Alberto El Patron

TMZ Sports has obtained and released new audio involving GFW Unified Champion Alberto El Patron (Jose Rodriguez) and WWE star Paige (Saraya-Jade Bevis) at Orlando International Airport following an incident on Sunday afternoon.

The audio was recorded by a wrestling fan that recognized both Patron and Paige at the airport as they began arguing. The fan can be audibly heard on the audio saying, “I’m a huge fan, by the way.” A majority of the audio is a heated argument between Patron and Paige with Paige at one point telling Patron to “stay out of my life.”

This audio comes just hours after Paige released a series of tweets on Monday claiming that a “lady” tried to take a picture of them and then threw a drink on Patron adding, “Please leave us alone. That’s it.” The audio released by TMZ Sports obviously tells a different story as Orlando police continue to investigate the incident as “domestic violence battery.”


  1. yeah, sorry paige, but that tape makes you out to be a filthy, .ing liar on your tweets regarding the incident. co-dependency issues out the wazoo!

  2. He actually sounds a bit like a sociopath. I dont know the guy from Adam obviously. But if that be the case, Paige actually needs help to get away from him.

  3. The trouble is, in abusive relationships, a lot of times the abused one will think the best way to avoid making things any worse is to keep their mouth shut and do as told, even lie to others about the events that happen. I don’t envy her position at all, and while I can say what I think she should do in this case, I’m not in her shoes.

  4. An egocentric prick and a dirty little sket – why anyone cares about their lives is beyond me. It’s just embarrassing!

  5. Paige obviously has baggage, and she thinks marriage will cure that… guess what… it doesn’t. I know it’s none of our business, but she’s a public figure that likes making her private life known to us, so it’s hard not to comment on this poor damaged girl and her self destruction.

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