IMPACT Wrestling Bound For Glory Results -10/21/23 (Five Title Matches and more!)

IMPACT Wrestling Bound For Glory Results
October 21, 2023
Cicero Stadium in Cicero, IL (Just outside of Chicago)
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

We have an opening video package hyping up tonight’s show!

Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt are on commentary and welcome us to a sold out arena. The lighting looks good and the crowd is hot in Chicago tonght! The ring ropes are white with silver canvas. This certainly has a big show feel to it.

We start things off tonight with the X-Division Title Match. The champion is out first and makes his way to the ring to a great ovation. KENTA is out next…it was noted on commentary that KENTA has not lost a match in three months.

IMPACT X Division Championship Match: Chris Sabin (c) defends against KENTA

The bell rings and we begin as the crowd is on fire for this match. Both men lock up. The hold is broken as KENTA backs into the ropes. Both men shake hands, but KENTA kicks Chris in the gut. Both men exchange blows. KENTA goes to the eyes and then nails Chris with a big boot to the face. KENTA kicks Chris as he gets up. The action goes to the outside as Chris drops KENTA on the apron and then nails KENTA with a huge flip on the floor as KENTA drops to floor! Chris goes up top and hits KENTA with a cross body and covers KENTA for just a two count! Chris works on the neck of KENTA as he rolls to the outside to boos. Chris flies over the ropes, but KENTA moves out of the way as Chris crashes to the floor. KENTA sends Chris in the ring apron and then the guardrail as he holds his mouth as he is on his back…we have dual lets go Sabin – lets go KENTA chants…KENTA is back in the ring as Chris makes his way back in and KENTA drops him with a neckbreaker and attempts four pin attempts as Sabin kicks out on all four attempts. KENTA starts arguing with the ref on tthe counts. KENTA has Chris in a headlock. Chris fights out of it with a jaw breaker on Sabin. KENTA gets Sabin back in a headlock and ask the ref to ask Sabin if he gives up. As Sabin is back up, he and KENTA exchange blows…both men send each other down on the mat. KENTA is up and Chris charges at KENTA, but he moves…Sabin goes to the top rope and drops KENTA with a huge drop kick. Chris nails KENTA with a knee and then drops him with a tornado DDT from the top rope! Sabin has KENTA but he pokes Chris in the eyes and then drops him and covers him for only a two count! Sabin sends KENTA to the corner and then charges at KENTA who moves out of the way and hits the ring post as KENTA delievers a DDT on Chris. KENTA then hits Sabin with a drop kick to the face. As KENTA charges Sabin, he nails KENTA in the face as both men are down. The ref begins the ten count! Sabin has KENTA up for the cradleshock, but KENTA grabs the ref. KENTA is up on the top rope. KENTA then lands on Sabin to the gut from top rope. KENTA then flips off the fans and tries take out Sabin with the GTS, but Sabin blocks it. Sabin fights back and goes to the top rope and nails KENTA with a huge drop kick and then hits KENTA with a clothesline and follows up with a cradleshock for the win!


The commentary team run down the rest of the card for tonight.

Monster’s Ball is next…we go to a video package how we go to this match.

We go to backstage as all the commentators are locked up in dark rooms and let out for the match.

Monster’s Ball: Moose vs. Rhino vs. PCO vs. Steve Maclin

As Rhino is introduced first, Steve Maclin attacks him from behind…Moose then comes out and nails Rhino with his briefcase and knocks Rhino out. Moose then attacks Maclin and sends him into the ring…PCO’s music hits as PCO hits the ring…Moose and PCO exchange blows. PCO then takes out Maclin and sends him to the floor. As PCO goes back in the ring, Moose sends him over the top rope as the ladder breaks…Rhino is back in the ring and takes out Maclin with a chair. Rhino grabs Moose and then nails him with shoulder blocks. As Rhino turns around, Maclin nails him with a garbage can. Moose charges at Maclin who moves and sends Moose to the turnbuckle. PCO then drops Maclin on a ladder than splits. Maclin is up and grabs a chair and nails PCO in the back. As PCO rolls back in the ring, Maclin follows and nails him hard with a chair. Maclin then goes for another chair shot, but misses and PCO picks him up and chokeslams him. PCO then takes out Rhino on the floor! PCO goes back in the ring and drops Maclin. PCO then delivers a huge leg drop on Maclin from the second rope. PCO then climbs up the top and then drops onto Maclin who is partially hanging on the ring apron. PCO gets back in the ring. As PCO has a little black bag in his hand, Moose from behind nails PCO with a trash can lid and then drops PCO as he gets back up. Moose drops him again, but PCO WILL NOT STAY DOWN! Moose then sends PCO to the outside. Moose tells the ref to give him the black bag as Moose dumps thumb tacks on the cinder blocks and then powerslams PCO on the cinder blocks full of the tacks! Maclin is back up and nails Moose from behind and takes him out. Rhino is then back in and takes out Maclin. Rhino then asks who wants tables…Rhino then grabs a table with barbwire…Rhino picks up Maclin and misses with a punch as Maclin sends Rhino into the ring post. Maclin then grabs a chair and nails Rhino in the knee. Bully Ray comes out and gets in the ring to confront Maclin who is up on the top rope. Bully sends Maclin down as he falls back first through the barbwire table! Bully then asks Maclin who is soft now…back in the ring Moose and PCO fight it out…PCO drops Moose with a DDT. PCO is up on the top rope as Moose gets up and nails PCO in the back with the chair as he still has tacks in his back. Rhino then gores Moose as PCO takes him out. PCO then lands on Moose from the top rope to get the win.


We go backstage with Gia Miller interviewing Mickie James on her match tonight, where she challenge Trinity for the Knockouts title. Mickie says Trinity has never been across the ring from hardcore country…

We go to a video package on the Feast or Fired match from several weeks back, then move onto how we got to our next match.

The challengers out first…Next out are the tag team champions – Trey Miguel and Zachary Wentz

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship Match: The Rascalz (c) defend against ABC (Chris Bey and Ace Austin)

The bell rings and we are underway as ABC hits double drop kicks on the champs. Trey and Chris are in the ring starting things off as both try to take each other out…Chris tags in Ace who covers Trey for just a two count. Trey locks up Ace as he breaks the hold. Trey sends Ace the ropes as Trey then hits a neckbreaker on Ace and covers him for just a two count. Wentz is tagged in and chops Ace who goes down and covers Ace for a one count. Trey distracts the ref as Wentz drops Ace to the floor from the ring apron. Wentz tags in Trey as Ace is down in the ring. Ace is back up and attempts to fight back. He tries to tag in Christ Bey, but Trey pulls him back to the center of the ring. Trey then drops Bay with a cheapshot on Bey. As both Rascalz are on the outside, Ace takes them out. He rolls back in the ring and makes the tag to Chris Bey. Bey sends Trey to the outside. Bey then chops Wentz and the hits him with a knee strike. Trey is back in…Bey takes out the tag champs! He drops Wentz with a brainbuster and covers him for only a two count! Bey is up on the top rope…Bey tags in Ace who drops Wentz with a neckbreaker and covers him for just a two count…the tag champs get back in control. Wentz stomps on Ace Austin…Trey covers Ace for just a two count. Trey argues with the ref on the count…Trey tags in Wentz and as they have Ace up. Bey breaks the hold. Bey and Trey are up on the top rope…Trey lands on Ace and then Wentz does the same. Wentz goes for the cover, but Bey breaks it up as he lands on Trey. Wentz grabs a can of spraypaint. The ref sees the can and he as the ref has his back turned, the champs get spraypainted in the face…Ace and Bey nail Wentz – Ace covers Wentz for the 1 – 2 – 3 as we hav new tag team champions!


We go to a video package on hyping up Will Ospreay vs. Mike Bailey.

Mike Bailey is out first. Will Ospreay is out next to a huge ovation from the Chicago fans. It was noted on commentary this is the first time Will is back in IMPACT in seven years.

Will Ospreay vs. “Speedball” Mike Bailey

The bell rings as we have a holy s— chant. Both men lock up…Mike is against the ropes ans the ref is trying to break the hold…we have a clean break. Will then chops Mike as both men fly around the ring. Mike then takes out Will with kicks to the spine that sends him to the floor…Mike then leaps over the top rope and takes out Will who is still on the floor. Will is back in the ring as Mike is on the top rope…he comes down as Will moves out of the way. Will then levels Mike who goes to the floor as Will then leaps over the ropes and lands on Mike on the floor. Will tosses Mike back in the ring and punches Mike as he drops to the floor. As Mike is up, Will chops him hard as he drops to his knees. Will then picks up Mike and delivers a backbreaker…As Mike is up, Will then has Mike in a submission hold, who breaks out of it. Will then chops Mike who drops to the mat…as Mike Bailey gets back up, both men exchange blows. Will Ospreay then sends Mike to the floor. Will goes for a baseball slide kicks on Mike who moves as he climbs to the ropes and drops on Will on the floor! Mike Bailey climbs the ropes and hits Will Ospreay with a huge drop kick, followed by an axe kick. Mike Bailey then hits Will with a moonsault and covers him for just a two count! Bailey then kicks Ospreay in the face…Will is up on the top rope as Mike climbs to the top and drops Will Ospreay! Will then kicks Bailey right in the skull! both men are down as the fans are nuts for this match! Ospreay rolls out to the apron. Will is up and leaps over the ropes and hits Mike with a forearm shot and covers Bailey for just a two count! The fans begin and Ospreay chant…he then nails Bailey with a big boot to the face. Will picks up Mike, but Bailey slides out…Ospreay then kicks Bailey in the mouth…Bailey then is able to drop Ospreay and covers him for just a two count! Mike Bailey gets up and kicks Ospreay and then sweeps the legs as Ospreay drops to the apron, but he gets back up and sends Bailey face first into the ring post…Will then drops Mike as they both land on the floor…the ref checks on both men. Ospreay is up first and rolls back in the ring…Bailey beats the count as he makes it back in, but is nailed by Ospreay and covers Bailey or just a two count! Mike Bailey falls to the mat as tries to get back up…Will Ospreay grabs Bailey and plants him with a big forearm. As Mike Bailey gets up, he gets in the face of Will and nails him in the face…it fires up Ospreay as both men exchange blows the face and kicks to the face…Both men then kick each other back and forth…both men take each other out and go down! The ref begins the ten count…the fans begin chanting fight forever…hey isn’t that some video game from another company? Baily is up and nails Will in the back with a kick! Baily then goes to the top rope and hits Ospreay with an ultimate weapon…Mike covers Will – 1 – 2 – NO! Ospreay kicks out! Both men are up. Bailey then is nailed with an elbow by Will who puts up Mike and drops him, but Mike reverses it and covers him for just a two count! Bailey and Ospreay are up on the top rope. Mike Bailey drops Will Ospreay with a meteor reign and covers Will – 1 – 2 – NO! WILL OSPREAY KICKS OUT! Bailey then nails Ospreay with a tornado kick to the jaw. Will has Mike up and drops him with a styles clash for just a two count! Will Ospreay has Mike Bailey up and drops him with a storm driver and covers him, but Bailey kicks out! Will then nails Mike from behind with a huge elbow, followed by a storm breaker…Will Ospreay covers Mike Bailey and gets the win!


We go to a video package hyping up the Call Your Shot Gauntlet with all the participants.

Ring announcer Dave Penzer goes over the rules. The winner will recieve a future title shot of their choosing. Jake Something is out first at number 1. The second entrant is Eddie Edwards.

Call Your Shot Gauntlet: Jake Something, Dirty Dango, Champagne Singh, Eric Young, Jordynne Grace, Brian Myers, Shera, KiLynn King, Jody Threat, Bully Ray, Joe Hendry, Frankie Kazarian, Kenny King, Gisele Shaw, Eddie Edwards, 5 More To Be Announced.
Jake Something is entrant #1, Dirty Dango is entrant #20.

The bell rings and we are underway…Jake and Eddie lock up. Eddie chops Jake and then Chops Eddie…Jake sends Eddie to the ropes…as Eddie charges Jake he is taken down. Jake picks up Eddie and slams him down. Jake then stomps on Eddie and then picks him up and sends him to the turn buckle…Kenny King is out next. He has Sheldon Jean with him. Eddie slides out of the ring as Kenny goes in and takes out Jake. Eddie is back in and both Kenny and Eddie double team Jake. Juventud Gurrerra is out next! He takes out Jake, Eddie and Kenny. As Juventud nails Sheldon, Kenny drops him with a spine buster…Johnny Swinger is out next…Johnny targets Kenny and nails him with a huge punch. Kenny recovers and picks up Swinger and drops him. Juventud drops Kenny and sends him to over the ropes and elminates Kenny…Crazzy Steve comes in and takes out Johnny and Kenny. Gisele Shaw is out. Swinger gets eliminated as does Kenny King. As Crazzy Steve goes after Swinger with a fork, Tommy Dreamer is out to make the save…Jody Threat is out next. Jody goes after Gisele Shaw. Kilynn King is out next…she goes after Jody Threat, but Kilynn picks up Jody and sends her to the turnbuckle. Eddie nails Juventud and sends him to the floor as he is elminated. Former AEW star Sonny Kiss is out next…Kiss goes after Shaw and picks her up sends her over the top rope to eliminate shaw. Bully Ray is out next…Bully goes face to face with Sonny Kiss…Sonny dances in front of Bully. Bully then does a dance of his own. Sonny leaps in the arms of Bully who puts Sonny down. Matt Cardona is out next! Bully picks up Cardona and slams him down…Sonny goes to the top and lands on Cardona as Bully holds the legs open of Cardona. Sonny comes down with a headbutt on Cardona. Jordynne Grace is out next. She gets in the face of Bully. Eddie then nails Bully from behind and hits him with shoulder blocks in the corner. Cardona then crashes into Bully. Eric Young is out next. Eric goes after Eddie and drops him. Eddie them piledrives Cardrona. Eddie is up and chops Eric…Eric Young then eliminates Eddie Edwards. Joe Hendry is out next. Joe hits Matt Cardona as he enters the ring. Hendry then picks up Matt and suplexes him. Brian Myers is out next. He goes after Joe Hendry and drops him with a spear and then sends him over the ropes to elminate him…as Cardona and Myers hug, Sonny Kiss goes after them, but gets eliminated. Heath is out next. He takes out both Cardona and Myers. Kilynn King picks a fight with Heath who drops her with a wake up call…Heath gets elminated quickly by Cardona and Myers. Frankie Kazarian is out next. Kaz drops Cardona and Myers. Myers then drops Kaz..Rich Swann is out next. Rich enters and kicks Brian Myers. Kaz and Rich team up and drop Cardona and Myers…Jonathan Gresham is out next. He kicks Rich Swann and Kaz. Gresham eliminates Jody Threat…he then goes after Jordynne Grace – his wife. Dirty Dango is out next. Jake Something elimates Dirty Dango as he entered the ring. Oleg Prudius enters the ring and starts kicking everyone. The ref gets him out of the ring…as theat was going on we had eliminations, but I missed it as the action is all over the place. Rich Swann is tied up on the ropes with Gresham. Rich Swann is on the apron and gets elminated by Cardona. Eric Young who is on the apron gets elimated by Cardona. Gresham then gets eliminated. Myers and Cardona pick up Jake Something and drop him. Jake then finds a second wind and takes out both Cardona and Myers. Jake drops Myers and then Matt Cardona. Jake tries to eliminate Cardona, but Myers from behind hits him with a low blow as Myers elminates Jake…Cardona then elimnates Myers. Bully then elminates Kilynn King and Cardona.

We are down to Jordynne Grace and Bully Ray. Only way to win is by pinfall or submission. Grace chops Bully. He then pushes her down, but she gets back up. Bully has Grace on his shoulders and then clotheslines her to loud boos. Grace charges Bully, but is met with a big boot to the face. Grace takes down Bully, but he is up and sends her down to the mat as the fans boo loud. Bully goes for an elbow, but Grace moves and then chops Bully. She picks up Bully and drops him with a juggernaut driver and covers Bully for the win…we had slight wardrobe malfunction with Grace’s outfit, but she did well to make sure it was quick as the camera cut away. Grace grabs a mic as she holds the big trophy and says she loves to make history and says he calls her shot for the Knockouts World Championship at Hard to Kill.


We go to a video package hyping up our next match, which is for the Knockouts World Title. Mickie will fight to regain a title she never lost…

The challenger is out first, followed by the champion. Dave Penzer makes the introductions.

IMPACT Knockouts World Championship Match: Trinity (c) defends against Mickie James

We are underway…both women lock up. Mickie has Trinity in an armbar. Trinity kicks Mickie as both women lock up again. Trinity has Mickie in an armbar. Mickie breaks out of it, but Trinity puts Mickie in a headlock. Trinity drops Mickie. Trinity then backslides Mickie down as the ref counts, but Mickie kicks out at two. Both women lock up. Its now a test of strenght between the two. Mickie attempts a pin, but Trinity kicks out at two. Trinity then covers Mickie, but she kicks out at two. We have more pin attempts…Mickie kicks Trinity and then covers Trinity for just a two count. Mickie puts her hand out for a shake, but Mickie kicks Trinity, but she recovers and kicks Mickie. Trinity then drops Mickie, who gets back up and drops Trinity. Both women now exchange blows. Both women then take each other out. Mickie and Trinity send each other to the floor, as the ref begins the ten count. They both make it into the ring at nine. Trinity drops Mickie James and covers her, but Mickie kicks out at two. Mickie then plants Trinity face first to the mat. Mickie is up on the top rope and comes down on Trinity and covers her, but the champ kicks out at two. Trinity then drops Mickie and delivers a slip legged moonsault. Trinity covers Mickie who kicks out at two. Mickie then nails Trinity with the Mick kick and covers Trinity for a two count. Trinity picks up Mickie and drops her and covers Mickie who kicks out at two. Both women make several pin attempts on each other…Mickie then drops the champ with a tornado DDT and covers Trinity for just a two count. Mickie argues with the ref on the count. Trinity went for an x-factor as Mickie moves out of the way. Trinity battle back with a kick…Mickie recovers and drops Trinity hard on the mat. Trinity looks to be out. The ref checks on Trinity. Mickie picks up Trinity, but she counters and drops Mickie head first on the mat and then puts Mickie in the starstruck as Mickie submits to retain.

After the match, Mickie shows respect to Trinity as does Trinity to Mickie.

We go backstage with Gia Miller interviewing Moose…he says he is not a loser and is still a winner as long as he has his briefcase. He says at Hard to Kill he will walk out as the IMPACT World Champion.


We go to a video package hyping our main event World Title Match. It looks like the Women’s Tag Team Title Match has been nixed from tonight’s PPV.

The challenge Josh Alexander is out first. It was noted on commentary before Josh had to relinquish the title due to injury, he had held the title for 348 days – the longest in company history. The Champion is out next.

Ring announcer David Penzer makes the introductions.

IMPACT World Championship Match: Alex Shelley (c) defends against Josh Alexander

The bell rings and we are underway! Both men look intense. Both men lock up. Josh takes Alex down to mat. Alex reverses it as both men get up. Both men lock up again as Alex grabs Josh by the wrist, who takes down Alex. Josh goes to the ropes…Alex goes for the left arm of Josh. Josh tries a C-4 Spike, but Alex gets out of it. Josh goes for an ankle lock, but Alex breaks out of the hold and rolls to the floor. The ref begins the ten count. Alex is back in at eight. Both men lock up again. Alex has Josh in a headlock. Josh Alexander tries to get out of the hold and pushes Shelley to the ropes to break the hold. Alexander then puts Shelley in a headlock. Shelley kicks the left arm of Alexander to break the hold. Shelley then grabs the right arm of Alexander and works on the fingers…Shelley covers Alexander, but he kicks out at two. Alex Shelley then chops Alexander. Shelley goes for a big boot, but Josh Alexander chops Shelley. Both men then exhange blows! Shelley then connects with a shot to the left arm of Alexander. Josh then comes back and nails Alex Shelley with a big boot. Alexander drops Shelley with shoulder break. Alexander has Shelley locked up, but Shelley breaks the hold. Alexander is on the arpon and is dropped by Shelley as he then stomps on the left arm of Alexander. Both men are on the floor as the ref begins the ten count. As Alexander charges at Shelley he moves out of the way and sends Josh’s left arm into the ring post. Shelley goes in the ring to start the ten count over again…Shelley twists the left arm of Alexander around the ring post and then twists the fingers of Josh…the action is back on the floor as Alexander chops Shelley. Josh rolls back in the ring to reset the ten count as Alexander chops Shelley in the chest hard several times. Alexander then smashes the left knee of Shelley on the apron. Josh then grabs the left leg of Alex and twists it around the ring post. Shelley exposes a turnbuckle…Shelley puts the border city stretch on Alexander who makes it to the ropes to break the hold…Shelley then grabs the left wrist of Alexander. Shelley then hits Alexander with a twisting neckbreaker as both men are down. Shelley is up, followed by Alexander…Shelley then puts Alexander in a straight jacket hold and follows up with knees to the back of Alexander. Shelley then kicks Alexander in the left shoulder. Alexander then grabs the left boot of Shelley and clothesline him as both men are down…Both men are back up as Alexander catches Shelley and drops him with an overhead belly to belly…As Alexander rushes at Shelley he nails Alexander with a big boot…Alex then delivers a slice bread on Josh who then hits Alex with a German Suplex and covers the champ for a near fall! Josh tries to set up Alex for the C-4, but Alex counters…Josh comes back and hits Alex with a dragon screw. Alex rolls to the floor as Josh comes down and is set into the barricade by Alex. As Alexander is up, Shelley drops him with a sliced bread on the floor. Alex rolls Josh back in the ring. Shelley then comes off the top rope with a huge frog splash on Alexander…Josh then puts Alex in an ankle lock…Josh Alexander has Shelley in a leg lock, but Shelley then smacks Alexander in the head and it knocks his headgear off. Alexander nails Shelley with a huge elbow….Shelley comes back and nails Alexander with a shellshock! He then kicks Alexander as the mouth guard of Alexander flies out of his mouth. Shelley hits Alexander with another shellshock and covers Alexander for the three count to retain.

We go to replays of the match showing how Shelley retained.


After the match, Josh and Alex shake hands and then hug. Josh puts the title around the waste of Alex Shelley…as the show goes off the air…we go to a video package that is Hallowen like…Frankie Kazarian tosses a trunk who obtained from the water…Kaz says pro wrestling is bleeding…Jordynne Grace says we need to go back where it started…Eddie says they thought the book was closed and we need to re-write the story…Alex Shelley says it is time for the next chapter. The truck gets open and it has flashbacks of the TNA Wrestling with a TNA Wrestling…we are back announcing Hard to Kill as TNA Wrestling…we go back to the arena as Scott D’Amore says we are back as the fans chant TNA. The show now goes off the air.