Indy News #1: ClickWrestle, PCW, NAW, DWF/Loco

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SeXXXy Eddie and Lacey Von Erich Show Their Stuff on ClickWrestle
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KSSassyLLC sent this in:


Jan 15, 2009

Dylan O’Connors Pub on Pembina, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Awesome crowd last night at Dylan’s and we truly appreciate you braving the ridiculously cold weather!

Scotty Raver is out first for a match but is interrupted by “The Philosopher” Mike Arnott who admits he was not scheduled until the second segment but wanted to save the fans from an opening show Raver match.

Arnott says that his Syndicate is taking over one way or another and Commissioner Stevens should hand over power and control before it is too late. He then introduced the PCW Tag Team Champions “Showtime” Robby Royce & Anderson Tyson Moore.

Royce and ATM admit they are obligated to defend their titles against the number one contenders, to be determined later in the night between Southern Comfort and Nate & Marty, but they say they will only do so tonight. Royce refers to Nate & Marty as “Suicide Kings”.

Arnott introduces the “Next PCW Heavyweight Champion” Antonio Scorpio Jr. He says Scorpio will defeat Mentallo and go on to beat the absent champion Kenny Omega. As an insurance policy, Arnott announces a $1000 bounty on the head of Mentallo to any PCW Superstar who takes him out tonight.

Scorpio reacts poorly to this, saying Arnott’s job is to handle the business while he handles the wrestling. He warns that if anyone touches Mentallo they’d have to deal with him. He stormed out.

A flustered Arnott turned his attention to Raver who was still in the ring and told him if he wanted a match so badly, there was one member of the Syndicate left. As Alice Cooper’s “Feed My Frankenstein” blasted over teh speakers, the 400lb behemoth Sabertooth stalked towards the ring.

Raver vs Sabertooth

It was short and punishing. Raver was terribly out matched as Sabertooth used his power and size advantage to batter his much smaller opponent. He threw Raver around like a rag doll before securing the pin…and insisting on a 5 count.

Triple Threat

Chris Marxwell vs Ludicrous vs “Average” Joe Dixon

Ludicrous was making his PCW debut, a masked man stroking a child’s bear. He embraced everyone involved in the match, clearly angering Dixon who sat at ringside drinking a beer and expressing his disgust to the fans.

When Dixon finally hit the ring, he did so like a house of fire, dispatching Ludicrous before turning his attention to Marxwell. Dixon pounded Marxwell into near-submission before finishing him off with the “Average Buster” for the victory. Dixon never even remove his ring jacket or knit cap.

Post match, an irate Marxwell confronted Ludicrous and threw his bear down in a fit of rage. Astonishing the crowd, Ludicrous snapped and laid Marxwell out and collected his precious bear before leaving the ring.

PCW Tag Title – Number One Contenders Match

Adam Knight & JP Kaos vs Nate Hardy & Marty Labossier

Southern Comfort were huge fan favourites, drawing cheers and chants from the crowd. Nate Hardy entered the night suffering a serious back injury, but refused to give up the opportunity to earn a title shot with his young partner.

Knight and Kaos isolated Marty and punished him with vicious chops and strikes. Marty’s chest was red and his face bruised & swollen. With Kaos on the floor and Nate on the apron, Knight tried finish Marty off. He turned towards Nate who dropped him down across the top rope. Knight staggered back and Marty rolled him up for the shocking pinfall!

The crowd erupted into cheers, then began to boo, but the “Suicide Kings” were victorious!

Post Match, a clearly frustrated Knight and Kaos argued before heading to the back.

To start the second half, Shallcross entered to “Stand By Your Man”, but was cut off by Arnott who insisted on introducing the next match.

PCW Heavyweight Contenders Match

Mentallo vs Antonio Scorpio Jr

A lot of controversy surrounding Scorpio who had failed to appear at recent events and got into a physical altercation with Commissioner Stevens in the locker room. He looked more focused than ever and in the best shape of his life. Before the match began, Scorpio ordered Arnott to the back.

Mentallo sported hot pink gear and received a strong reaction from the crowd. A thrilling back and forth match until the referee was inadvertently knocked out. Mike Arnott suddenly re-appeared at ringside as Scotty Raver and Chris Marxwell hit the ring. Arnott yelled at them to “collect the bounty” and they attacked Mentallo. An enraged Scorpio actually came to his opponents defense, tossing both men from the ring and going out after them.

“Average” Joe Dixon slid into the ring behind Mentallo and effortlessly hoisted him on his shoulders and delivered a modified electric chair, slamming Mentallo face down on the canvas. “Outlaw” Adam Knight ran in and stood over Mentallo. He and Dixon started each other down before Dixon exited the ring and raised his hands and rubbed his index finger and thumb together in the international sign of money. Clearly, Dixon was collecting the bounty.

When Scorprio got back in the ring, he saw Mentallo laying prone on the canvas. He looked angry, but eventually covered him. As the groggy ref counted the three, Mentallo had his foot on the ropes. The ref missed it and awarded the match to Scorpio.

An irate Scorpio called Knight back in the ring and demanded to know what he was doing. Knight seemed confused. Scorpio said he warned everyone not to get involved in his match. Knight tried to tell him he had all wrong, but Scorpio blamed him for Mentallo being laid out. Scorp went on to say that he knew why Knight was sticking his nose in his business – it goes back years, to when Scorpio was the “fresh up and coming rookie” and Knight was the “decrepit, old washed up has-been”, and Scorpio nearly won the PCW Heavyweight Championship from him.

Scorpio said he’s been waiting a long time to “slap you like a bitch” and slapped Knight across the face. Knight told Scorpio that that was his one freebie, that he completely misunderstood the situation but that he was sick of “carrying dead weight and being Mr Nice Guy”. He told Scorpio if he wanted to slap him in the face, he could try it again next show because he wasn’t deserving of a title shot til he beat the “Outlaw”.

PCW Tag Team Championship

Team Impact vs The Suicide Kings

Nate Hardy & Marty Labossier were clearly hurting as they made their way to the ring. They carried obvious battle scars and Nate could barely walk under his own power. The fresh, rested champions look particularly arrogant as they battered the challengers.

The young Suicide Kings utilized their death-defying high risk offense, but were too hurt and out matched by the champions.

With Marty locked in a painful submission, he fought valiantly, but was forced to tap out. Team Impact refused to accept victory gracefully. Royce would not release the hold as ATM assaulted Nate. Referee Scotty Valentine had enough and reversed the decision.

That decision set Mike Arnott off and he went nuts. He dared Nate and Marty to show up to the next show and face Team Impact again, this time No DQ, No Countout, No Holds Barred! And if they lost, Mike would wear a dress!

PCW Returns to Dylans On Pembina Thursday February 5th!

Already Signed:

“Outlaw” Adam Knight vs Antonio Scorpio Jr

Mentallo vs “Average” Joe Dixon

Team Impact vs The Suicide Kings – No Holds Barred!

Plus more to be announced.

Devin Cutting sent this in:

Gangrel and Michael Modest will be appearing at the North American Wrestling event in Modesto, California on February 22nd, 2009. Go to for info about NAW and or for a list of upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.

mitchtv sent this in:

Corky??’s Loco Birthday Bash Gets Devastated
3 Teams ??? Two Belts ??? One Winner

January 24th 2009 @ Devastation University
2309 Haddonfield Road Pennsauken NJ.
Bell Time 7:30….
Tickets only $12.00……

ECW??’s Former Superstar The Blue Meanie Verses PWU Heavy Weight Champion Teddy Fine Has Been Added to This Event.

The Blue Meanie has just been signed to wrestle against PWU??’s Heavy Weight Champion Pryme Tyme Teddy Fine for the DWF and Loco Wrestling event on January 24th 2009 Corky??’s Loco Birthday Bash Gets Devastated. Along with WWE Hall of famer Nikolai Volkoff, NIckolai was just featured on Howard Stern singing his national anthem he will sing our national anthem LIVE in our ring. Also a NJ Favorite Steve The Teacher has also just been signed!

Loco Wrestling’s Tag Team Champions The Latin Connection, former ECW Superstars and current DWF Tag Team Champions The Lost Boys W/ Doc Diamond and New York??’s The Latin Revolution will fight it out for BOTH the Loco Wrestling and DWF Tag Team Title Belts in a Title Belt consolidation match. Everyone knows about the tension between The Lost Boys and The Latin Connection if you haven???t seen the videos they are at:

and just added into the mix is the Latin Revolution:

In addition to all that action – Loco Hardcore Champion Damien Pain takes on ???Mr. Energy??? Kevin James for what will be one of the most memorable, bloody hardcore title matches.

Loco Cruiserweight Champion Alberto Libre takes on Latin Connection??’s Posse member Victor Kohonas for the Cruiser Weight title.

DWF Women’s Champion Amy Lee, Voted Most Hated Amadeus, The Southern Enforcer, Loco HWT Champion Downtown Raphael takes on Dr. Ruthless, Bobby Piper, Steve The Teacher…….

Many more superstars to be added….

Children 4 and under Free !!
See you at the show, Go Loco & Get Devastated!! &

For Directions