The Final Impact

May 2, 2015
By: Josh Boutwell of

They went straight to the ring to open Impact which I always enjoy and the opening six man tag was a really fun, exciting match. It was cool to see Davey teaming up with the Hardyz especially after the feud between The Wolves and Hardyz last year, and what was likely going to be a feud before Eddie got hurt.

The promo between Anderson and EC3 was pretty ridiculous with the campaign stuff but EC3 and Tyrus were entertaining. I think EC3 feuding with Anderson is a step back for him though. I know they don’t want to hotshot the feud with Angle or Lashley, but Anderson has become so tiresome in the last year or so. He’s just stale to me I guess and nothing about him interests me.

The X-Division match was exciting as hell. Yes, it was a spot fest but it was entertaining as hell and what the X-Division is all about. They pulled out several cool, innovative spots and Tigre Uno and Mark Andrews especially flew all over the place. The sequence that Andrews and King did off of the ladder in a corner with reversals was really impressive as well as Tigre’s insane Spanish Fly off the ladder. This is the type of stuff we should be seeing every week from the X-Division. I liked that King went after Spud’s ribs the whole match, it was smart in terms of the match but also because of BDC’s hatred or Spud as well.

The Dollhouse thing is just, I don’t know. It just seems like they are trying hard to make it the new version of the Beautiful People. I’m not going to completely crap on it yet especially because I think Mia  Yim is really good in the ring.

Terrell-Brooke was okay while it lasted but it was just pretty much there to further establish Terrell as a heel. I actually think Terrell has potential to be a decent heel even with as hot as she is.

I really despise ____ On A Pole Matches and that probably bigoted me towards the Ki-Galloway match from the start, but those matches just don’t do anything for me. I like the Ki-Galloway feud but I would say much rather see them in a straight up match or a Street Fight at most.

I’m already bored with Magnus-Storm.

Angle-EY was a really good, brutal match but I don’t know how smart it is for Angle to be taking repeated Piledrivers these days. Nonetheless EY’s psycho gimmick really works for me and this feud is a nice placeholder for Angle before he moves on to either Lashley again or likely EC3.

I’m actually enjoying Al Snow on commentary, he doesn’t make near as many of the corny jokes that Taz repeatedly would make. He’s still very green at the job and you can tell he’s still working on it but I am definitely willing to see if he continues to get better.

– Segment/Promo of the Night: EY
– Match of the Night: Ladder Match (***1/2)
– Overall Grade: B

Until next week… PEACE!

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