Former WWE Superstar debuts at AEW All Out on Sunday in Chicago

Following his win over Powerhouse Hobbs at Sunday’s AEW All Out PPV at the United Center in Chicago, former WWE Superstar Lana (Miro’s real-life wife CJ Perry) made her debut.

After the match, Hobbs and Miro shook hands as a sign of respect to each other. However, it ended up being a swerve by Hobbs, as he attacked Miro. It was then CJ Perry showed up to make the save, hitting Hobbs with a chair, which had no affect on him. Both Perry and Hobbs had a brief staredown before Miro recovered. Miro then got up and nailed Hobbs from behind with the chair, sending him out of the ring. Miro then looked at his wife, walked away and said to her she was not real.

Miro has said during various promo’s that his wife is “hot and flexible.”

During the match, the fans chanted “slap that meat”, yelled “meat”, chanted “meat forever” and “holy meat” at each strike both men made on each other.

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