Steven Ashe sent this in:

Great White North Wrestling
Feb 28th, 2010
Germania Club
Hamilton Ontario
1:30pm Bell time
Attendance: 100
Referees: Bryan Renda, David Gilbert Clarke
OIW Notables in Attendance: Hamilton Richard (wheel chair), Page & Kings, Freak

GWN Ring Announcer Johnny Riel opened the show, introduced the opening contest official which was Bryan Renda, and introduced GWN Commissioner Mike O`Shea who sat on the stage with Riel doing commentary during the show, kept time, and did bell ringing duties.

“Charming“ Chazz Lovely vs Jae Rukin ended in a 15 min time limit draw.

– Lots of stalling at the start as per usual by Lovely, this is the 3rd time they had met in GWN rings, and Rukin recently was returning from the injured list. Lovely dominated early on with cheap tactics, eventually Rukin was able to turn the tide. Rukin hit a series of moves sent Lovely flying out of the ring where he argued with some fans. Rukin eventually dominated and hit a series of dropkicks and began to work on Lovely`s leg. Even though Lovely sold the knee for most the bout he was still able to execute a kneedrop on his rival. Eventually Rukin was able to execute the spinning toe hold, fans wanted Lovely to tap. Lovely mounted a comeback, but was rolled up in a half crab, when he was about to tap, the time limit had expired. Fans wanted 5 more mins, Lovely refused claiming that Rukin isn`t worth any more of his time. Renda had gotten in the way a few times in the bout.

At this time dastardly manager Igor Sonovovich came to the ring with the current reigning GWN tag champions the “fearsome birds of prey“ the Falcors. After Igor proclaimed them as the most dominant tag team in wrestling today, they awaited their opponents former champions James Masterson & KC Tanks.

Commissioner Mike O`Shea came to the ring and stated that Masterson had re-aggravated his knee injury, which he sustained at the hands of the Falcors in Brantford. O`Shea continued and stated that there was more terrible news for the youngsters as KC Tanks was involved in a car accident on the way to the show and was unable to make it.

Igor & the Falcors celebrated under the impression that they would be taking the night off. O`Shea stated that would not be the case and that he would come up with someone to face one of the Falcors in at least a singles bout, after pondering making current GWN Champ Mic Blackwell be one of the opponents. Enter Tommy Burch. Burch came to the ring and said he had been waiting for 3 long months to get his revenge on the Falcors and he accepted the offer.

Tommy Burch w/ GWN Champion “Big” Mick Blackwell def. Falcor #1 w/ Igor & Falcor #2

– Burch may have started the contest too fired up, as he was over powered early on by the bigger more defined Falcor in #1. Igor played as a huge distraction during this bout, which allowed the Falcors to pull the double switch on the youngster. The ref who was too caught up with Igor totally lost control and couldn’t keep track of which Falcor was which, despite the obvious difference in height and weight. Eventually GWN Champion Blackwell had enough and interjected in the match which smashed the Falcor in the ring with the title allowing Burch to execute the small package for the victory. Crowd goes nuts. The part I found odd, is the mentioned leg damage of both former champs, and of Burch but the leg was worked in the first match rather than this bout.

Falcors and Igor leave the ringside area disgusted, vowing to destroy Burch and bring the Heavyweight championship back to the House of Igor.

Next was a match to crown the first ever GWN Ladies Champion. The bout was originally supposed to be a 3 way according to the lineup, no mention of Amy Victory. Jodi D’Milo was introduced first and bad mouthed some ringside fans, and children claiming she was taking the title home.

Jodi D’Milo def. “Anti-Diva” Kaitlin Diamond to become the FIRST ever GWN Ladies Champion.

– This match was far better than I had anticipated. These two have met countless times in various promotions, and had re-ignited their rivalry in GWN at recent events. D’Milo controlled most of the match early on using her size and power to her advantage. Arrogance with the official, David Gilbert Clarke, allowed Diamond to turn the tide. Diamond fired away on D’Milo with a series of stiff forearms, D’Milo reversed whipped Diamond into the corner and unloaded with shots of her own. Both women exchanged chops until D’Milo gained the advantage and won the bout with a roll up in controversial fashion. This match told the story it needed to tell, timing was right, and was one of the best outings I had seen the two have, maybe the sleeper hit match on the show. D’Milo was awarded the title, and demand her hand be raised, Diamond vowed she would make it up to Hamilton fans next time.

GWN Commonwealth Championship
Lord J.N. Cassel (c) w/ Igor retained his title, when the match with Dangerboy (masked) ended in a 20 min time limit draw.

– Dangerboy was very confident and was easily the most popular star on the card, which was mainly families, special needs and children. Dangerboy used his high-flying style to throw Cassel of his game early on. Igor distracted the official for a lot of the bout which allowed Cassel to use some under-handed tactics. Eventually Dangerboy had knocked Cassel out of the ring into Igor, and was able to hit a baseball slide on Igor and the Lord. Igor had lured Dangerboy on the outside, and when he entered the ring again Cassel had attacked him. Cassel ends up hitting a elbow cutter off the ropes on the dangling Dangerboy, Cassel nailed the bodyslam, and a series of legdrops ala Hogan. Cassel applies the rear chin lock, and fans rally behind Dangerboy. After a series of whips, and reversals Dangerboy hits a back elbow on Cassel and then double stomps Cassel. Cassel comes to, and tries to reverse, Dangerboy hits the sleeper. Cassel’s arm goes down twice, and the time limit expires.

Fans were disappointed with the second time limit of draw of the show. Demand more time, Dangerboy wants to continue, they tease for a while, crowd is hot. Cassel claims he is done with Dangerboy, he’s still the champion, and will not continue. Dangerboy says he wants the title before he goes out or there’s nothing else to wrestle for, at the next show in April he says he’ll put his mask on the line for another shot at the title. Cassel accepts, and Comish O’Shea approves and the match is set.

Intermission Time 15-20mins- Babyfaces take photos, and sign pics. Next show was announced at Germania Club for GWN for Sunday April 25th. Dangerboy says the show is in charity for good cause for 2yr old Logan who is battling liver cancer. His family is on hand, big applause, 50/50 and ticket proceeds to be donated.

Coming back from Intermission “Silverback” Shawn Brown was introduced with his manager Igor. “Lucky Charms” Donovan Jack O’Shea was introduced and came to the ringside with an envelope which he gave to Logan’s mother, saying it was $100 dollar gift certificate to the Keg, so they could enjoy a family meal and escape from the emotional, and financial distress their family had been enduring.

2/3 Fall Match #1 Contenders Match
“Lucky Charms” Donovan Jack O’Shea def. Shawn Brown 2 Falls to 1.

– I’m not sure if the match was announced as 2/3 falls initially or not. The match started with both big men exchanging arm bars, wrist locks, and arm wringers. Donovan had gained the advantage, when Igor had passed Brown a steel chain. Donovan Jack O’Shea telegraphs a leap frog backward out of the corner, when Brown stops and nails him with a german release suplex. Brown uses the chain, as fans plea with official Clarke that they were cheating. Brown scores the first pinfall when he sits down on the DJ O’Shea and holds onto to Igor’s arms for the advantage.

When everyone was unsure if the match was over or not, it continued. DJ O’Shea rallied, hit some chops, and a few elbow smashes, he sunset flips Brown out of the corner and scores the 2nd fall of the match, and tying it at 1 a piece. It was a reluctant 3 count, and David Gilbert Clarke had to confirm with the Commissioner Mike O’Shea if that was the 2nd fall.

Brown is very frustrated that the match must continue. He uses the chain to choke DJ O’Shea, into a near submission. DJ O’Shea rallies again, both men take a spill outside of the ring. Almost being counted out, DJ O’Shea is to his feet first, and rolls Brown into the ring. After they exchange blows, Donovan charges Brown, and both men dump through the ropes to the outside of the ring again. After this the chain had been exposed to the official David Gilbert Clarke, awarding the bout to Donovan.

After the bout, furious Igor talked down the the children who had flocked the popular Irish Star. Donovan got on the mic and told Igor to shut his face, used the mic time to put over a special needs gentleman named Tim who would be participating in some sort of charity relay race, and urged the GWN fans to support Tim at the upcoming race, and said that GWN would be pledging $100 in support of his race and gave him a GWN T-Shirt.

GWN Heavyweight Championship
“Tyrant” Eric Dawson w/ Igor def. “Big” Mic Blackwell to become the NEW GWN Heavyweight Champion.

Dawson attacked Blackwell early on, raking the eyes, and eventually brawling with Blackwell on the outside and near the stage area. Dawson looks in great shape, better than a long time, Blackwell looks bigger than ever. He used his cowbell on his bullrope and smashed Blackwell a few times, as Igor ran distraction with the official. Eventually the strikes of Dawson had little effect on Blackwell. Blackwell unloaded some blows, a slam, and a huge elbow drop on Dawson.

Igor powders to the backstage area. Blackwell has full control of the bout now, and hits the big splash, ref is counting, Igor rushes the ring with the Falcors. The Falcors take off their hockey masks and execute their fearsome bird of prey double hockey mask mash on Blackwell. Igor pulls out official David Gilbert Clarke and starts whipping him around the ringside, as the Falcors attack the GWN Champion. Eventually Clarke gets up and punches Igor in the face, the crowd goes crazy. When he turns around and gets in the ring he sees Dawson making the cover on the fallen champ.

Slow count, reluctant as GWN Crowns a new champion in “Tyrant” Eric Dawson. Crowd is pissed. Tommy Burch comes to the ring with a steel chair to fight off the Falcors. Blackwell gets on the mic, says he doesn’t know Burch, but he’ll team with him and while he may of lost the Heavyweight title, he and Burch will become the tag champions in April. Crowd wants to see the match right now. Separated brawl, and match is announced for the April 25th Show.

Crowd had tapered off a little bit after intermission, dinner times, and Olympic hockey. My biggest complaint about this card was two time limit draws, and all the finishes to me seemed like they had too much stuff going on. Most of the fans are loyal followers of the product and will be back in April, as they received flyers for another upcoming Hamilton card for a different promotion in April enthusiastic of the next card, as I smoked a cig and watched on.

GWN returns to the Germania Club
Sunday April 25th
Hamilton Ontario

Rumored Matches:

GWN Heavyweight Title
“Tyrant” Eric Dawson (c) vs. #1 Contender “Lucky Charms” Donovan Jack O’Shea

GWN Commonwealth Title
Mask vs. Title, No Time Limits, No DQs
Lord J.N. Cassel (c) vs. Dangerboy (Mask)

GWN Ladies Title Rematch
Jodi D’Milo (c) vs. “Anti-Diva” Kaitlin Diamond

GWN Tag Team Title Match
Falcors (c) vs. “Big” Mic Blackwell/Tommy Burch

“Charming” Chazz Lovely vs. Jae Rukin