Results from indy shows from 12/6 to 12/8/13

12/6 IWA-MS Results: Clarksville, Indiana

1. Jack Thriller def. the Necro Butcher

2. Mickie Knuckles def. Thunderkitty, Heidi Lovelace, Randi West & Jordan Grace

3. Hyzeya won a 8-Man Tag Team Elimination Match.

4. Reed Bentley def. Jimmy Jacobs

5. Josh Crane won a 6-Way Ladder Match.

6. Chris Hero def. Trik Davis

7. Ricochet def. Jonathan Gresham

8. Drake Younger def. Christian Rose

9. Matt Tremont def. Corporal Robinson & Ox Harley


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NWA Top Of Texas Results for December 7, 2013

The show kicked off with Nathan Briggs trying to pull a fast one on Benny Benitez by relinquishing the title to him, but Jack Logan was wise to the ploy and made Benny stay home. Instead, Briggs was jumped for his troubles by the Absolute Rebels, only to be saved by the returning Shane Garrett. They would be added to the Main Event for a Tag Title Shot as… punishment?

Match #1: BioHaxxxard vs. Aaron Harmes
Aaron Harmes was giving up a lot of size here, and it showed throughout the contest. He was shrewed, he was cocky, and often times had Bio down or in the ropes, but Bio used his power to come back with a vengeance. However, before he could hit his Spear, Fate Inc. swarmed the ring and attacked BioHaxxxard.

Paula Fate put Ryan Justice on notice, saying he had to defeat the man that betrayed them the week before or she wouldn’t allow him into the Two Ring Battle Royal on the 14th.

Match #2: Cancun Kid vs. Ryan Justice
Ryan seemed a little off his game, refusing to allow any nasty tactics by Paula Fate to sway the course of the match. It was a great technical, back and forth match up with neither man really dominating at either point. Ultimately, a counter in the corner allowed Cancun Kid to hit his new Made in Cancun and pick up the pin. After the match, Cancun offered a handshake, which Ryan was going to take, but Paula slapped his hand away and made him leave the ring, berating him the entire time.
Winner by Pinfall: Cancun Kid

Match #3: Nolen Phillips vs. Rex Logan
In a way to weaken a possible offender to the Absolute Rebels, Nolen was forced to take on the powerhouse rookie Rex Logan. Early on, Nolen was able to trap him in several submissions, but Rex would power free or get the ropes every time. Even after Rex would use his power to slow the match to a crawl, Nolen would battle back with creative counters and holds. After exploding with Superplex and a Headlock Driver, Annie Outlaw distracted the referee and Nolen Phillips long enough for Rex to recover and kill him with a Lariat.
Winner by Pinfall: Rex Logan

During intermission with the Photo Op with Weird Science, an already beaten up Nolen Phillips and El Josho Jackersono were attacked by the Absolute Rebels and left laying before the main event.

Main Event: Four Team Elimination Match for the #1 Contendership to the NWA ToT Tag Team Titles
Weird Science vs. Fate Inc. vs. Absolute Rebels vs. Nathan Briggs and Shane Garrett
As you’d expect, this thing started with an all out brawl. Once the smoke settled, there was a lot of people being worked over, from Shane Garrett, to the already injured Nolen Phillips, even to the monster Joey Armstrong. But, in a flash, Cody Jones would catch El Josho Jackersono with a Super Kick and pick up a controversial pinfall to eliminate Weird Science. Taking advantage of a Hudson Crowley injury, Cody Jones would pin and eliminate Fate Inc. as well. Chaos would ensue between the Rebels and Garrett/Briggs, everybody hitting killing blows left and right. Jake Logan nearly won with the Rebel Knock Out on Shane, but Briggs would tackle him to the floor to prevent the pin. It proved pointless, as Cody would hit his Go To Sleep and pick up the pinfall and the clean sweep to take the match.
Winners and #1 Contenders to the Tag Team Titles: The Absolute Rebels

In the final show of the year, all the matches have been determined. Chris Wolfe will return and defend his NWA ToT Lightheavyweight Title against a currently unknown opponent. The NWA ToT Tag Team Champions will defend against the Absolute Rebels one more time. NWA ToT Heavyweight Champion Nathan Briggs will still defend against Benny Benitez in a rematch for the title. And Starr Venus will square off with Paula Fate in a Women’s Street Fight. To cap off the show, there will be two rings side by side in the annual Two Ring Battle Royal. The rules are simple. Someone comes in at a time interval into the first ring. You must be thrown from the first ring into the second ring, then from the second ring to the floor to be eliminated. The winner of the first ring and the winner of the second ring will then square off, one on one, with the winner of that match becoming the New #1 Contender to the Heavyweight Champion!


12/7 CWF-Mid Atlantic Results: Gibsonville, North Carolina

1. Nick Richards def. Matty De Nero

2. Rage & the Machine def. Labron Kozone & Jo Jo Dancer

3. Chase Dakota def. Bobby Wohlfert

4. Jason Miller def. Ty Tyson

5. Aric Andrews & Jimmy Parker def. Roy Wilkins & Ray Kandrack

6. Smith Garrett, Charlie Weston, Manny Garcia & Chet Sterling der. Chris Lea, Arik Royal, Lee Vailant & Kamakazi Kid

7. Kamakazi Kid & Lee Vailiant def. Smith Garrett & Charlie Weston

8. Trevor Lee def. Aaron Biggs


12/7 Dreamwave Results: LaSalle, Illinois

1. Zero Gravity def. AC-DC

2. Chris Castro def. Ricochet

3. Cousin Bobby def. Waylon

4. Marcus Crane & Alex Castle won a 4-Team Tag Match.

5. Reed Bentley def. Marshe Rockett

6. Nick Brubaker def. Matt Cage in a Last Man Standing Match.

7. Prince Ali def. Chris Hero

8. The Beck Family def. Gangrel, Luther & Yabbo the Clown

9. Christian Rose def. Shane Hollister

* The American Wolves & AJ Styles were announced for the 2/1/14 show.


12/8 Wrestling is Cool Results: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1. Estonian Thunderfrog def. Juan Francisco de Coronado

2. Jolly Roger def. Eddie Kingston by count-out.

3. Snow Troll def. Missile Assault Ant

4. JAKA def. Jervis Cottonbelly

5. Drew Gulak def. Mr. Touchdown

6. Biff Busick def. Frightmare

7. Eric Corvis def. Chuck Taylor

8. The Devestation Corporation def. The Colony



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Newark-RightCoastPro at the RCP Arena: King Mega defeated Mike Reed in a Body Slam Challenge…Chris Steeler defeated Ryan Rush in a Last Man Standing Match…Billy Bax pinned Courageous Cruz…Francis Kipland Stevens & Alvin Alvarez defeated The Mercenaries (Stockade & Nick Sohlo)…Sean Royal pinned Damian Gibbs…Joey Silver & Colton Quest defeated Michael Blake & Harry Baldwin…Corey Blaze pinned Anthony Bowens. (12/7/13)


Vila Park-Premier Pro Wrestling at the Premier Studio: Jack Carpenter & Alex Romero Defeated Sunny Ago & Chris Classic….Matt Vine pinned Shockwave…Milad Akbar pinned Matt Dewar…The Hellbillies (Cousin Eddie & Outlaw Jay) defeated Billion Dollar Empire (Dolla & Big J Knight) and Texas Pete & D’Angelo Steele in a Triple Threat Elimination Match to advance to the PPW Heavyweight Championship Armageddon Gauntlet Match…Alex Bernadino pinned Matt Vine to Advance to the PPW Heavyweight Championship Armageddon Gauntlet Match…Backwoods Brown defeated Cutta Crosby & Masked Stretcher in a Triple Threat Elimination Match to become the next top contender for the PPW Heritage Championship…Michael Mack pinned Willie Richardson to advance to the PPW Heavyweight Championship Armageddon Gauntlet Mach…Ron Reeves pinned Mr. Bank$ to advance to the PPV Heavyweight Championship Armageddon Gauntlet Match. (11/30/13)

Villa Park-Fusion Wrestling at the Fusion Arena: Colin Smith defeated Rich the Janitor & Jester Yorick in a Triple Threat Match…Pauly Thomaselli pinned Brad Kevins…Elite Paine (Marco Anthony & Hunter Paine) defeated East-West Express (Jeff Luxon & Ryan Kross)…Apocalypto pinned Deuce Tray…Steve Boz pinned Chris Miller…Nick Cutler pinned Prince Mustafa Ali. (12/6/13)

Villa Park-GALLI Lucha Libre at the GALLI Arena: Joey Marx & Bryce Benjamin were the winners of the Perfect Strangers Multiple Megastar Over The Top Rope Battle Royal…Barry Ryte pinned GPA to advance to the finals of the singles division of the GALLI Cup Tournament…Golden Dragon, Pentagono & Atomico defeated The Corporation (Destructor Sr., El Funebre & El Emperador Azteca)…Matt Knicks pinned Punisher 747 to advance to the finals of the singles division of the GALLI Cup Tournament…El Kuni Silencio, El Legendario Discovery & El Reblede Noriega defeated Mike Anthony, Will Moah & Matt Creed by DQ…Marcus & Mason Conrad defeated Joey Marx & Bryce Benjamin. (12/8/13)


Indianapolis-Wild Championship Wrestling Outlaws at the Outlaw Arena: Bob Rogers & Pogo defeated Nate Stone & Marcus Edwards…TJ Powers pinned Hillbilly Jedd…Heidi Lovelace pinned No Name…Don Basher & The Honky Tonk Man defeated Vinny Vachettie & Itch Coma Weider…TKO (TJ Kemp & Joey Owens) & The Young Dragons (Tripp Cassidy & Josh Crane)…Ace Perry defeated Apollo in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match to win the WCWO Midwest Territorial Championship…Fiji Wildman defeated Dru Skillz & Tom Van Zant in a Triple Threat Match to become the new WCWO Outlaw Heavyweight Champion. (11/29/13)

Lake Station-Adrenaline Pro Wrestling at the American Legion Hall: If Looks Could Kill (Brian Nelson & Greg Glover) defeated Top Notch Talent (Colin Cambridge & Nick Cutler)…Buddy Roberts, Ovirload & Johnny Motley wrestling to a Draw in a Triple Threat Match…Dante DVS Vs. Kevin Kross went to a No-Contest…Johnny Showtime & Santana Starks defeated The Untamed (Will Moah & Filigi) by Countout…KT Williams cashed in The Golden Ticket and pinned Maxx Holiday to become the new ARW Indiana State Champion…The Family (Arc Angel, Brawn the Lumberjack & Mike Anthony) defeated Kevin Kross, Johnny Motley & Buddy Roberts Jr…Willie Richardson pinned Zain Ramzey in a Lumberjack Match. (11/27/13)


Chicopee-New England Frontier Wrestling at the Chicopee Boys and Girls Club: Marq Quinn defeated Vinnie Marseglic & Mike Graca to become the first NeFW No Limits Champions…Viewers Choice (AJ Cruise & Likas Sharp) defeated The Purists (Aaron Morrison & Just Tunis)…Bobby Ocean defeated Jose Perez, Anthony Gangone & Biff Busick…Wulfgar defeated Smiley, Isaiah Rex, Baby Rex, Ian Griffin & Jimmy Blanco in a Santa Surprise Hardcore Match…JT Dunn pinned Mike Bennett…Jeremy Leary defeated Amazing Red in an Ultimate Escape Steel Cage Match…Mark Shurman, Scotty Slade, The Mac & AJ Cruise defeated Defiant Inc. (Jim Sullivan, Andy Sweet, Len Oddy & Billy King) in a Steel Cage War Games Elimination Match. (12/7/13)


Garden City-Takedown Wrestling Alliance at the United Family Life Center: Red Red Rocket defeated Ricky Caurdiea & Black Diamond…Willy Watts pinned Rob Frost…Chelsea Marie pinned Jonny Crisis…The Hot Bodies & Suicycos defeated The Misfits of Canada & The League of Legends in a Tag Team Elimination Match…Lance Starr Vs. Rampage went to a No-Contest…Big Chuck Wagon & High Voltage defeated Kevin Roberts, Mike Musso & Chris Moore…Movado defeated Chaz Montana in a Las Man Standing Match. (11/30/13)

Warren-XICW at the Ritz: Breyer Wellington pinned Shawn Tyler…Mark Gjoka pinned Chuck Wagon…Willie Watts pinned Max Morrison…Austin Manix pinned Rhino…Jaimy CoxXx pinned Austin Manix to become the new Lightweight Champion…Gutter pinned Paul Bowser in a Loser Leaves XICW Match…Movado defeated Bryan Castle & Andrew Lee…TD Thomas & Mad Dragon defeated Dickie Bronson & Chaz Montana…In Eddie Venom’s Retirement Match, House of Truth (Vinnie Scarboni, Sonny Scarboni, Bobby Lee & Jimmy Jacobs) defeated Fun Loving Criminals (Eddie Venom, The DBA, Jaimy CoxXx & Zach Gowen). (12/1/13)


Lima-WAR Wrestling at the UAW Hall: Austin Manix pinned Raguel…Jimmy Shane defeated Matt Taylor, Levi Connors, Mr. Happy and Nate Wings…Jeremy Madrox pinned Jock Samson…Vinny & Sonny Scarboni defeated The Painkillers…Ron Mathis Vs. Brian Beech went to a Double Countout…Sherman Tank defeated Chris Hall & Jeff Halloway…Team Dusty Dillinger (Dusty Dillinger, Dexter Dementia, Joey V., & Apollo Starr) defeated Team Cody Hawk Cody Hawk, Robby Starr, Zakk Spadez & Caleb Stills)…Juice Jennings defeated Billy Jack Samson by Submission. (11/30/13)


North Portland-UIWA Blue Collar Wrestling at the North Portland Eagles Lodge: Tex Thompson & Tony Stetson defeated The Moonshiners (JB Moonshine & Cousin Jameson)…The Hounds of Hell (Damon Scythe & Emperor Void) defeated The Orochi Dragons…DeMarcus James pinned Gregor Petrov…Psycho Sailor defeated Psydsho by DQ…Bill Vicious pinned Buddy Highway. (12/1/13)


Jasper-AIWF Youngblood Wrestling at the YBW Arena: Marc Slayton defeated Drew Game & Acid in a Triple Threat Elimination Match…Adam Powers pinned Freddie Reckless…*Tag Team Gauntlet Match* Rated X defeated Young & Reckless, Suicide Kings defeated Rated X, Suicide Kings defeated The Fugitives of Sin to become the new YBW Tag Team Champions…*Gauntlet Match*Eric Michaels pinned Matt Bradley, Mikey G. pinned Eric Michaels, Mikey G. defeated Brandon Young by Submission, The Executioner pinned Mikey G., Brock Garvin pinned The Executioner. (11/30/13)

Oneida-High Rollers Entertainment at the National Guard Armory: Vinny Peschi and Darby Crash defeated Nick V. & Mike Amadeo…Jamie Northstar defeated Scotty Ray by Countout…Jamie Northstar pinned Darby Crash…J.R. Roc pinned John Strange…Stevie P. pinned Stan Sierra…Doomsday & Danny Rose defeated Ghostrider Kenny & Kenny France…Tony Petry, Future & Chris Rose defeated Matt Brake, Matty B & The Blackbird…Jordon Kage pinned Jimmy Feltcher…Menace defeated Shawn Shultz by DQ. (11/23/13)

Lewisburg-All-Star Wrestling at The House of Pain: Mike Jablonski pinned Anthony Wayne…Drew Haskins pinned Mark Dunnavant…*GAUNTLET MATCH*Larry Cooter pinned Phil Macchio, Larry Cooter defeated Freakshow by DQ, Masked Superstar defeated Larry Cooter by DQ…Steve Morton, Shane Morton & Lawrence defeated Forsaken, The Great Mephisto & Jeremiah Plunkett. (11/30/13)

Lewisburg-All-Star Wrestling at the House of Pain: JP Jones pinned Sexy C…The Masked Superstar pinned Mark Dunnavant…Brittany Love pinned The Masked Superstar…Larry Cooter pinned Drew Haskins…The Great Mephisto & Forsaken defeated Shane & Steve Morton…Jeremiah Plunkett pinned Lawrence…James Storm Vs. Mikey Dunn went to a Double Countout. (12/7/13)


Salt Lake City-Ultra Championship Wrestling at the UCW Zero Arena: Durango Kid defeated Dante Acosta, Jace Battle & G.T. Busan in a Fatal Four Way Match by escaping the cage…Tommy Purr pinned Sierra Rose…Cassaday & The Deacon of Doom defeated Kid Kate And David the Destroyer by escaping the cage…Dallas Murdoch pinned Bronson…Lacey Ryan pinned Suede Thompson…Jayson Bravo defeated Zack James by escaping the cage…The Foundation (Martin Casaus & Derrick Janetty) defeated District 801 (Los Mochi Paco & Junior X) by escaping the cage…Martin Casaus pinned Jason Jackson. (11/30/13)


Berkeley-Covey Pro Wrestling at the Covey Pro Sportatorium: Brown Sugar James pinned Sustantivo…Big John Greene pinned Count Lestat…Aken Pembrooke pinned John Boy Justice…Amber Rodriguez pinned Nyla Rose to become the new Covey Pro Women’s Champion…Bazooka Joe pinned Justin Tyme. (12/7/13)


Edmunton, AL-Monster Pro Wrestling at the Alberta Avenue Community Hall: Raunch Jules pinned Weird Johnny…Rudy O Rau defeated Steve Rivers by DQ…Jack Hammer pinned The Sin City Strangler…Kato pinned Dr. Meniak…Irishman & Krazy Kore defeated Sonic Insania & Diablo…Chris Perish pinned Scott Justice…Bobby Sharp Vs. Massive Damage went to a No-Contest. (12/7/13)

Barrie, ON-Powerslam Wrestling Extreme at the Ferris Lane Community Church: Rip Impact pinned Shane Sabre…Buck Gunderson defeated Mike Hart by Submission…Kirk Wormack pinned Warrior Rage…Markus Ryan pinned Anthony Fiasco…Notorious T.I.D. defeated Rhys Greenaway in a Fans Bring The Wrapped Weapons Match…Super Rey Moreno defeated Johnny Wave, Matt Burns & Carter Mason in a 4-Way Tornado Match to become the new PWE Champion…Rhys Greenaway won the 16-Man Kempenfelt Kaos Match. (12/713)

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