New Japan

New Japan opens English YouTube channel

New Japan Pro Wrestling has opened an official English YouTube channel.

This has been one of many moves by the promotion to further crossover in the North America market, including introducing English commentary the last few years.

You can check out the announcement below featuring Kenny Omega.

Young Bucks hit No. 1

The Young Bucks t-shirt beat out Rick and Morty to become the highest selling t-shirt at Hot Topic according to a new report by The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online.

The shirts had previously held the No. 2 spot, but has never hit No. 1 until now.

Hot Topic sells a variety of Young Bucks and Bullet Club related shirts.


  1. You go Young Bucks!! Spit in WWE’s face by outselling all their crap! Cease & desist that WWE motherf*ckers!! >:D

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