Dutch Mantell

Dutch Mantell talks about Pop TV

I spoke with GFW executive and creative consultant Dutch Mantell today during the company’s weekly conference call with media about Pop TV and if GFW has any plans of expanding beyond the network going forward in the future.

You can take a listen below.

GFW footage with Bobby Roode

In preparation for part 1 of the GFW AMPED series airing on August 11 on PPV, GFW has released brief footage of Bobby Roode’s appearance for the company.

This footage was taped back in 2015 and the social media teams seems intent on capitalizing on Roode’s status as the current NXT Champion in WWE at the moment.


  1. Typical of a JJ based exciting news format…appeared 2 years ago…wonder if GFW will take credit for Roodes current success…Ya think Dixie had issues (and she did), wait, pay attention, it will be anthems fault as thus guy falls on face again

  2. With them playing it off like it’s a current thing and the footage is new, there is going to be some serious lawsuit action coming their way. They are going to get so buried by WWE lawyers. I really wish GFW could somehow get themselves in a position where people want to watch, but this kind of thing won’t work. This isn’t RAW/Nitro with Lex Lugar or Rick Rude. People know this is old footage, but playing it off like it’s new is going to land them in serious hot water.

  3. I wouldn’t have thought that the WWE can touch them. The footage was filmed in 2015 and GFW/Jarrett own the rights to that footage. So long as they disclaim that this was filmed prior to 2017 and there is no slander how can WWE touch them?

  4. Listen to the commentary. It sounds new, and they are totally playing up that he shouldn’t be there because he is NXT/WWE. They can claim old footage, but the commentary sounds new and aren’t saying anything about it being old.

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