Good News Regarding Jay Briscoe’s Daughters

After a month in the hospital, Twelve-year-old Gracie Pugh, the daughter of Jay Briscoe is now home.

Ashley Pugh, the wife of the late Jay Briscoe (Jamin Pugh), posted a photo to her Facebook page with all of her children saying: “Got all my babies back together.”

In another update on Facebook from the family friends that have been fundraising for the Pugh family, it was noted that Gracie will be going to outpatient rehab five days a week.

It was also said that Gracie has “normal” feeling in both of her legs and is now able to do some assisted walking. (They are continuing to pray for her to fully regain movement below the knee) her muscles in her legs are really starting to fire up, so they want to keep it a very intense therapy.”

Gracie and her nine-year-old sister Jayleigh were both injured in the motor vehicle accident back on January 17 that tragically killed their father. The driver of the vehicle that struck them was also killed in the accident.

Jayleigh, who was also released from the local hospital earlier this month, no longer needs to wear a neck brace. However, she will need to wear a back brace and an external fixator for four more weeks.

You can still give to the fundraising campaign to help the Pugh family.

Partial source for this report: F4WOnline