CZW “Proving Grounds” iPPV
May 12, 2012
Philadelphia, PA
Report by: Jason Namako of

Quick results from tonight’s CZW’s “Proving Grounds” Internet PPV:


1. Dustin Rayz defeated Kid Osbourne

2. The BLK OUT’s Alex Colon w/Chrissy Rivera defeated Nilas Young

Main Show

1. CZW World Jr. Heavyweight Title: “The Psycho Shooter” Drake Younger (c) defeated Blk Jeez by pinfall to retain the title with Drake’s Landing.

After the match, Blk Jeez is helped out by multiple referees as he was knocked out from Younger’s finisher.

2. Lucky tHURTeen defeated Ruckus by pinfall with the Irish Corn Bomb.

3. Triple Threat Match: Alexander James w/Mr. Tofinga defeated Shane Strickland & Latin Dragon by pinfall when he pinned Strickland after Mr. Tofinga interfered.

DJ Hyde comes to the ring and insults the crowd, the people watching on iPPV and humanity in general. Hyde says he is in the ring to give the match-ups and stipulations for Tournament of Death. Matt Tremont then comes to the ring and is told his match will be a “light bulbs and bats” match. DJ lets him know that Tremont will not be allowed to touch him unless he wins the Tournament of Death.

4. Ultraviolent Rules: Greg Excellent defeated “The Bulldozer” Matt Tremont by pinfall after falling on top of him when DJ Hyde came in and nailed both men with steel chairs.

5. CZW Wired TV Title: Jake Crist defeated Dave Crist (c) by disqualification when Dave nailed Jake in the head with a ladder.

However, Dave retains his CZW Wired TV Title.

6. CZW Tag Team Titles: Azireal & Bandido Jr. (c) defeated The Runaways (Joe Gazy & Ryan Slater) by pinfall to retain the titles with a Double DDT.

After the match, Gazy turns on Slater, laying him out, saying its his time.

Before the next match, Masada comes out and puts over the CZW title, stating it’s the most important title he’s ever held in his 13 years of wrestling. He also states that the Philadelphia fans are the best fans in the world. Masada then states he’s better than Davey Richards & Low- Ki and will take on anyone in the back.

7. CZW World Title in an Open Challenge: Masada (c) defeated Devon Moore by pinfall to retain the title with a Top Rope Death Valley Driver.

8. Main Event in a No-Rope Barbed Wire Match: Danny Havoc defeated Drew Gulak by pinfall with a suplex onto a piece of barbed wire.

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