Lucha Underground Results 7/29/15

Lucha Underground (Season 2, Episode 2: “The Dark & The Mysterious”)
Boyle Heights, CA (The Temple) 
February 3, 2016
Commentators: Matt Striker & Vampiro 
Report by: Jason Namako of

Show opens with highlights of Ultima Lucha. 

We go to Prince Puma in the gym working out, having flashbacks of losing the Lucha Underground Title to Mil Muertes. Pentagon Jr. walks up and thanks Puma for last week. Pentagon says they will be partners tonight, but after they take care of the Disciples of Death, he’s coming for Puma because he is Pentagon Jr. and he has CERO MIEDO. They began battling movie fight style until Puma gets advantage and walks off, while Pentagon is seething. 

We see champion Mil Muertes on his throne overlooking the Temple, sporting a sling from his broken arm suffered at the hands of Pentagon last week. 

Johnny Mundo def. Killshot by pinfall with Fin de Mundo after a low blow while the ref was knocked down. 

Mundo cut a promo after saying he was coming for Mil Muertes. Cage interrupted and said he is the real challenger, noting he defeated Mundo last season. Mundo tried to attack Cage from behind, but Cage cleared him from the ring.

We go to an errie house where Marty the Moth still has Sexy Star tied up from when we last saw them at the end of Season 1. Moth scared Star with an actual moth and said that according to his sister, it was almost time for Star to go back to the Temple and spread her wings, but they would be coming with her as he laughed maniacally. 

We see a vignette on the debuting PJ Black, where he beat up a biker gang at a seedy motel because he is addicted to danger and just wants the next thrill and Lucha Underground is the place to get it. 

The Mack def. PJ Black by pinfall with a Split Stunner. 

We see a vignette on the debuting Kobra Moon, a masked female snake-like character, who says that people call her sexy and venomous and all those things are true. She will strike next week. 

Main Event in a 3-2 Handicap Match: Prince Puma & Pentagon Jr. def. Lucha Underground Trios Champions The Disciples of Death by pinfall when Pentagon stole the pin from Puma on one of the Disciples after Puma hit the 630. 

Puma & Pentagon brawled after, with Pentagon laying Puma out with the Backstabber. Pentagon went for the Double Wristlock Armbreaker, but Puma got free, the first time someone got out of the Double Wristlock Armbreaker on their own, and sent Pentagon fleeing from the ring. 

We close with El Dragon Azteca Jr. meditating somewhere as we hear a familar voice tell him about the power that the mask of the original El Dragon Azteca had. The voice said that many years ago, he was tapped to inherit the mask, but he went on to choose a different path. The voice says that El Dragon Azteca Jr. is ready to inherit that power and go down that path, but the path I went on went just fine and we see that the voice is revealed to be REY MYSTERIO JR!

Show closes.