hard on the apron and then to the floor.. Lucha tosses Darby back in the ring and stomps on his back. Lucha tags in Cage who is choking out Darby with a boot to the throat. Cage flexes as the fans boo. Cage stomps on Darby’s head as he tags in Nick Wayne who puts a boot to the throat of Darby. Wayne then kicks Darby in his bad shoulder. Darby is up, but then dropped by Wayne with a back breaker. Wayne taunts Ric Flair. Lucha is tagged in as he chops Darby who falls to the mat. Lucha picks up Darby and drops him back first on the mat. Nick Wayne is tagged in as he hits Darby with a senton and covers him for only a two count. Darby takes out Cage and Lucha as they drop to the floor. Darby is up on the top rope…Wayne follows..Darby bites him and drops him to the mat. The ref begins the ten count as both are down! Both men are crawling to get to their corners. Cage comes out from under the ring and pulls Copeland down and sends him head first into the ring post…Lucha then takes out Sting. Darby makes it to his corner, but nobody is there. Cage then pulls Darby and sends him hard into the turnbuckle. Flair is cheering on Darby. Copeland back on the ring apron. Cage and Darby bonk heads. Darby makes the tag to Copeland! Cage then retreats…Lucha is in as he takes down Lucha. Copeland takes out Lucha with a spear as he goes to the outside…Darby takes out Wayne and Lucha on the outside with the battering ram…Sting then leaps of the apron and drops Wayne and Lucha. Lucha recovers as he Sting and Copeland double team Lucha…double scorpion death drop on Lucha! Darby is in as Copeland and Sting pick up Wayne. Darby comes off the top and drop Wayne hard! Lucha then recovers and nails Copeland from behind…Flair and Cage jaw at each other as Flair nails Christian who then low blows Flair as he goes down. Cage grabs the TNT Title in an attempt to his Copeland but he ducks and nails Lucha…Cage then retreats and runs through the crowd as the babyfaces triple team Lucha…Darby lands a big coffin drop on Lucha to get the pin!


After the match Darby grabs a mic as says to make some noise as this is Sting’s last match in the state of California. Sting wooos in the ring as the fans wooo back! We get a thank you Sting chant from the fans as they continue to stand on their feet and cheer the Icon!

We go to a short break with Draft Kings.

Tony Schiavone is at the entrance area with referee Bryce Remsburg as Jay White comes out with the World Title belt. Tony tells Jay to settle down as he has work to do. Tony says that he hates to say that MJF is injured and won’t be able to defend the title tonight as the match as been canceled and by default the new…Adam Cole’s music then hits as he comes out in crutches. Cole tells Jay he is not leaving the Forum with the title belt and he has already talked to Tony Khan and that Cole will defend the title for MJF tonight. Jay grabs the mic and mocks Cole and says that Cole must have hit his head or something…Jay says that he has taken out Cole before and that Jay says he will take him out for good as he will become the new official AEW World Champion.

We go to a video package hyping our next match, which will be the International Championship Match. Orange Cassidy’s music hits as the champion makes his way out to a big ovation from the fans! Hook also comes out with Orange.

Jon Moxley’s music hits as the BCC member is making his out from backstage with Wheeler Yuta…The challenger in Moxley and Yuta make their way through the crowd.

AEW International Championship Match: Orange Cassidy (c) defends against Jon Moxley

The bell rings as we are underway! Orange goes right after Moxley with slaps and chops. Mox then sends Orange to the floor and pushes him into the announce desk. Mox hits Orange with a series of right hands. Mox tosses the champ over the barricade. Orange fights back, but Mox grabs him and brings him back in the ring. Mox suplexes Orange. Mox then picks up Orange and chops him. Orange tries to fight back, but Mox kicks Orange in the chest…Mox picks up Orange as Mox his met with a big boot! Mox shakes it off and drops Orange with a boss man slam. Mox covers Orange who kicks out at two! Mox has Orange is Texas clover leaf. Orange tries to fight back, but Mox stomps on his with a big boot. Orange up on the turnbuckle as Mox digs his nails in the back of the champ and then bites him in the nose. Orange then digs his nails in Mox’s back and bites him in the nose! Mox sends Orange down. He pulls Orange back up as both men are on the second rope. Orange nails Mox with a series of headbutts. Mox, who is bleeding gets superplexed by Orange…Orange then drops Mox with a huge diving DDT off the top rope…Mox calls for Orange to bring it on! Orange kicks Mox in the chest, but Mox is up and goes to the outside…Orange leaps through the ropes and takes out Mox who goes into the announce desk. Orange then rolls to the floor and sends Mox into the announce desk again…Orange goes back in the ring and then leaps through the ropes and takes out Mox again! Mox is back in the ring…Orange comes down off the ropes only to met by a big boot from Mox. Mox then drills Orange with a series of elbows on Orange and then puts the champ into a bulldog choke! The ref checks on Orange as Orange turns Mox over…Mox shifts into a piledriver, but Orange gets out of it! Orange then puts a choke hold on Mox as he makes his way to the corner to break the hold. Mox then hits Orange with a cutter and a piledriver…Mox covers the champ 1 – 2 – NO! Orange kicks out! We get dual chants as it appears we get a split…Mox then pie faces Orange who shakes it off and puts his hands in pockets. Mox charges the champ but Mox runs into the exposed turnbcukle…Orange hits three orange punches on Mox and then rolls up Mox for only a two count! Orange nails Mox with another orange punch – and then another! Orange then drops Mox with a beach break to get the pin on Mox to retain!


After the match Trent Beretta is in the ring…Yuta bumps hook as he leaves the ring…

It was just announced that Adam Cole will indeed defend the AEW World Title on behalf of an injured MJF.

We go to a video package showing that Mark Briscoe will be the next entrant for the Continental Classic which kicks off on Dynamite this Wednesday.

“Timeless” Toni Storm is out next with Luther as we have the AEW Women’s World Title Match next…The champion’s music hits next as Hikaru Shida comes out next…

AEW Women’s Championship Match: Hikaru Shida (c) defends against Toni Storm

The bell rings…Storm has a script and tears it up. Shida nails Storm and then tosses her into the corner. Shida grabs Storm and exposes the bruises of Storm on her chest and then chops her hard. Shida then slaps Storm again in the chest. Shida sends Storm to the corner and chops Storm’s bruised chest…Storm fires back and backs Shida into the corner…Storm then drops the champ with a bulldog. Storm winds up and connects on Shida with a big elbow strike. Storm then covers the champ for only a one count…Storm then headbutts Shida as she drops to the mat…Shida gets up as both women exchange blows. Shida then drops Storm with a running knee strike. Shida then follows up with a number of rights on Storm to the head. Shida then connects with a big drop kick on Storm and covers her for a two count! Shida is up on the ropes as Storm grabs Shida and is brought back in the ring back first. Luther then gives Storms a shoe…Luther distracts the ref as Storm nails Shida with the shoe between the eyes…Storm covers Shida for a near fall! Storm picks up Shida, but Shida drops Storm on her head as both women are down as the ref counts. Both women are up at five….Shida kicks it in to high gear with shots to the head of Storm…Shida then kicks Storm in the head and follows up with a falcon arrow…Shida covers Storm for only a two count. Shida avoids a lariat and then puts Shida in ankle lock as Shida’s ankle buckled…the ref checks on Shida. Shida crawls to the bottom rope to break the hold. Storm pulls off Shida’s shoe…Shida then nails Storm who rolls to the floor. Shida goes to the floor and attempts to hit Storm with the kendo stick. Luther stops her, but is nailed with the kendo stick by Shida. As the ref is distracted Storm puts the shoe in her tights…Shida is back in the ring and delivers a German Suplex on Shida. Storm then hits a hip attack on Shida as the shoe is still in the back of her tights…Storm covers Shida and we have a new women’s champion!


After the match, Mariah May is out as she gives Toni Storm flowers. Storm is now a threw-time women’s champion. Storm is crying in the ring who gets a standing ovation and then is carried to the back by Luther.

We go backstage with Renee Paquette who interviews Eddie Kingston who retained the ROH World Title on the Zero Hour show. Eddie says he wants to put both the ROH and NJPW Strong Title on the line at the same time as he enters the Continental Classic…he tells the boys to make the Continental Classic the best as he will put the titles on the line in the tournament.

The teams are introduced next for the World Tag Team Title Four-Way Ladder Match.

AEW Tag Team Championship Four-Way Ladder Match: Ricky Starks and Big Bill (c) vs. LFI (RUSH and Dralistico) vs. FTR (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler) vs. House of Black (Malakai Black and Brody King)

The bell rings as we have a brawl in the ring and outside the ring… all are back in the ring quickly as FTR blindsides House of Black. LFI work on FTR in the corner. The action then spills to the outside…Dax then nails King with a huge right hand. Starks and Dax fight over a ladder as it is sent into the face of Dax. RUSH is in the ring as he sets up the ladder. RUSH and Cash Wheeler climb the ladder, but then they drop down and exchange blows and chops to the chest. Cash drops RUSH as they battle on the apron. Dralistrico fights off Cash and sends Cash to the floor as he falls on Big Bill, King, Cash and Rush. Dralistico then leaps over the ropes and takes everyone out on the floor! Starks goes to the top as Dax then suplexes Starks on everyone all the floor! King is back to his feet before everyone else. Bill grabs a ladder as does King. King and Bill are in the ring and face off as they exchange big right hands. Bill hits King in the mid-section with a knee…Bill grabs the throat of King as Dax and Rush take out Bill and King with ladders. Dax then drops RUSH with a ladder. Dax then drops RUSH with a ladder…Dralistico drop kicks the ladder as Dax goes down! Cash and Dralistico duke it out…Dralistico drops Cash with a cork screw leg drop. Dralistico is up on the ladder only to be pulled down by Dax. RUSH then kicks Cash in the jaw who is down in the corner. RUSH points to fans as they chant his name. Cash then powerslams RUSH as he rolls to the floor. Cash sets up a ladder only to be taken out by Malakai Black. Black pulls Cash down…Cash is up as he chops Black hard on the chest. Cash charges at Black only to met by a ladder to the face by Black. We get this awesome chants…Black grabs Cash who is down on the a ladder. Black climbs to the top, but Dax nails Black only to be met by King with chops to the back. Cash sends King to the floor. Black picks up Cash who low blows him as Cash piledrives Black on the ladder from the second rope! The different angles from the replay looked crazy…Bill Big drops King who crashes to floor. Starks is back in the ring as he takes out Cash, Dax and Dralistico…Starks spears RUSH and Dralistico. Starks drops FTR as grabs a ladder…we get a shot of King who is busted open on the forehead. Black is in the ring, as Starks drops him on the ladder back first. King is up and sends Dax into the ladder. King charges at Dax and drops on him with a cannonball on the ladder! King picks up the ladder and sets it up. He starts climbing the ladder, but Bill flips the ladder over, sending King into another ladder. Dralistico is in the ring and tries a springboard on Bill only for Bill to catch him…Bill picks up Dralistico and chokeslams him. RUSH takes out Bill with a ladder. RUSH sets up a ladder on Bill and charges at Bill and connects on the ladder with a running drop kick as it sends Bill to the floor! RUSH sets up a ladder as Starks and RUSH are up on the ladder exchanging blows.. Dax sets up a ladder, Dralistico and Cash set up a ladder…they all exchange rights and lefts…Black comes in and sends every to the mat! Draslistico is up on the shoulders of King who drops his with a powerbomb on the ladder that is set up between the ring and barricade! Cash is up on the top rope as leaps onto King who is laying on a ladder…we get AEW chants from the fans in the Forum! Dax sets up a ladder only to met on the other side by Starks as they both fight…King is he pulls both men off the ladder…Cash and Starks are up on the ladder fighting it out…Cash is sent to mat as Starks grabs the belts to retain!


We go to a video package promoting the Worlds End pay-per-view, which takes place on Saturday, December 30 at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Long Island, NY. The triple crown champion will be crowned at the PPV with the finals of the Continental Classic.

The TBS Championship is next!

Julia Hart is out first…Skye Blue is out next…the TBS Champion is introduced next as she has a pyro that goes off behind her while she makes her way to the ring.

AEW TBS Championship Three-Way Match: Kris Statlander (c) vs. Julia Hart vs. Skye Blue

The bell rings as we begin…Kris takes down Julia and Skye…the challengers then drop Kris, but she fights back…Skye covers Kris, but Julia breaks up the pin attempt. Kris grabs Skye and sends her into the corner. Kris Chops Julia and shoves Skye as both women exchange blows. The champ is sent to the outside by the challengers. Skye then takes down Kris as Julia and Skye go after Kris who takes them both out. As the action makes its way back in the ring, the challengers take out Kris with double thrust kicks. Julia and Skye have a staredown….Hart nails Blue in the face…then drops Blue and smashes her head on the mat…Blue recovers and drops Hart…Blue covers Hart for only a two count. Kris comes back in the ring and drives Julia to the corner and kicks her in the mid-section…Kris covers Blue, but Julia breaks it up with kick to the back on Statlander. The champ and Blue is taken down by Julia. Hart is up and grabs Blue and sends Blue to the mat with a big boot and then drops the champion. Hart is up on the second rope…Blue picks up Hart only to be dropped with a kick…Statlander covers Hart for a near fall! Statlander picks up Blue and drops her hard! Statlander drags Blue to the corner as she attempts a 450, but only to be sent to the floor by Hart…Hart hits a moonsault press on Blue from the top and covers her, but Statlander pulls her off Blue…Statlander powerslams Hart on the floor! Back in the ring, Blue kicks Statlander in the face…Statlander ducks a lariat…Blue hits Statlander with a code blue and cover Statlander for a near fall! Julia is back in the ring and kicks Statlander and then drops Blue and locks in the Hartless lock…Statlander breaks it up and delivers several German Suplexes on Blue to a big ovation! Statlander sends Blue against the ropes and drops her on her head! Hart then pushes Statlander and covers Blue, as we have a new TBS Women’s Champion!


We have a break with a Draft Kings commercial.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring as it is time for the surprise talent signing. Tony calls it the blockbuster signing…It is Will Ospreay! The fans are going bonkers! Will makes his way to the ring a as the fans continue to go nuts! Tony talks to Ospreay who signs the deal as it is now official…Ospreay says it feels good as he is happy to part of the team. He says that he is not coming in just yet. He talks about his time with NJPW. He asks the fans for him to finish up with NJPW…he says that then he will be part of the road to Revolution…he asks Tony Khan to line up the best he has as he will show everyone what being All Elite is all about!

We go to a video package hyping our next match, which is the Texas Death Match. Swerve Strickland is out first with Prince Nana and some ladies dancing to his ring entrance music.

Texas Death Match: Swerve Strickland vs. Hangman Page

Hangman comes out of nowhere and takes out Swerve…Hangman then nails Swerve with a huge buckshot lariat! Swerve rolls to the floor as the fans go nuts! Hangman sends Swerve to the barricade! Hangman grabs a chair and then gets duct tape. Hangman tosses the chair into the face of Swerve as then duct tapes the wrists of Swerve together. Hangman picks up a staple gun and stapes Swerve in the bicep. Swerve rolls to the outside as Hangman staples a piece of paper on Swerve’s shoulder! Hangman staples Swerve again…Swerve rolls back in the ring as Hangman nails him in the head with a chair! Swerve is busted open. Hangman staples a finger painting to the face of Swerve! Hangman then tips Swerve upside and lets the blood of Swerve drip in his mouth! Hangman then pulls out a barbwire chair, but he kicks Hangman in the groin as Prince Nana cuts off the duct tape and free’s Swerve. Hangman staples Swerve but it has no affect. Swerve nails Hangman who goes down. Swerve staples himself then sets up the barbed wire chair…Swerve sends Hangman head first into the barbwire chair! Swerve then grabs barbed wire from ringside…Swerve grabs a cinder block from under the ring…as Swerve is on the apron, Hangman is up as both men exchange blows! Swerve then bites Hangman and drives him side first into the the cinder block as the ref begins the ten count. The cinder block is in pieces as the fans chant this is awesome. Swerve sends Hangman into the barricade headfirst. Swerve grabs Hangman as they are on top of the barricade. Swerve piledrives Hangman onto the top of the barricade! The blood is pouring from Swerve’s forehead. Hangman is also pouring blood from his forehead! Hangman is back in the ring as Swerve nails Hangman with a big right hand! Hangman is up as both men are exchanging rights…Swerve kicks Hangman with a boot to the jaw…Hangman then drops Swerve with a fall away slam. The ref begins the ten count. Hangman picks up Swerve and drops him with a fall away slam! Swerve is up as Hangman drives barbwire into the forehead of Swerve. Hangman then wraps barbwire around Swerve and then drops him with a fall away slam! Swerve rolls to the floor. Hangman climbs to the top with the barbwire chair and hits Swerve with a moonsault with the barbed wire chair! Swerve is back in the ring as we have this is awesome chants. Hangman goes for a buckshot, but Swerve ducks and drives the barbed wire chair into the face of Hangman. Hangman then drives Swerve into the barbed wire chair face first! The ref begins the ten count…Swerve is up at eight! Hangman grabs the barbwire chair and nails Swerve in the back who goes down! Hangman puts Swerve up on the top rope. Hangman nails Swerve with big right hands…Hangman goes for a deadeye off the top, but Swerve counters and grabs the barbwire chair and nails Hangman…Swerve then powerbombs Hangman from the top onto the chair…Swerve then hits Hangman with a double stomp on Hangman’s head from the top rope as the ref counts…Swerve then nails Hangman in the back with the barbwire chair. Swerve grabs a black bag of glass…Swerve then goes to the top rope and lands on Hangman…Swerve then drives Hangman hard to the mat as the ref begins the ten count. Hangman gets up at nine! The fight continues as we get AEW chants….Both men spill to the floor! Swerve grabs a chair and tosses it in the ring…Nana pulls out a barbed wire board as he puts it in the ring…Swerve sets up a bridge between two chairs. He picks up Hangman. Swerve is up on the second rope as is Hangman who fights back. Hangman bites Swerve as both men are on the top rope. Hangman drops Swerve back first on the barbwire board and then drops him with a deadeye on the barbwire! Nana looks on concerned…Hangman wraps the barbwire around Swerve’s neck…Hangman then delivers a huge buckshot lariat as the ref begins the ten count. Name pulls Swerve out of the ring as Swerve lands on his feet! Brian Cage enters the ring and takes out Hangman! Cage grabs a table from under the ring as Nana and Cage set it up at ringside. Cage goes back in the ring and picks up Hangman, but Hangman takes out Cage with barbwire and then drops Cage with a lariat. Nana is in the ring and hits Hangman with a chair as it has no affect…Hangman and Nana are on the ring apron…after Nana dances a little, he drops Nana through the table with a deadeye…Swerve comes back and break a cinder block on the back of Hangman as Hangman is down…Swerve grabs a chain and wraps it around the neck of Hangman…Swerve is hanging Hangman page! Page goes down as the ref begins the ten count…Hangman can’t make the ten count as Swerve wins it!


We go to a video package hyping up the Golden Jets vs. The Young Bucks.

Chris Jericho’s music hits as he comes out to a big ovation! Don Callis will be on commentary for this match. Kenny Omega’s music is up next as he comes out next! Superkick Party as the Jackson’s our out next!

The Golden Jets (Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) If the Golden Jets lose the match, they must disband.

The bell rings and we are underway…Omega and Nick start….both men lock up with arm bars…Nick and Omega lock up arm bars again as Omega drops Nick…Omega tags in Jericho…Matt is then tagged in. Chris flexes at Matt as the fans cheer on. Jericho has Matt in a hammer lock. Jericho then isolates the arm of Matt. Matt breaks free as Jericho chops Matt in the corner. Omega is tagged in as Matt then nails Omega in the back. Matt sends Omega to the corner and sends Matt to the floor. Nick pulls Jericho off the apron as Omega flies and drops Nick down on the floor. Jericho dives through the ropes and takes out the Bucks on the floor…the Bucks recover and take out Jericho’s right arm using the steel steps. The action goes back in the ring as the Bucks double Jericho. The Bucks continue to work on the right arm of Jericho as the brother do quick tags…Jericho’s arm is busted open. Matt kicks Jericho as he goes to the apron. Nick then kicks Jericho, sending him to the outside. The Bucks double team Jericho and send him back in the ring. Matt then wraps Jericho’s arm around the rope and pushes on his shoulder with a big boot. Jericho tries to fight back as he drops Matt and then takes down Nick. Jericho makes the tag to Omega who is met with a boot by Matt…Omega recovers and takes out both Jacksons. Matt charges at Omega, but he picks him and drops him and then nails Nick with a knee to the back. Omega then goes to the top hits Nick who rolls up Omega for a near fall…Omega tags in Jericho who drops Matt with a shoulder block and then drops Nick. Jericho then lands a big knee on Matt…The Bucks recover and work on the arm of Jericho as the Bucks get booed! Omega comes in and DDT’s Matt…Jericho has Mat in the Walls of Jericho as the ref checks on Matt. Nick tries to leap in, but Omega pulls him down…Matt is on the verge of tapping…Jericho lets go as his arm is in pain. Matt kicks Jericho as both men are down in the center of the ring. Both men exchange blows! Omega and Nick are down…Jericho and Omega land a double northern lights on Matt…Omega get taken out on the ring apron. The Bucks recover and double team Jericho…Matt covers Jericho for only a two count! Matt goes up on the top rope as Jericho pushes the ropes to get Matt to lose his balance. Jericho then hits Matt with rights before dropping him to the ring…As the ref is distracted the Bucks low blow Jericho and Omega to big boos! Jericho is up…Nick then hits Omega with a big elbow the face of Omega and covers him, only to have it broken up by Jericho. The Bucks hit Jericho with a huge V-Trigger as Nick covers Jericho 1 – 2 – NO! Jericho kicks out! The Bucks go for the five star piledriver, but Omega breaks it up…The Bucks kick Jericho…as The Bucks push the ref, Jericho low blows Nick! Omega then is tagged in. Omega points to Jericho but then nails the Bucks with running knees and snap dragons….Matt then picks up Omega and drops with a one winged angel…Matt covers Omega – 1 – 2 – NO! Omega kicks out! Jericho drops Matt with a code breaker…Omega then delivers a big German Supelex on Matt and covers him for a near fall! The Bucks recover fast and take out Jericho and Omega…Omega then gets up and grabs Matt and drops him with a one winged angel for the win…the Golden Jets stay together and now can challenge for the Tag Titles anytime they chose.


After the match Nick is tossing chairs and walking around the ring. Nick then tears apart the announce table. Omega extends the hand, but Nick takes off his boots and tosses hit.. Nick the grabs a chair and hits the ring posts with it. Matt tosses his elbow pads in the crowd and walks off. Security comes out to restore some order.

Adam Cole’s music hits as he comes out to the ring on crutches wearing one of the ROH World Title Belts. Cole does his usual ring entrance but sitting on the ring apron. He has grown a big beard since he has been out.

AEW World Championship Match: MJF defends the title for MJF against Jay White

The bell rings as we are underway! MJF drops to the mat as White begins to work on the injured left leg of MJF that The Gunns took out with a chair on Zero Hour. White has MJF in the corner and drops him. White covers MJF for only a two count. White grabs the arm of MJF…MJF is on the floor as The Gunns have a chair and looks to slam the leg of MJF. The ref kicks out The Gunns and sends them to the back….Cole jaws at White who then sends MJF back in the ring. White kicks MJF in the head as the action is back in the ring….My Bleacher Report feed dropped temporarily so I lost a just a few minutes of the match….

Feed is back…White kicks MJF in the knee. MJF is back up as he slams the head of the challenger in the top turnbuckle…MJF then hits White with rights to the head….MJF then bites White in the forehead. MJF then nails White with the kangaroo kicks as White does down! White then rolls to the outside, but quickly gets back and takes out the leg of MJF…White picks up MJF and tosses him down as MJF holds his knee…MJF then gets it up and hits White with mule kick. White then picks up MJF and slams him down! White covers MJF for only a two count…I had my Bleacher Report feed freeze up for a few moments again…UGH!

White picks up MJF and sends him to the outside as he lands hard on the floor. White goes to the outside and picks up MJF, chopping him on the chest. MJF fights back and DDT’s White on the floor! MJF rolls in the ring to break the ten count. MJF clears off the announce table and picks up White and slams on the table as it breaks easily. MJF then is up on the second rope as he climbs to the top. MJF leaps off the top and lands a huge elbow on White to the floor as the ref checks on both men. The ref begins the ten count. MJF is up as he grabs White and tosses him back in the ring at eight. MJF is on the apron telling the ref he is good. The fans cheer on MJF! White grabs the leg of MJF as he makes his way in the ring…White hits a dragon screw on MJF and then picks him and hangs MJF upside down from the top turnbuckle. As White goes to pick up MJF, he drops MJF on the mat. MJF then gets dropped off the turnbuckle. Both men are up on the top as White drops MJF from the top and cover MJF for a near fall! MJF is on his knees as White chops MJF across the chest. MJF gets up as White hits him again…White then puts the thumb to the eye of MJF…White the flattens out MJF as he plants him face first to the mat. White then goes for the blade-runner, but MJF get out of it…MJF hits White with a tombstone piledriver…but MJF can’t cover White as he holds his leg. The ref begins the ten count…Both men are up. White charges at MJF, only to be met with a back elbow. White drives MJF down on the mat as he land on his bad leg…MJF then leaps over the top rope and hits a huge cutter on White on the floor as both land hard! We get an MJF chant as the ref starts the ten count…MJF grabs White and sends him back in the ring. MJF covers White for a near fall! MJF pulls down his knee pad and slaps his knee…as MJF goes to pick up White his knee gives out….MJF is up as he grabs White and drops White as his knee gives out…the ref checks on MJF…Dr. Michael Sampson checks on MJF who says he is fine…White then hits dragon screws on MJF’s knee…he puts MJF in a figure four and pounds on the knee of MJF…Cole has a towel…as MJF fights back and tries to the rope…MJF fights to reverse it! MJF reverses it! White is trying to grab the bottom rope, but can’t! White is on the verge of tapping out, but makes it to the bottom rope to force the break…Cole goes to hit White…as the ref was down, White grabs the ROH tag title belt from Cole and nails MJF and covers him – 1 – 2 – NO! MJF kicks out as the fans go nuts! We have another ref bump as the back of White’s head hits the ref. Cole then pulls out the Dynamite Diamond Ring…White takes out MJF’s knee and grabs the ring and flips on Cole as the ref is down. White goes to nail MJF, but he low blows White as the ref is still down…The Gunns are back in the ring, but taken out by MJF…MJF then nails White with the ring, tosses it and covers White as the ref recovers and makes the the three count as MJF retains!


After the match Cole is in the ring and celebrates with MJF as they hold up the title belt. MJF is on the ring apron with the belt. Cole makes his way to MJF as MJF points to Cole and says Cole is his best friend…MJF is now the longest AEW Champion in company history at 365 days. Security helps MJF to the back as he falls to the floor…he says that All Elite Wrestling is real professional wrestling. MJF is back to his feet as he and Cole make their way to the back as the show goes off the the air.