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One half of BAD INFLUENCE Christopher Daniels talks with about being a comic book author for “Christopher Daniels and Kazarian Wrestle Aw Yeah Comics”, how the project came together and his lifelong passion for comics, leaving TNA Wrestling after working there for so long, if he was surprised when the company decided to part ways with him, some memories of the company, teaming with Kazarian and the work they did in TNA as Bad Influence, returning to the independent scene including Ring of Honor, his acting career and going on auditions, his videos with TweetSecret and more.

Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

If he saw the writing on the wall that he might not be re-signed by TNA Wrestling:

I had heard as early as January that there were plans for me to not get re-signed. And when I would read those things I thought to myself now that can’t be right. I mean, we’re (Bad Influence) still and entertaining tag-team, we’re still wrestling good. I don’t recall even coming through the curtain after a match and having the powers that be sort of be upset about the way my matches were going. When I heard those stories, I even made comments on Twitter about it, when I started hearing them. I thought to myself that’s just scuttlebutt, that’s just people assuming the worst. But here were are in May and that’s exactly the way it went down. I was sort of trying to see a positive in it or at least hold out hope and I ended up being incorrect in that respect.

If all things were equal, did he want to stay with TNA Wrestling:

Yeah I would have been happy to stay there. I was really happy that they gave us the opportunity to wrestle together, Frankie and myself. I thought when we were given the opportunity to shine we did. Like I said, I don’t ever recall a situation where they gave us the ball and we fumbled it. And if there was, they never really specified or said to us this isn’t working. And I said to them previously use us the way you see fit. If you think we’re better off separate then split us up. If you think we’re better as faces than heels, turn us babyface because basically the talent serves at the leisure of the creative team. And I was never like I’m not going to do this, I’m not going to do this! But I put the ball in their court and waited for something to come around and nothing ever really did.

On still teaming with Frankie Kazarian going forward in other promotions:

Absolutely! When I say that I feel that we haven’t even scratched the surface, I think there’s a mentality on the independents and maybe even Ring of Honor that that’s the case. I think there’s a very strong curiosity about what we’re going to do next. That challenge of trying to do something fresh and exciting in a different location and a different atmosphere, I’m looking forward to it and I know Frankie is too. We’re definitely looking to keep our tag-team alive and thriving in the professional wrestling landscape.

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