UPDATED: Don Callis attacked following Triplemania XXXI in Tijuana, said not to be a work


PWInsider is reporting they were told there were no fans in the vicinity of the backstage area where the Omega attack was filmed. It was also said that Don Callis later returned to the United States and is not believed to have been injured.

*Initial reports had indicated it was a fan that attacked Callis. However, it is also now being said that it may have been a photographer that actually attacked Callis*


Our original story posted at 5:07 pm ET earlier on Sunday is below.

Don Callis was attacked by a fan following Saturday’s Triplemania XXXI event in Tijuana, Mexico.

According to Bryan Alvarez of F4WOnline, there was a post-show press conference where Kenny Omega was confronted by Don Callis, leading to an angle in which Omega had been attacked by Konosuke Takeshita, continuing their storyline feud that has been part of AEW programming.

As security was breaking up the fight, this is when was a fan attacked Callis from behind. Alvarez notes everything was part of the angle up to that point, but then a fan who was apparently upset about what Callis had said to Kenny jumped Don from behind, ripped his suit, concussed his eardrum and busted open his mouth while he was trying to choke out Callis from behind. Alvarez also went on to say that Callis was screaming profanities at the fan before he was pulled off, and was said to have been livid afterwards.

The report further notes Callis’ neck and ankle were both injured in the attack and that he was taken to a hospital in San Diego for medical attention and that the entire situation was “absolutely not a work” and was legitimate.

Callis appeared prior to Triplemania’s main event, where he was going to be in the corner of El Hijo del Vikingo. However, before the start of the match, Konnan came out and sent Callis to the back. Vikingo won the match by cleanly pinning Omega with a 630 splash.