AEW Full Gear Media Call: All In PPV Buys And More

Below are some notes from the AEW Full Gear PPV media call, courtesy of F4WOnline.

Full Gear is trending toward the $1 million gate mark and is currently closer to $900,000. Khan said that he is hoping for a great walkup this weekend.

All In brought in around 200,000 pay-per-view buys which would be second-best in company history. 

Khan did not divulge any information about how AEW is handling Sting’s final run as he will retire at Revolution, which is assumed to be in March.

Khan was asked about whether there is a desire to increase female involvement backstage amid reports of VP Megha Parekh focusing on NFL matters instead. Khan brought up both Sarah Stock and Madison Rayne as people he relies on a lot. He mentioned how Stock is working with both the men and women, citing her ability to speak Spanish being a positive in working with luchadors.

Khan said he talked to Toni Storm a long time ago as they had a shared vision of her current “Timeless” character, which was around the same time he wanted to bring in Mariah May that took longer than expected. He further said that he has been heavily involved in the character and has tried to both feature her more and present her differently, hinting there’s more development to come.

He said increased pay-per-view events has been great for the bottom line and something he was confident in by studying through the years. He said they are bringing in money “hand over fist” with their PPVs.

Khan hinted at some cross-promotion with the upcoming Iron Claw movie as AEW makes their way to Dallas in December, which is the same month the movie is released.