Former WWE NXT star signs multi-year deal with Sukeban

Following the return of Kairi Sane to WWE, there was some amount of speculation that former NXT star Sarray could also be making her way back to WWE after last competing for the company in August of 2022.

Following a report last week from PWInsider that this was not the case, an announcement was released today that the star has instead opted to sign with Sukeban, a promotion that has been hyped for bringing a unique style of presentation to the United States with its Joshi-based roster.

Per PWInsider, the press release states that Sarray, now going by the ring name Sareee, has signed a multi-year contract with the company, making her debut for them at their show in Miami next month.

Sareee stated that she has also chosen to join her longtime friends in the Cherry Bomb Girls faction.

A ‘special attraction’ four-way match was announced for the show, pitting one member of each of the four main stables of the promotion against each other with one fall to a finish: Sareee (Cherry Bomb Girls), Countess Saori (Dangerous Liaisons), Atomic Banshee (Vandals), and Babyface (Harajuku Stars).

This match follows the announcement of Ichigo Sayaka taking on Commander Nakajima with the Sukeban World Championship on the line at the Miami event, with further details yet to be announced.

More information on the promotion can be found on their website and on various social media platforms under the handle @sukeban_world.