In regards to the TNA releases of B.G. James and Jim Cornette this past week, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that more were said to be surprised about the release of Cornette. While both James and Cornette were considered “Jarrett allies”, Cornette was always heavily praised backstage and was looked at as being safe when the cuts took place with Dutch Mantel and Savio Vega. While the release of James wasn’t a surprise, he was praised for his work as an agent on the road for TNA. Cornette’s major role with TNA was as an agent at TV and PPV tapings and he was always praised heavily, especially among the younger talent. He was also given praise for his role in booking meetings and given the credit for tweaking written segments that would produce a solid end result and a good direction for the company. In doing so he was in a sense making fun of the poor writing by Vince Russo and almost showing him up. While Cornette was strongly praised for his work in the booking aspect, he always made it clear he didn’t have any interest in taking on more of a role and didn’t want the added stress that comes with the job. His major project was Matt Morgan at TV and working out matches that on paper looked extremely difficult to pull off (one example of this was Hernandez vs. “Big” Rob Terry at the Hard Justice PPV).

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