Jeff Jarrett

Impact Wrestling’s relationship with Jeff Jarrett and GFW has come to an end.

Anthem and Impact Wrestling announced on Monday in a statement on Twitter that the relationship between Jarrett and Global Force Wrestling is now officially done.

The company announced last month that Jarrett would be taking an “indefinite leave of absence” from the company, only a few months into the working relationship between Jarrett and the new owners Anthem Sports and Entertainment.

This announcement comes just two weeks before the company’s Bound for Glory PPV in Ottawa. While Anthem’s Ed Nordholm stated publicly he was hopeful Jarrett would return to the company down the line, that is no longer the case.

As already reported on, Impact started heavily phasing out the use of the GFW name and putting emphasis back on describing the company as Impact Wrestling when promoting the upcoming Bound for Glory PPV. What this means for the situation involving the championships in the company going forward remains to be seen.


  1. Won’t happen sadly, as WWE would just be buying the library and it wouldn’t be worth 1 million to WWE and to Anthem even if TNA / IMPACT / GFW / IMPACT WRESTLING / etc. were to fold in terms of ongoing television, the library would still be worth more to Anthem as they can use it on their network and sell ads and over the long haul that would be worth more than the price-tag to Anthem. I’m not sure how their new Global Wrestling network will go but again, just to run old episodes of Impact / TNA regularly on the Fite/Fight Network and Anthems other platforms, they’ve already noted it is worth more than WWE would ever pay for the company – so whether they stop producing an active show, don’t expect to hear of them selling to WWE anytime soon.

  2. Time for another monthly reboot. Pretty much every set of tv tapings is a relaunch anyways, with different rosters for each one. A handfull of indy guys leave, & a bunch of no name indy guys replace them, along with a new “on-screen” authority figure each time. This organization is beyond a mess right now. There’s no one left that is worth seeing anyways. I don’t even care about Lashley & Storm anymore also… they’ve been ruined & reduced to mid-card 50/50 booking.

  3. Now they have their own “network” of sorts, so the chances of them selling the library is a lot less. The price is $2 less than WWE Network as well. So if people want to watch all TNA’s old stuff, they can for $8.

  4. OMG. Just when you think the on-going story of the death of TNA cannot get any dumber or convoluted, it does. I swear, it’s like they’re going out of their way to make sure that the DVD that covers the death of this company is like 9 discs long, because that way they can turn as big a profit from it as possible. XD

  5. So JJ is out again. And they’re back to being Impact…again. Well at least now we kinda sorta know what to call them…again.
    This f*cking company. X(

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