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WSU @ ACE 11/7 Results
WSU Crowns New Tag Team Champions!

In WSU’s near three-year history, WSU has proven that anything can happen anywhere and anytime and this past Saturday, 11/7, WSU did just that!

In a heavily hyped and built-up encounter, WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez teamed up with former World Champion Angel Orsini to take on WSU Tag Team Champions Jessicka Havok & Hailey Hatred.

Before this match took place, during the Summer of 2009, Havok/Hatred tried challenging Martinez for her WSU Championship, in unsuccessful bids. Orsini would later on find herself tied up with the WSU Tag Champs.

Orsini & Martinez are no strangers to each other. Debuting in WSU together on 9/22/07, this team turned down the challenges of such teams as Awesome Kong & Amy Lee. However as time went on, these two would go on to have the best womens wrestling feud of all time, which culminated with a 70 minute IronWoman match.

Having found a mutual respect for each other, Orsini found herself at a crossroads when she lost the Ironwoman match on 6/6/09 to Martinez. As part of a pre-match stipulation, Orsini could never get a WSU World Title shot again while Martinez was champion. Orsini found herself quickly aligned with Rain, with Rain promising Orsini a shot at the championship if Orsini would help Rain defeat Martinez.

However, Orsini could not follow through with Rain’s heinous and deviant plans, and on 8/22, showed her true colors, ditching Rain and fighting off Rain’s henchwomen for Martinez. On that day, Orsini & Martinez re-connected once again. Orsini would later state that she had too much respect for the WSU World Championship to see it be treated like a prop.

On 10/3/09, Orsini would get her first crack at revenge on Rain, as Orsini was sick of being treated like “a bitch” by Rain. However, Rain would be able to defeat Orsini in a match that shocked the WSU world. On that same card, Martinez would defeat Portia Perez, to extend her championship reign.

At WSU’s “Raining Misery” event, Rain became the number 1 contender. However, Orsini & Martinez decided to challenge for the WSU Tag Team Championships, due to Havok & Hatred aligning themselves with Rain and due to issues built up which were featured on the WSU “On The Road Summer 2009” DVD.

The match was a classic tag team match. At around the 20 minute mark, Orsini & Martinez had the match won, until Rain ran out and interfered. The match would be ruled a no-contest. WSU officials granted an immediate rematch with a stipulation of whoever interfered would be suspended from WSU. That match took place this past Saturday.

In a wild match, that may have even been better than their first, we saw huge dives, brawls and excellent tag team wrestling. Without being distracted by Rain, this seemingly unbeatable duo of Martinez & Orsini were able to defeat “The Best From the Midwest” when Martinez superkicked Jessicka Havok into an Orsini roll-up. This match will be featured on an upcoming “On The Road” DVD.

Another Picture of the New Champs

As a result of her win, Mercedes Martinez becomes the first woman in wrestling history to hold two championships in the same company, as Martinez is now the current WSU World Champion & 1/2 of the tag team champions.

Furthermore, as a result of Martinez’s win, WSU officials have made it known that despite Martinez’s grueling and brutal schedule as WSU World Champion, that she is expected to make all scheduled defenses of the WSU Tag Team Titles. Failure to have the championships defended on a regular basis will cause the duo to be stripped of the championships. Martinez quickly made it clear that she will be a fighting tag champion with Orsini, just as she is currently a fighting World champion. Clearly, Martinez has alot on her plate right now.

Here are some words from the new champs:


For more pictures of this epic tag match, visit Lauryn Nolan’s picture page at Nolan’s Pics

Speaking of the new WSU Tag Team Champions, Orsini & Martinez recently had words for the huge 12/12 event (Which we’ll have a full press release about tomorrow). Here are video interviews with the new champs:



Also, a new challenger to the WSU World Title has emerged:


WSU also returns with one more show for 2009, with Martinez vs Rain, Orsini vs JAZZ & Much More. Stay tuned for a special press release about that event later this week.

WSU will once again be partnering up with one of our big brother promotions, as on November 14th, NWS & WSU will present the hottest womens wrestling anywhere around!

Two huge title matches have been signed!!!

WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez defends against former TNA Knockout Champion Angelina Love!

This is a first time ever match in the northeast. Angelina Love has dominated the state of TNA womens wrestling and on 11/14, this will be her chance to dominate the largest womens wrestling company in the United States today, WSU! This surely will be one of Mercedes Martinez’s toughest title defenses yet.

In our second match of this huge double main event, the WSU Spirit Championship will be defended!
For the first time ever, WSU Spirit Champion Brittney Savage will be forced to meet her former tag team partner, the person she stabbed in the back, ALICIA! While other groups may be satisfied with false advertising, WSU is proud to announce that both of these women will be here for this epic clash!

Also appearing live will be So Cal Val, to handle the ring announcing duties!

This show also features Tito Santana, Brutus Beefcake, The Patriot & many more.

NWS/WSU Return on 11/14
At the St James Church
Located at 200 Finley Ave, Basking Ridge, NJ
Tickets $15 if you mention this press release. Call 732 888 1704 or email NWSWrestling@aol.com to order tickets in advance.
For more details about this show on the web, please visit WSUWrestling.com and NWSWrestling.com

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