The following was taped on Thursday from Cleveland.

Xplosion: Eric Young def. Jay Bradley

TNA IMPACT Wrestling for September 5, 2013:

* In-ring segment with TNA Knockouts Champion Mickie James & ODB. Mickie says that she was bummed she didn’t get invited to the VMAs, but has a consolation, which is a “MJA” award as Mickie shows off a small star trophy. Mickie then attacks ODB with the trophy. ODB makes a comeback and rips Mickie’s shirt off, sending her fleeing from the ring.

* In-ring segment with TNA Champion Bully Ray and Aces & Eights. Bully says Knux will face Chris Sabin, Brisco & Bischoff will face Storm & Gunner and Anderson will take care of things in the Gauntlet. 

1. Knux def. Chris Sabin by DQ. 

* Bully Ray, who stayed at ringside, threw Knux the hammer while he distracted the ref. Sabin stopped Knux, grabbed the hammer and nailed Knux with it. However, the ref spotted Sabin hitting Knux with the hammer and DQ’d him.

2. AJ Styles won the Bound for Glory Series Gauntlet match, last eliminating Christopher Daniels to earn 20 points in the Bound for Glory Series, putting him in first place. 

3. Wes Brisco & Garett Bischoff def. TNA Tag Team Champions James Storm & Gunner after Brisco hit Gunner with brass knucks. 

* Afterward, Brisco & Bischoff motioned they want the TNA Tag Team Titles.

* In-ring segment with the final four in the Bound for Glory Series, which was AJ Styles, Austin Aries, Magnus & Bobby Roode. AJ was allowed to pick his opponent for the September 12th “No Surrender” show and he chose Austin Aries. So its Aries vs. Styles & Magnus vs. Roode in the Semifinals of the Bound for Glory Series on September 12th. 

* Backstage segment with Bully Ray ripping on Mr. Anderson for not winning the Gauntlet match.

* Before the main event, Bully Ray says he will not defend the TNA Title against Sting because of the stipulation from Slammiversary where if Sting lost, he could never challenge for the TNA Title again. Hulk Hogan comes out and while the match is kept as a Non-Title match, he bans Tito Ortiz from ringside and makes the match No DQ. 

4. Sting def. TNA Champion Bully Ray w/Brooke Tessmacher & Mr. Anderson in a No DQ Match. Aces & 8s got involved at one point, but the Main Event Mafia ran out to clear them from the ring. Towards the end, Bully asked Anderson to give him the hammer while Sting had him in the Scorpion Death Lock, but Anderson refused and Bully tapped out. 

* Afterwards, Anderson got in Bully’s face and ripped on him for not getting the job done. Anderson said on September 12th, he will face Bully Ray for the TNA Title. Anderson did his usual spiel to close.

Xplosion: Kazarian def. Hernandez