Jeff Jarrett

Impact Wrestling’s relationship with Jeff Jarrett and GFW has come to an end.

Anthem and Impact Wrestling announced on Monday in a statement on Twitter that the relationship between Jarrett and Global Force Wrestling is now officially done.

The company announced last month that Jarrett would be taking an “indefinite leave of absence” from the company, only a few months into the working relationship between Jarrett and the new owners Anthem Sports and Entertainment.

This announcement comes just two weeks before the company’s Bound for Glory PPV in Ottawa. While Anthem’s Ed Nordholm stated publicly he was hopeful Jarrett would return to the company down the line, that is no longer the case.

As already reported on, Impact started heavily phasing out the use of the GFW name and putting emphasis back on describing the company as Impact Wrestling when promoting the upcoming Bound for Glory PPV. What this means for the situation involving the championships in the company going forward remains to be seen.