The World According to Dutch
New blog posted today

New blog posted today on the World According to Dutch. Check it out @

Lots of things going on. Dutch talks about how things have never been busier. Dutch talks about his new wrestling school, the University of Dutch that has just opened in Mid Tennessee and for all interested parties, you can email for details. He also has a 5 day auction in progress right now on eBay auctioning off a true wrestling collectible…his trademark black hat.

Plus you can also order the first ever and just released University of Dutch Tshirts from the site. And don’t forget…you can also pick up his book, The World According to Dutch at his site..

Dutch also talks about releasing his second book which he is currently writing which for all the fans who bought the first one should be welcome news. .

The topic of the blog this week is: Is there such a thing as Wrestling Addiction and do you have it? Interesting read as always from the Dutchman.