Alberto El Patron

Global Force Wrestling issued a new statement on Wednesday morning announcing that they have suspended GFW Unified Champion Alberto El Patron (Jose Rodriguez) indefinitely until his recent domestic battery case is resolved.

Patron is currently under investigation by the Orlando Police Department for an allegation of domestic battery at an Orlando airport on July 9 that, based on recent photographic and audio leaks by, involved Patron’s finance WWE star Paige.

You can check out GFW’s statement below.

“Global Force Wrestling has indefinitely suspended Alberto El Patron, effective immediately, until the investigation is resolved following a recent incident in Orlando, Florida.”


  1. Is it a contest to see who gets fired first? They are both going to end up in their home countries with their visas revoked, wrestling for their dads. I used to be a fan, especially of DelRio, but that ship has sailed.

  2. Of course you have taken it upon yourself to be judge and jury over this matter. You can at least wait till law enforcement complete their investigations before passing judgement. You weren’t there, you don’t know what happened. Alberto could be innocent you know

  3. What a worthless piece of garbage!! I hope every wrestling organization blacklists him and Paige gets a brain in her head and dumps him.

  4. Wow. I’m surprised they did this. I mean, I’d do the exact same thing (actually, given his history, I wouldn’t have hired him to begin with, but whatever), but I’m surprised they took disciplinary actions here, especially on their champion. But again, that’s a good thing: Show that, if you act up, no matter what position you’re in, there will be consequences.

  5. You mean TNA/GFW slipped up again by overlooking the guys already on their roster to coronate a WWE recent arrival. PSHAW!
    How is Jarrett different from Dixie again?

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