Rob Leigh of passed along this second part of an interview with Ric Flair:

Quotes on MMA and MMA fans, from around 10:15 in:

“MMA doesn’t affect wrestling at all.

“I’m not saying wrestling fans don’t watch MMA, but it is two different audiences.

“My take on MMA is that those guys are phenomenal athletes and extraordinarily tough and committed but the people that are crazy about them got nothing going on themselves.

“I actually think most of the male public that is crazy for that are living vicariously for something they can never be.

“Wrestling is more entertainment-based. MMA is what it is, those guys are out there trying to kill each other. And the guys that are sitting at home going “Wow” could never find that within themselves on the first day of their life.

“When Lesnar fights, I like watching Brock… and I recognise a lot of names … you’ve got to have so much respect for what those guys put themselves through but it is a limited time frame [they’ve got].

“It’s hard to develop a star in that business that’s going to have any longevity. In wrestling a guy that develops a name for himself can do it fifteen years.”

Quote on a wrestler’s union, from around 9:30 in:

“It’s way too late for a wrestler’s union”


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