Indy News Update #1 for May 23, 2012
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P.O.W.E.R. sent this in.

LIVE PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING returns to Lima, Ohio on June 2nd as W.A.R. Wrestling presents “DIRTY DEEDS” at the UAW Hall 1440 Bellefontaine Ave. 45804. Come out and witness the best professional wrestling around with 8 hard hitting, high flying, action packed matches. Ohio’s best kept secret for entertainment.

Advance Tickets are:
$15 Reserved Front Row (ONLY 38 TICKETS)
$10 General Admission
$25 Family 4 Pack (4 General Admission)
$12 at the door (General Admission)

GROAMY’S CD’S & TAPES 1206 W. Robb Ave in Lima, Ohio is the exclusive advance ticket outlet for this event. Advance Tickets already on sale or get advance tickets reserved by messaging us through Facebook to add your name to the list to pay at the door. Doors Open 6pm Bell Time 7pm

Already Signed:
Badd Company (Sherman Tank & Chris “The Madness” Hall) vs The Painkillers

Jason Bane vs Juice Jennings

Robby “Super” Starr vs Joey V

“The Dream” Trevor Court & Remi Wilkins vs “Mad Dragon” Hakim Zane / Aaron “Extreme” McCormick

The Scarboni’s w/ Vinnie From Jersey vs The Dillinger’s

“No Shame” Jimmy Shane vs “Marquee” Mikey D

Gutter vs “Big Guns” Jeff Cannon

Jesse Emerson vs “Poison” Appollo Starr

Takahashi vs Eli McFly

Cody Hawk, “The Butcher” Jeremy Madrox, Kaden Assad, “Hot Commodity” Matt Mason & Much Much More!!

More Details to Come!!!!

This event is brought to you in part by Groamy’s Cd’s & Tapes, Monster Energy, Day’s Inn – Lima, The Brew Haus, D&J Toys, Bright Ideas, Special K Karaoke & DJ, The Locker Room.

**card & talent subject to change**

ACW sent this in.

Results from Anarchy Championship Wrestling presents:
Nothing is as Real as a Dream 2012: A Wrestling Prom

Sunday, May 20, 2012
912 Red River Street
Austin, TX 78701

230 – 250


Anarchy Televised Match #1:
4-Way Dance for The ACW Hardcore Championship:
Matthew Palmer(c) defeated (in order of elimination); “2 Much Metal” Gregory James (JC Bravo pinned James), JC Bravo (Jordan Jensen pinned Bravo) and Jordan Jensen (Palmer pinned Jensen) to retain the title.

Anarchy Televised Match #2:
“The Wrestling Goddess” Athena defeated Barbi Hayden by pinfall.

Ring Announcer Barry Savant announced the next match as “Mr. Showtime” Scot Summers vs Killah KASH (who nearly took out one of Summers’ eyes with an international object at “Peace, Love & Anarchy 2012” last month). KASH came to the ring. “Mr. Showtime” Scot Summers’ music played, but Stan “Da Sinner” Summers came out instead. KASH laid him out. Jerry Lynn ran in. KASH got the upper hand until Scot Summers ran in with a steel chair and took out KASH, who went back to the locker room.

The Takeover (Ken Carson & “Cowboy” James Claxton) (w/ Jaykus Plisken & Miss Maulie) defeated The Electric Company (Bolt Brady & Ricky Romida) when Ken Carson pineed both Bolt & Ricky.

“The Mind of Wrestling” JT LaMotta defeated Chingo del Santo by pinfall.

Mojo Bravado (JoJo Bravo & Jordan Jensen) defeated Slim Sexy & JC Bravo when JoJo pinned JC.
This match was scheduled as a Grudge Match between Slim Sexy & High Roller Hayze. Slim came to the ring first and announced that Hayze had just undergone surgery 2 days ago and would not be able to compete. Mojo Bravado came to the ring and challenged Slim to a Handicap Match. Slim agreed and Senior Referee Donnie Davis called for the bell. Eventually, Mojo Bravado overpowered Slim. During the beatdown, JC Bravo ran to the ring and went after JoJo & Jensen and the match became a Tag Team Match.

Double Date Tag Team Match:
ACW Hardcore Champion Matthew Palmer & Su Yung defeated ACW Television Champion Davey Vega & “The Wrestling Goddess” Athena when Yung pinned Athena.

Robert Evans defeated Pierre Abernathy via pinfall.

ACW Tag Team Championship Match:
Darin Childs & Khris Wolfe(c) & The Lost Boys (Jason Silver & Sky DeLacrimosa) when Childs pinned DeLacrimosa to win the titles.

Dream Tag Team Evening Gown Match:
Each Joshi wore a “gown” to the ring. The rules of the match were that if a Joshi was degowned, her team would lose.
ACW American Joshi Champion Angel Blue & Lady Poison defeated Rachel Summerlyn (w/ Machiko) & Portia Perez when Angel degowned Portia.
During the match, Poison had Summerlyn knocked out. Lady Poison removed her own “gown”, removed Summerlyn’s (thereby eliminating both of them), then gave her The Poison Kiss. ACW Officials called for the match to continue as Angel vs Portia. As Portia was leaving, Robert Evans music hit. He came to the ring and gave Portia an empassioned speech and a bouquet. She declined and left the ring.

ACW Heavyweight Championship Match:
ACH(c) (w/ Glow, Jr.) defeated (in order of elimination); “The Infamous” Shawn Vexx (ACH pinned Vexx) and Jaykus Plisken (ACH pinned Plisken) to retain the title.

Jerry Lynn & Mat Fitchett defeated The Submission Squad (Gary Jay & Evan Gelistico) when Fitchett pinned Jay simultaneously as Lynn submitted Gelistico.

Join us Sunday, May 27, 2012 at Hooligan’s (13920 N IH-35, Live Oak, TX 78233) where ACW will present: “The Realization of Mortality 2012”

Already signed:

ACW Hardcore Championship Match:
Matthew Palmer(c) vs Lance Hoyt.

ACW American Joshi Championship Match:
Angel Blue(c) vs Su Yung.

“The Infamous” Shawn Vexx vs JC Bravo.

“The Realization of Mortality 2012” will also see the return of the “ACW Lethal Lottery”. The way this will work is that twelve names will be entered into a lottery and names will be pulled at random, by the fans in attendance, to make teams of two. Six names will be pulled before the first match and six before the second match of the main show. The three winning teams will then go on to a finals match, which will be a 6-man scramble. The winner of the 2012 Lethal Lottery will be crowned The ACW U-30 Champion!
The Lethal Lottery Participants:
Jordan Jensen.
Rachel Summerlyn.
JoJo Bravo.
Ricky Romida.
“The Wrestling Goddess” Athena
Bolt Brady.
The remaining six participants will be announced shortly.

Plus much more talent and matches to be announced.

Card subject to change.

Front Row $15

General Admission $10

Visit us at:!/ACWwrestling

Devin Cutting sent this in.

All State Wrestling
Thursday, May 24th, 2012 – 7:30 PM
Big T Arena in Shelbyville, Tennessee

Ninja vs. Damien Payne
Yukon Jack vs. Mike Woods
Jocephus vs. LT Falk
Chris Michaels vs. Allen Shepard
Saw In The Rafters Match – Tim Renesto vs. Hot Rod Biggs w/Lex Victory & Big Daddy B

More info @

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