Ken Smell sent this in.

Wrestling Revolution is an independently made wrestling game for the iOS. There is a free “training” version and a $0.99 “pay-per-view” version. The “Pay-Per-View” version allows players to participate in PPV shows and choose who they would like to play as for each individual match.

The latest update includes the “90s Flashback” PPV with the following matches:

Chief Chavo (Tatanka) vs Bailiff Bane (Repo Man)
El Dorado (Tito Santana) vs Marauder (Bezerker)
Wide Tide (Typhoon) & Aftershock (Earthquake) vs Paper Cut (IRS) and Mr. Benjamins (Ted Dibiase)
??? (Created Wrestler) vs Monty Python (Jake Roberts)
Liquid Quick (1-2-3 Kid) vs Sebastian Slobber (Bastian Booger)
Great Briton (British Bulldog) vs Powermonger (Warlord)
Red Gator (Animal) & Red Eagle (Hawk) vs Birdie Benz (Knobbs) & Jonny Sucks (Saggs)
Wreck (Crush) vs Jester (Doink)
Apple Pie (Sid Justice) vs Beaumont (Virgil)
Chief Breaker (Boosman) vs Failz (Nailz)
??? (Created Wrestler) & Terry Duggan (Hulk Hogan) vs General Genocide (Sgt. Slaughter) and Mustard Gas (General Moustafa)
God of War (Ultimate Warrior) vs Voodoo (Papa Shango)
Yoshi Mitsumo (Yokozuna) vs Brad Goodman (Bret Hart)
10 Man Battle Royal
8 Man Tag featuring DX vs the nWo

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