Video: Joey Janela flaming boot spot at GCW event quickly goes wrong

Former AEW star Joey Janela set his boot on fire in the main event match against Drew Parker at Saturday night’s Game Changer Wrestling Maniac event.

Janela, with his boot on fire, hit Parker with a superkick as planned. However, following the spot, Janela’s boot continued burning as he sat in the middle of the ring while trying to take his boot off.

The commentary team was very concerned for Janela. Bottles of water were tossed into the ring as the ref and other GCW personnel made attempts to put out the fire, which was eventually put out.

Two fans that were in attendance posted video footage of Janela’s flaming boot to Twitter, which you can watch below:

Later in the evening, Janela took to Twitter to make a joke of the situation, which you can see below:

Janela officially finished up with AEW back on May 1, as his contract expired and was not renewed.